Here's What a Developer's PlayStation 4 Looks Like

The cat may already be out of the bag, but for many months gizmodo didn't know what the PS4 looked like. Now, gizmodo know what the retail version will look, but what about the developer box Sony hid during the big reveal and on Jimmy Fallon? Well, here's an exclusive image gizmodo acquired of some developer boxes that were used at E3.

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guitarded771610d ago

Just looks like a rack mount computer. Which it basically is. I like the tape labels on the machine... ghettofied out of necessity.

kingPoS1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Except they don't sell rack mounted computers like that with those kind of specs.

The average consumer can't buy PS4 dev kits.

AndrewLB1603d ago

KingPoS- Correct. No manufacturer of rackmount systems currently sells anything as slow as the PS4.

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iamnsuperman1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I do like how this image looks like it was taken by a pervert hiding in the closet.

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psyxon1610d ago

i guess because you've known something for 10 years, everyone in the world knows it too.

Mounce1610d ago

Is there a need to be so sassy? lol

mushroomwig1610d ago

No but you still don't expect old news to make the headlines again would you?

psyxon1610d ago

@mounce sassy? please stop.

@mushroomwig yeah, i do. because not everyone stays on N4G and IGN all day every day to read every single article that pops up.

MidnytRain1610d ago


So? That's no one's fault. You don't just keep reprinting news because some people may have missed it. It ceases to become "news."

SecondSon1610d ago

Well psyxon, we are not going to change every English dictionary around the world based on your definition of what 'news' should mean.

So lets just all agree this is not 'News' 4 Gamers and just a minor inconvenient mistake caused by the democratic nature of the N4G approval system.

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loltonytony1610d ago

The pot calling the kettle black

AlaaAlii1610d ago

I love when people come and comment on N4G, get some negative comments back, bitch about N4G not being a real news site, bitch about people with low IQs, and then say "I'm going back to <whatever>"; it shows how pathetic you are.

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Prcko1610d ago

how can you know this for months when this kit was used at e3?

mushroomwig1610d ago

Because the dev kit pictures were leaked way back in Feb.

Prcko1610d ago

that feb kit is old one,this one is new

Ju1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Is exactly the same. Have been around since beginning of the year.

mrmancs1610d ago

This the new dev kit or the old? I'm confused now. :-)

Serg1610d ago

I've seen the devkit on Steve Sinclairs (Creative director on Warframe, Digital Extremes) in a video they released about the recent Warframe update 9, though it was since replaced with a video showing gameplay footage instead of office space, same sound though.

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