How Infestation: Survivor Stories Failed

The MMO formerly known as War Z is now titled: Infestation: Survivor Stories. It is one of the latest games to breach the trend and start something new. It is a survival horror MMO that plunges players in a zombie world, but one the developers have merely hyped up.

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Fireseed1773d ago

Umm because it was a quick greedy cash in on a somewhat popular game mod, that was horribly mismanaged by artists who could barely draw a stick figure so they stole most of the assets and management so corrupt it would make Dick Chaineys skin crawl?... Just a few reasons of the top of my head.

blackmanone1773d ago

You had me until "management so corrupt it would make Dick Chaineys skin crawl" I realize that you're joking, but comparing him to one of the biggest crooks in American history is a little lopsided.

But all in all, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Fireseed1773d ago

I know it may be seen as extreme for some haha but I've worked for someone who's solution to covering up how bad a game is by simply renaming it and re-branding it. Maybe not to others but to me it is the most vile and disgusting way one can treat their consumers.

Bonerboy1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I wouldnt be too hard on the artists as Titov was running the show, undoubtedly like some old world communist prick. I would highly doubt Titov would pay them any "overtime" for any extra efforts.

Just imagine for a second, the joining of the infamous forces of Randy "the Douche" Pitchford and Sergei "the Russian Pig" Titov.....
Together they could engineer the greatest scam to ever grace the gaming world! They would be an unstoppable hybrid! No financial institution in the entire world would be able to contain their combined wealth! I would pay to see it and all of the idiots who get in line for it(and there would be SO many too). Oh! What a glorious day it would be!

GentlemenRUs1773d ago

It ripped off the code from DayZ.
It was only made to make a quick buck.

Just never buy this game and everything will be hunky dory!

itspeaks1773d ago

Saw that coming a mile away.

Bonerboy1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

No mention of that pompous, lying, subhuman, insulting Russian pig, Sergei Titov? This slimy, unscrupulous dipshit should be taken to a field and shot, slowly/repeatedly, from the feet on up. Or a sledgehammer at the very least before being buried still breathing. Oh, in a perfect world....

I didnt give this bastard one penny and its a shame that people were just too impatient to wait for the reviews on this one. The red flags were there, and there were SO MANY too. I suppose consumers were just too stupid and lazy to actually take whole 1 second to notice them. Dumbass born every minute and good ol' Sergei is there to dupe them all.

Even if this made GoTY, this worthless piece of shit has been more than reason enough to keep my wallet tightly closed and far far away from not only this supposed "game", but everything else he has his little rat claws into as well.