Surprise: EarthBound coming to the Wii U VC today

Today’s North American Nintendo Download report has been conspicuously missing in action. There could be one major reason for its delay: Earthbound appears to be coming to the Wii U eShop today as a Virtual Console download.

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CaptainYesterday1708d ago

I wish it was coming to the 3DS too :(

blackmanone1708d ago

See now the 3DS is the system that makes sense to me. Can't believe they missed that one.

diepdiep1708d ago

Hey, at least be grateful that we're getting the game. Goes to show you how Nintendo of America is finally opening up to American Mother fans.

Mounce1708d ago


No offense, but this isn't even a good gesture to Mother fans. This is like, Nintendo throwing us Mother fans Bread crumbs by how much they've darted around the subject, given zero responses, zero effort and zero interest in giving anything Mother related in the funds and praise that the series deserves.

Just because they're tossing a bloody Classic onto the store doesn't make up for all the hard work that has done for the entire Mother-community and even after all their effort? 95% of that effort was all for naught to the likes of Nintendo because Mother doesn't promise them enough profits to care.

If Nintendo were REALLY going to do something for me to be grateful? They'd make a Mother 1,2,3 Collection that is god damn in NA, EU and JP and not just JP-Exclusive.

No offense - but, 'Opening up to NA Mother fans'? My ass. This isn't much at all. There will though, likely be a bunch of changes and lesser references like to the Beetles or Blues Brothers, if Nintendo couldn't get the rights to use the 'References' all over the game? They'd have to change it themselves before uploading it. Legal issues alone wouldn't have taken them this long.

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tacotruck1708d ago

I wish it were 3ds as well, considering that I think the handheld is going to be home to more and more 'niche' games. However, I think this might be an attempt by Nintendo to garner some more interest in the WiiU. Nostalgia is a big deal when it comes to gamers, and certainly EarthBound's release will play into that.

PopRocks3591708d ago

Holy geewillickers Batman!

Well I know what to buy today... curse you Nintendo...

MNGamer-N1708d ago

Time to add more credits to the arcade machine

yugovega1708d ago

wow $10 bucks. surprised it csts more then a normal snes title. oh well i'm still buying

Electric-flamingo1708d ago

Dude it's hundreds of dollars online!!!

I'm buying a wii u just for this!!

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The story is too old to be commented.