Diablo III on PS3 Is a Less Pretty Diablo III

IGN: "Blizzard's PS3 version of Diablo is fun and feels like the PC version, but it isn't beautiful."

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ShugaCane1705d ago

Why comparing a PC with a 7 year old system in the first place ?

Death1705d ago

This is an easy one, it's being compared so anyone interested in the PS3 version can make an informed decision.

mt1705d ago

you are funny diablo is originated on PC though all diablo die fans should bought long time on pc now it all comes to those who doesn't have PC for gaming just like me. those people might buy it if it turns out good.

1705d ago
Williamson1705d ago

Typical IGN article, they had one explaining why Soul Sacrifice was not vitas killer app not too long ago.

yeahokchief1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Because they're charging $60 for that steaming pile of crap.

Typical Activision game.

Koticks gotta make his $8,000,000+ salary somewhere.

Don't buy it. Don't buy anything from Activision Blizzard if you know what's good for gaming.

They release such crap games solely for profit. I mean they're not even trying anymore. Just look at how they're charging $40 for a $1 angry birds game on consoles.


yeahokchief1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Look ive done all i can here. The rest is up to you guys.

When they release Destiny is when you have to put your foot down. I know its Bungie but its also a sizable investment for Activision and if we're going to hit them then this is where we have to do it.

And really think about it. What is Destiny? Another fps where you collect guns and shoot things. Think of how depressing it'll be once you're into it. You collect a gun shoot stuff and then collect another gun with a different graphic to shoot some more stuff. You can easily skip this game.

Play grand theft auto v, watchdogs, killzone shadowfall, infamous second sun, knack, ANY of the indie games instead.

Together we can destroy this rotten company or at least get some of them laid off so they have less potential to do more damage.

Actually no i can probably badmouth their lousy games some more before it comes out so im not done. My abuse will continue. I will not relent. This company must fail. For gaming!

sorry for the double post below.

yeahokchief1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

This is what i'm talking about guys. 6 agrees 0 disagrees that we have to disrupt Activision's business.

Then i tell you how by boycotting Destiny and only 2 disagrees.

i'm sorry but if you want activision to fail then this is how we have to do it. they're going to lure the casuals every time. we the core gamers need to stomp them out.

we have the momentum now with the PS4 dwarfing sales of the xbox1. there will be an unprecedented amount of choice when it comes to PS4 games and self publishing. vote with your wallets.

whatever. im going to win either way. if activision goes on to be an industry leader over a quality developer like rockstar with taketwo then im gonna find a new hobby. dont let these pricks win.

how can you have mitt romney get slammed and fail for his 47% comment, but at the same time you have someone like kotick say a bunch of rotten things and continue to do well? im telling you. if we want to bury this company then the movement is going to have to begin with core gamers saying no. casuals are always gonna flock to stupid shit.

we have to make a dent early on in the ps4/xb1 cycle because at a $400 starting price those consoles are going to be uber cheap in a year or two meaning even more casuals. don't buy destriny. don't buy diablo 3. dont buy anything activision blizzard.

they are at their weakest with the launch of a new console because new consoles are an expensive deterrent for casuals just like pcs are but to a lesser extent.

yeahokchief1705d ago

Because they're charging $60 for that steaming pile of crap.

Typical Activision game.

Koticks gotta make his $8,000,000+ salary somewhere.

Don't buy it.

3-4-51705d ago

It's a loot fest RPG coming to console.

How many of those exist like Diablo ? Torchlight ? so yea it kind of matters.

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Snookies121705d ago

The game doesn't even look pretty on PC... So that's not a big loss lol. I was pretty disappointed visually with D3.

papashango1705d ago

I agree its not the best visual game on the pc.

Testament to how crappy it must look on ps3.

_LarZen_1705d ago

Buying the PS4 version so don't care :P

nick3091705d ago

Rather wait for the ps4 ver. Why pay same price if you are getting ps4?

blackmanone1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Not to hate on Diablo III, but it was universally panned as one of the most disappointing games of the year. Is there really that much interest by the console crowd to experience that same disappointment for themselves?

I did play the game, got to Act 2 after giving it up and haven't felt compelled to go back. And this was from a player that played 1 and 2 for years after release.

Death1705d ago

It get's more disappointing after Act 2. I finished the game and tryed playing on hardcore but couldn't find a reason to keep playing. The drop system kind of killed it for me. Graphics for a Diablo game weren't the deal breaker, the formula that made it fun was altered too much.

_LarZen_1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Diablo 3 is a game casual players can pick up and have great fun with. The combat and monsters are fun and varied.

But for the hardcore gamers the fun starts when you start to play the other difficulties. And Diablo 3 is like all the other Diablo games about getting gear.

Even the best players wont stand a chance if they do not have the right gear.

It takes time, allot of time and dedication to be truly epic in Diablo 3.

If you are a quitter and give up when challenged like these two guys here...Diablo 3 is probably not a game for you.

Diablo 3 is in the long run for dedicated hardcore gamers.

mattdillahunty1705d ago

stop blaming bad game design on people not being "hardcore enough." if a game is a disappointment, then people won't want to keep playing.

Death1705d ago

Quitter? Time management is an issue for some people. Grinding for gear isn't fun, it's boring. Like I said, the formula for Diable 1 and 2 was changed for Diable 3. It's not as fun as it used to be. I guess it's an ok game, but not nearly the replay value of the previous outings.

Larry L1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

You must not be a console gamer that's a fan of this genre. Console fans of this genre know these games are better to play on consoles with real-time controls instead of just pointing and clicking. It's just a better, more stress relieving gameplay style that way.

For the console crowd that's into the genre, the fans of Baulder's:DA, Champions of Norrath and so on......their excitement is through the roof I would guess. I know mine is. Not just because Diablo far as I'm concerned......coming back where it belongs, but also because the genre has had such weak representation this hardware generation compared to last gen when it was so popular.

Dragon Age was the best, and on consoles it almost felt like a different genre because there was no isometric camera (DAO is still a 10/10 for me and one of my favorite RPGs of all time, so don't get me wrong). Sacred 2 was actually fantastic but completely overlooked unfortunately and Sacred 3 seems like a totally different animal than 2. And I think Torchlight was not only HIGHLY over-rated, but it didn't even release on the platform that probably wanted the game most.

So I think D3 is going to be VERY popular on consoles as well as just an overall better gaming experience. Because it's not only got a HUNGRY audience, but it's also got the big name that people pay attention to so every gamer that's into the genre knows they have to buy this game......unlike Sacred 2 which got almost no gaming media attention even though it's one of the best top-down ARPGs to ever be on consoles regardless that it wasn't all that great to play on PC.....yet it's the same exact game. More proof that simply playing these games with direct controls on consoles is just plain better than pointing and clicking with a mouse. But no one bought it know......what the hell is a Sacred 2?

Death1705d ago

Xpadder is a great program if you are a PC gamer that likes console controls. I mapped the kb and mouse buttons to my 360 controller while playing on my 60" HDTV. I stuck with mouse and kb on my gaming PC though. Most Games for Windows have native 360 controls and don't need Xpadder, but for those that don't have it, it's a great program.

Sacred 2 on PC was much better than the console version in my opinion. I have it for both and found myself constantly going back to PC for it. Really looking forward to Sacred 3.

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