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Worms Revolution Extreme explodes onto PS Vita soon

"Hi PlayStation Blog readers! Here at Team17 Towers we have some really exciting news to share first with you guys. Since the launch of the PlayStation Vita fans have been vocal with their requests for a PS Vita version of Worms and we’re pleased to announce today that that version is Worms Revolution Extreme and it is on its way!" (PS Vita, Worms Revolution)

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sherimae2413  +   430d ago
nice love this quirky warfreak worms! and will looks great on the vita screen for sure ^_^
FriedGoat  +   430d ago
The last good worms game was worms world party, after that they ruined the animations, started taking features away and calling it a new game. The old worms games had hundereds of sound banks and allsorts, then suddenly your lucky to get 10.

I don't know what happened to Team17, but do yourself a favour, pick up worms armegeddon for PC or Worms world party. Look at the missions, weapons, soundbanks, gravestones and animations. What you'll find is that there is 10X more content in those two games than all 5-6 of the new worms games put together.

Edit- I just went to see if anyone had a similar opinion to me, turns out Team17 shut their forum due to people complaining about how bad these new games are compared to the old ones hah.
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jon1234  +   430d ago
worms world party for pc was probably the best game EVER i remember making my own game using infinite mines, base ball bats and low gravity
it was awesome
PrimeGrime  +   430d ago
Sweet I haven't played worms in forever. I am definitely getting this for Vita.
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Thirty3Three  +   430d ago
jon1234  +   430d ago
hopefully they dont screw us by taking away certain weapons
MrTrololo  +   430d ago
I stopped playing worms when they stopped making a 3d version of it
hiccup  +   430d ago
Can't wait! This is good news:)
bjmartynhak  +   429d ago
I'll get this for sure!

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