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Submitted by allformats 933d ago | news

The Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Face-Off On The Comic-Con Show Floor

In this corner, we have Microsoft's Xbox One, with games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Killer Instinct. In the same corner, we've got the PlayStation 4 with Driveclub, Knack and Octodad: Dadliest Catch. The first public hands-on for both upcoming consoles is underway. (PS4, Xbox 360)

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allformats  +   933d ago
"In this corner, we have Microsoft's Xbox One, with games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Killer Instinct. In the same corner, we've got the PlayStation 4 with Driveclub, Knack and Octodad: Dadliest Catch."

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s8anicslayer  +   933d ago
Wait until Gamescon and then try this comparison. It's called "Diversity" and that's what Sony has been doing. Plus what makes you think any one of those games have an edge over another? Ryse has been called linear by some sites who previewed the game and then we have Double Helix who make crappy games and yet you mock Sony's lineup?
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Colzer01  +   933d ago
I don't see any games in Sony that look like MS 'Project Spark'. Hell, MS even got their own fighting game now, not a smash bro rip-off, if you know what I mean
Baka-akaB  +   933d ago
How would you know ? Project spark isnt at launch , and sony already did that kind of stuff , albeit different with Little big planet and two karting games ...

Killer instinct ? Sure you can brag about it . It's a cool addition for those who still likes the franchise and newcomers alike , and the more fighting games the better ... i'm just not in frenzy over it , and want more stuff like the next guilty gear to be announced already on any of the two platforms
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Kanzes  +   933d ago
Project Spark and Little Big Planet is a two different game.

Project Spark is an open-world digital canvas that enables anyone to build, play, and share whatever they can imagine and create their own worlds an stories

That's what I heard though, I'm not saying which is the best. I'm just saying it's totally different
nukeitall  +   933d ago

The feedback has been very positive with regards to Killer Instinct. Why would you judge the developer and not the game?

Keep in mind that good developers make crappy games every now and then too.

It swings both ways. Judge the game, not the developer.

That said, why is Sony showing Knack and Octodad? Knack looks awefully generic, and Octodad, well what can you say.

Sony has better titles like KZ and Infamous. They should have demoed that.

MS should have demoed a Kinect experience, and Titanfalls, but Ryse and KI are both good choices.
Baka-akaB  +   933d ago
Wich is why i said it's different . But they arent new at games with creating tools that's all
solidt12  +   933d ago
From what we know so far Project Spark is not coming out anytime soon so there is no point in anyone arguing about it. We can only speculate since we have not played the game if it will be great are not. Let's wait until we play the games then see who has the better games. If you are going to comic-con i'm jealous.
Gildarts  +   933d ago
Both have very diverse titles. both have their shooters and adventure games.

Microsoft does have its own fighter now. but Sony has their own MMO. Until fable 4 at least.
s8anicslayer  +   933d ago
@nukeitall Because history has shown us that crappy studios make crappy games! Can KI be a great game? Of course it can I never said it was going to be bad, I was replying to the guy above me who seems very sure based on just opinion that Ryse and KI were killer apps! I myself will have both consoles and I will let the gameplay speak for itself rather then trolling nonsense about who's got the bigger endowment!
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   933d ago
Naughty Dogs game few of their fans know about, lol...

Edit: People were flocking more so to Sony's booth by what the article is saying. Lol, why? Only thing I could imagine is brand loyalty...dang.
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blackmanone  +   933d ago
Really, wraith, that's the only reason you can imagine? /blind.
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SuperLupe  +   933d ago
I wouldn't mind standing in line to play Ryse at least just to see true next gen graphics and KI ... just to hear the ULTRAAAAA COMMBOOOOOOOOO live lol.

Maybe I would had the patience to try Driveclub, not too sure though.
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S2Killinit  +   933d ago
Just so everyone knows, project spark was not a game. It was a tech demo. I don't know why people bring it up in game discussions.
PS: I think the past generations have clearly demonstrated that Playstation had the best and most varied game library with the longest support for each console generation. Its just fact no point arguing about that. Now if there is a particular game that you MUST have, you can buy whatever console you please. Or if non gaming capabilities are your thing then again, you are free to spend your money however you please. But to argue that somehow project spark, or games like Ryse demonstrate gaming superiority on Xbox then you are sadly mistaken. Each console has its own benefits, PS4's strength is games and to not acknowledge this is betraying the hobby to which most of us on this site claim membership. Sony has delivered the games all the way to the end and beyond each console generation and we must give credit where credit is due.
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Caffo01  +   933d ago
again with "smash bro rip-off"?Did you even read the reviews?
from IGN:

"I know it'll be hard for some skeptics to believe, but PlayStation All-Stars is its own game, and it even happens to do some things better than what inspired it."
SegaSaturn669  +   933d ago

As a technical fighter, PS All Stars was strengthened by tighter controls, and more technical combat.

Brawl felt like a novelty, and while I like Melee best, All Stars really felt better than Brawl. I hope the new Smash Brothers is a step forward.
dantesparda  +   933d ago
I cant believe people think KI is going to be good!? First of all its made by a C, D, F team and second of all, its a free to play game! it only comes with Jago, then you have to pick and choice whatever else you'd like. That's bullsh!t, how would MS fanboy feels if Halo or Gears was a la carte? (free to play). If it was all chopped up into stages and everytime you wanted the next stage you had to pay? And how much would the whole game be worth?

Look I don't mind if they make new franchises f2p, but not our old tried and true franchises

Oh, who am I kidding, MS fanboys would argue that Halo being f2p is even better,... pathetic!
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strifeblade  +   933d ago
whats wrong with linear? we have been making linear games through out videogame history. Some of the best games out there are linear lol. Have you seen the recent killer instinct trailers? the game is looking better and better and will be huge when it comes out. 1080p @60fps is awesome as well as people who have played the game praised it and saw graphical effects never before seen in a fighter. Go hate somewhere else- i am surprised how sony fanboys think they can criticize killer instinct when knack looks like a ps3 game lol.
HateFanboys  +   933d ago
So what if its 1080p/60 fps, all fighting games are 60 fps these days, tekken on ps3 is 1080/60fps, and i agree with dantesparda, f2p games blow. And KI looks like a XBLA/PSN game to me, not a triple AAA game. But fanboys will be fanboys, and blindly and stupidly say otherwise. So fan on, fannies. And dont X1 fanboys always b1tch about quicktime events? and isnt Ryse full of them? hmm, i love the hypocrisy, it is strong with the fanboys
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Jaces  +   933d ago

You just described LBP....the only difference is that LBP is a side scroller and Spark is open world/sandbox.
The_Con-Sept  +   933d ago
@nukeitall: Why judge a double helix game so absurdly you ask? Instead of writing a novel about this publisher I'd much rather sum it up in a nut shell.

What LJN from the SNES era meant to gamers is what Double Helix means to me today.

If you like Killer Instinct then GOOD FOR YOU. The rest of n4g don't really care for it. Neither did the people at EVO 2013. And neither do I.

Keep Killer Instinct XboxOne only as long as Double Helix doesn't touch the PS4.

I saw the demo and it looks good so far, but it is not enough for me to say yes too. Sorry but they got xboned.
timotim  +   933d ago
When it comes to diversity, X1 takes the cake hands down thus far! KI (fighter), Forza 5 (racer), Quantum Break (3rd person action/adventure), DR3 (Zombie Sandbox), Titan Fall (FP Multiplayer), Project Spark (multiple genres and creativity) Ryse (Action combat), Kinect Sports (casual), Overdrive Sunset (teambased weirdness), Halo 2014 (FPS). X1 has displayed a better level of diversity thus far, but unlike generations passed, MS is investing in new gaming Studios to keep pumping out titles. With Xbox 360 you started to see MS getting rid of studios that were under their belt for years...this is a good step in the right direction. And Uncharted is linear too, that doesn't mean its not a good game. And DH has Ken Lobbs helping them...he knows fighters dude.
ma1asiah  +   933d ago
@ S8anicslayer ummmm I thought he (allformats) was placing more praise on SONY wasn't he or did I just miss something with his PS4 wins, Ultra, Ultra, Ultra!!!!
YNWA96  +   932d ago
Great games coming on both systems and you guys can only bitch about mine is better than yours crap...???? Children...
iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
To be fair none of the games are part of the A list stuff (which is weird) but I am starting to like the look of this Octodad thing
LaChance  +   933d ago
Talk for Sony.

People mad looking forward to KI and say what you want for the gameplay but Ryse is some serious eye candy and has the AAA feel.

Dont try to put games like Knack and Octodad in the same bag as KI and Ryse please.
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malokevi  +   933d ago

Was that really necessary? He was stating an opinion, not favoring any one game over another...

So what if he likes the look of Octodad?

I'm more excited for XB1 games myself, but its that sort of childish, confrontational approach that plagues this site.
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Angeljuice  +   933d ago

Ryse and Killer Instinct are so awesome that more people are interested in Knack and Octodad?

If they are so poor, why are Sony's games pulling the crowds?
1Victor  +   933d ago
@ laChance right again K.I is a sad time for fighting game fans seeing a beloved franchise reduced to a pay to play money grab. congratulations to Microsoft you improved on Capcom greed and money grab on fighting games. :'("""" ;"
Jaces  +   933d ago

Eyecandy doesn't sell games, gameplay does. Unless you enjoy polished garbage, then go for it.
dantesparda  +   933d ago
Hey maloveki, I give you respect for your response.
Colzer01  +   933d ago
LOL Octodad is a really weird game, Knack's gameplay looks awful and bland, Driveclub is the only decent title in there
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pimpschitz  +   933d ago
"LOL Octodad is a really weird game, Knack's gameplay looks awful and bland, Driveclub is the only decent title in there"

I don't think you have an original bone in your body. Octodad looks fun, and different. It's just random. The whole line up of indie games looks the same way, Secret Ponchos looks cool too. Galak-Z looks awesome.

The point is I haven't seen a single indie label game come out from XBox. . . Period, not at E3, nada. Their "Arcade" games like Geometry Wars are fun, but Sony has them beat on originality, diversity and price. There is a slew of games that I want from Sony and like 3 from XBox that I want.

How can you say that Knack doesn't look cool? You must be 12 and don't remember where video games come from. I think that Knack looks awesome, it might be a little childish but that's why grown men play video games . . . NOT TO BE AN ADULT.

Drive Club looks good, the graphics are awesome and all that but that's not even what I am interested in. I am interested in all of it. And above you argued MS "Project Spark." The only reason that game looks cool is because you can do what you want with it. It ripped off little big planet, and the only way that you would have content in that game is because of the people creating it. You are still limited by that fact.
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Kanzes  +   933d ago
Below is an arcade. And I'm pretty sure MS will take care of this self-publish thing. One of the Lionhead's top guy already said it will happen very soon too.

In Knack's case I agree with with him, it doesn't resemble what 'next-gen' really are. The gameplay is old-school, I like old-school, but I just doesn't see this game is worth a full $60, while I can get a more rich game with the same genre than this game. (especially Indie games)

Well, Gamers grow up with their games too, even Naughty Dogs are making games more and more 'adult' now.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   933d ago
I live on weird games, the more the better. Also go check Mark Cerny's record before you talk about knack.
majiebeast  +   933d ago
Kanzes you sound like a microsoft mouth piece go be a gamer.
Kanzes  +   933d ago
^I'm just stating the fact good sir. I love Sony and MS. I'm planning to buy both console. But it seems a lot of people really doesn't really give MS a break. I know they really bad at giving a message, but that doesn't mean the console will be a total failure like many said
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GoodnessGreatness  +   927d ago
Ryse looks like a God of War rip off, Project Spark is inspired by Little Big Planet, Killer Instinct is a rip off. One character available? Do you really think Microsoft can produce better games after what happened with the PS3 and 360.
Geezus  +   933d ago
@pimpschitz you must have missed MS announcing exclusive indie games like Below , Super Time Force, Max and the Curse of Brotherhood, D4, Lococycle, Project Spark for 360/ X1
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dboyc310  +   933d ago
No point of arguing at this point. The xbox one light is slowly dwindling so making fun of the ps4 wont light that spark back and it definitely wont stop the hype surrounding the system. Can't wait for Gamescon !!!
Thunderhawkxbox   933d ago | Personal attack | show
Rockstar_5  +   933d ago
Actually your 57 disagrees win lol
3-4-5  +   933d ago
XB1 games like Sunset Overdrive, Spark, Forza 5 & Titanfall look like really good games.

Outside of that it's a bit iffy.
FamilyGuy  +   933d ago
The PS3 lineup at ComicCon looks the best actually.
Hands on with Puppeteer, Beyond two souls, Gran Turismo 6 and Diablo 3. Not to mention the vita lineup with Dragon's Crown, Teraway and Killzone Mercenary.

I'm interested in DriveClub but the PS4 lineup isn't the ComicCon highlight for me. A public hands on with the console itself, that new controller an seeing the user interface in person is more interesting to me than the PS4 games they're showing.
noctis_lumia  +   933d ago
ryse is a gow clone
killer instinct got booed badly
titanfall is coming to pc and later it will come to ps4

like the other guy said wait for gamescom sony will reveal lots of games and hey...dont forget naughty dog,santa monica,lvl 5,media molicule and quantic dreams games...they didnt announced anything yet....
jrbeerman11  +   933d ago
Did killer instinct get booed or did xbox one?

Right now KI, Forza 5, and dead rising 3 are the three games that I'm disappointed to be missing at the moment.

That being said im excited for Killzone, infamous, and the order.

Right now I do not see a commanding lead for either system as far as exclusives go. All arguments are this game and that game sucks from both sides
aceitman  +   933d ago
I had to laugh at this part where the article says -
you can fit a lot more people into a booth when you aren't demoing a Kinect game. um they are not demoing Kinect games its fortza5 ki and son of ryse . none use Kinect where u need a lot of room.
marie11frizzell   932d ago | Spam
CynicalMonkey  +   932d ago
Oh shut the F*%# up, truth is regardless of specs, both consoles are extremely worthy and more than capable of playing any game. They both also have great line ups, enough with the trivial specs and game line up comparisons who really bloody cares get over yourself. You write with a sense of pride but you haven't contributed anything, your opinion isn't worth the time you used to write this and just accept that both consoles are amazing, or are you too up Sony ass to accept this. So do me and the internet a favor and keep your half arsed opinions to yourself, whilst i and many others will enjoy both consoles.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   932d ago
Kratos would make the son of Rome his beotch.
iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
What the hell is Octodad: Dadliest Catch. I do like the song in their teaser trailer
slimeybrainboy  +   933d ago
Octodad is the game that will win console wars.
iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
It looks ridiculous but strangely I really want to play it
dc1  +   933d ago
The name alone compels me to buy it!
Chaostar  +   933d ago
Lol it sounds ridiculous but it's a game that a LOT of people are talking about and, as far as consoles go, it's only on PS4. Sony's indie focus will start paying off early for them.
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solidt12  +   933d ago
The popular opinion is that the console war has already been won! We are just waiting on it to be official. I really don't care about the console war crap really though I just want next gen games and hope we have plenty of them.
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pimpschitz  +   933d ago
Octodad for the win.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   933d ago
Chaostar, lol, that's because you guys hype anything that comes out on the console.
Kanzes  +   933d ago
Actually, it's not 100% guarantee Octodad is gonna be an PS4 exclusive.

Young Horses has shown demos for the game in the past running on PC with an Xbox 360 controller, and even made a version of the original Octodad using Kinect.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   933d ago
Ryse... meh
KI.. Well lets wait and see its being made by a below average dev
Good_news_every1   932d ago | Spam
Colzer01  +   933d ago
The gameplay and story is freakin' weird. I thought it's a Vita title at first
majiebeast  +   933d ago
Download the demo version on PC its hillarious. They just did a Octodad race on the ESA 2013 stream on twitch.

Download link:
iamnsuperman  +   933d ago
I already did after finding out about this game. It is incredible silly and fun
killerips   933d ago | Spam
Cmk0121  +   933d ago
xbox one for sure at comic con, knack really? drive club i could see. but xbox one has more hardcore games there at this specific show at the moment. not to say that has long term impact just this show they should gain more attention that ps4 offerings
Geezus  +   933d ago
exactly for a console saying its all about the hardcore gamers lead off with something that appeases them like killzone and driveclub not knack and octodad which are kiddy as hell from all indications so far. at least ms is drawing blood doesnt get more hardcore than doing a 100 hit combo on KI while the announcer screams "UlllllTRRRAAAAAAA COMBOOOO" in your face the wholetime and gameplay aside ryse does look pretty as hell and gladiators.
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Death  +   933d ago
Two weeks ago the PS4 was better since it was focused on the hardcore only. The XboxOne and it's Kinect sensor was trying to do too much for too many people when all they want is a hardcore game machine. Last week the PS4 was better since it was aggressively going after indie games and the casual market they cater to. This week the PS4 is better because it is more diverse and not focused on one market only. Can't wait to see what next week brings. I'm leaning towards a big PSeye announcement where they found a way to make it watch over you 24 hours a day and report your behavior to the NSA. Maybe seamless integration with the Vita so you can be followed on the go. Fans will cheer it on and say it's the best thing ever.
Silly gameAr  +   933d ago
It's funny how exclusives matter to xbox fans now.
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majiebeast  +   933d ago
Yeah i thought it was all about the multiplatform games. All dat spinning must make you guys dizzy.
noctis_lumia  +   933d ago
ofc...naughty dog,media molicule,santa monica,quantic dreams,japan studio,well...every single sony 1st party studios except suckerpunch and guerilla games didnt announced anything
strigoi814  +   933d ago
If you have heard of octomom in the news before..octodad is pretty much different just saying coz octodad is a real octopus..lmao
wiz7191  +   933d ago
They both have good line-ups IMO, I giving Microsoft more props though for trying to bring more games to their console. I plan on having both anyway.
Minato-Namikaze  +   933d ago
Its not the intial surge of games I'm worried about from MS, Its whether or not not its gonna be a cliff again like it was after 2009 or so. So i'll wait a bit before i think about buying one.
Thomper  +   933d ago
KI will steal it :0)
WeAreLegion  +   933d ago
Either it's going to suck, massively...

...or fighting games are just really easy to make.
Thomper  +   933d ago
Completely disagree with you there I'm afraid.

Double helix were set up to work on licensed games. We all know how bad those usually end up. They have to knock 'em out quick.

This time they are working on a game that they are passionate about, and they have gys who have worked on Skullgirls and Streetfighter.

I am confident that this game will rock. Anyone who has followed it's development can see that DH are not f**king about here.
CalamityCB  +   933d ago
What if I told you, believe it or not. Game companies can evolve to make brilliant games even though they had some stinkers in the past.

Have faith, if Microsoft didn't know DH were able to make a fighting game at a high level they wouldn't have let them lay a finger in KI and from what I've seen so far DH has nailed it. Microsoft seem to be shaping a good studio from Double Helix. Plus I heard Double Helix pretty much begged to make this game which is only a good thing if a game company is this passionate.
#7.1.2 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
hankmoody  +   933d ago
Totally waiting to read the defense for this lineup of PS4 games. I just wish I could hear the stuttering instead of seeing it typed out.
Angeljuice  +   933d ago
The defence is;

Sony's booth is pulling in bigger crowds than Microsoft's, so who's winning the battle?
hankmoody  +   933d ago
Sony's b-b-b-b-booth? ;)
hankmoody  +   933d ago
Hmm. Maybe they really want to see if Forza 5 really is blowing DriveClub away. Or something like that.
JokesOnYou  +   933d ago
Microsoft has 2 locations though and what does he mean by the "edge"? A few? 20? a guess? It really doesn't matter at an event like this it ebbs and flows because people tend to wander to open systems/lines so that they can play something instead of wait in a long line.
MysticStrummer  +   933d ago
You're waiting to hear the defense of a lineup that's drawing bigger crowds?
JokesOnYou  +   933d ago
Well I don't think sony needs a defence but Microsoft is split between the show floor and another engagement at the Manchester Grand Hyatt which is next door to this location.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   933d ago
Jokes on you right on queue to defend all things M$ funny how you have 5 bubbles.
Godmars290  +   933d ago
Would think KI would bring a popularity win for XB1. Then again both got booed at EVO.

Also, would kind of think people would be looking at how the consoles actually performed. Toy with their UIs.
CalamityCB  +   933d ago
The boo's were mostly from Marvel fans desperate for the next rounds of fights and also that it would be exclusive.
Thomper  +   933d ago
Microsoft got booed at evo. There are plenty of other non-flamebait vids knocking about on YouTube that portray a different story
EXVirtual  +   933d ago
I see a lot of guys bashing the PS4's launch games. Say what ya want, but the real showing will be Gamescom. No damage control. Yeah, right now from what I've seen the only first party game that's blown me away is Infamous. I'm gonna be patient though because gamescom and TGS will be awesome for Sony.
hankmoody  +   933d ago
You know, MANY Xbox One supporters got bashed on here for saying the exact same thing pretty much when they said, "Wait for E3."

Now I'm seeing Sony fans saying the exact same thing. Oh, how the worm has turned.
EXVirtual  +   933d ago
And you're accusing me of bashing them when they said wait till E3?

Also, remember when everyone was bashing Nintendo fans when they said wait till E3. And then after the Xbox One reveal, the Xbox supporters were like wait till E3?
Godmars290  +   933d ago
And Xbox fans saying "wait for Project Spark" is any different?

Next to nothing is known about the game except the usual smoke and mirrors MS presents. You don't know what is actually involved in making a level. You don't know the difference between playing it with the console, and playing it with a Surface tablet. You don't even know when the game will be out. And yet its being talked about here as if it were at Comic-Con.

Really, right now both systems are just stretching their legs. The only focus should be how these early games perform on them.
Persistantthug  +   933d ago
But for the record,

PS4 has more TOTAL games announced than the XBOX 1.

Just sayin.
#10.1.3 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(10) | Report
hankmoody  +   933d ago
To be fair, I'm not bashing you. I'm just commenting on the irony of the whole thing. And in all honesty, you've gotta admit that the PS fans on N4G can be a pretty nasty bunch in comparison to the Xbox fans. Both sides definitely have their jerks but if you really pay attention to the forums here, those PS4 kids can be outright offensive.

See, I'm planning on getting both systems but I lean more towards Xbox. I'll be getting the Xbox One first and the PS4 later, when they show something to get me hyped up for it because in all honesty, I haven't seen anything on their end to make me want the system yet. I'm sure that in time, they'll start breaking out the big guns but right now, I have yet to be impressed by what they're offering. As far as games go, I honestly feel like the Xbox One has shown some awesome looking stuff.
Godmars290  +   933d ago
"you've gotta admit that the PS fans on N4G can be a pretty nasty bunch in comparison to the Xbox fans."

Er, no.

I've actually gotten death threats just for asking a question.
EXVirtual  +   933d ago
That's fine. I will say that MS did show more exclusives at E3. I mean, I'm not getting the XB1, but that's a fact.
Death  +   933d ago
I'm not really focusing on any games. It's a struggle to remember a launch lineup that is actually worth remembering. We see the occasional game that ignites a series, but the original is usually eclipsed as developers get used to the new console. The real big guns are usually saved for a larger install base. Much focus by Microsoft and Sony will be on the current gen as early adopters pick up the new systems and need less incentive to buy.
Dlacy13g  +   933d ago
I have a feeling what we will hear from both Comicon and Gamescom is that both consoles and games on the consoles are great ...and the truth is nobody is going to feel like they lose out regardless of system bought this coming generation.

edit: LOL...I just laugh at N4G sometimes. Extreme defense forces for both just cant take you saying something nice about both MUST pick a side! Fine.. let me edit: I get the feeling what we will hear from both Comicon and Gamescom is that both consoles suck and you should just buy a pc! Hows that? $399 or $499 purchase wont be wasted regardless of what the trolls say.
#11 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ippiki Okami  +   933d ago
"Extreme defense forces for both just cant take you saying something nice about both consoles"

....pretty ironic statement considering you were defending MS use of DRM a few months ago. Nothing you say now is gona change you being an MS shill.
Dlacy13g  +   933d ago
So I say I dont have issues with DRM makes me a shill now? Brilliant.
Mikeyy  +   933d ago
Planetside 2 for ps4, enough said.
Mikeyy  +   933d ago
My bad, didn't realize gamers didnt like MMOs with a mature player base.
CalamityCB  +   933d ago
It's not that, it's just that we want to see new games being pushed, not console ports. I can vouch for that since I've just finished playing a game of planetside 2 lol.
Silly gameAr  +   933d ago

Going by how Sony shows support for their consoles, I'd say it's pretty safe to assume that when it comes to returning IP and new IPs, we have nothing to worry about.

People are acting like they forget this.
Jeff257  +   932d ago
It's not that people forget it. Just some people choose to ignore it and act like Sony never supports gamers. Sometimes I feel like we are stuck in 2007 when people were saying PS3 has no games. Now it is 2013 and they are saying PS4 has no games. What they need to remember is that MS always starts out great on each of their systems. But then later on the exclusives really dry up until they rely on only a few franchises. Then they spend their money on trying to push stuff that people just don't want.
Mr-SellJack  +   933d ago
Fresh and innovative ips vs disappointing,bland games plus xbox staff are looking at the ps4 quite a lot,glad sony is showing the games that need more hype and popularity octo dad will rule all,it's an exclusive like titanfall which are coming on pc.gotta give credit for Sony's love for indies
Major_Glitch  +   933d ago
Wish I could go this year. First off, it's comic-con! Second, I'd love to get my hands on both consoles. I'm getting the PS4 at launch, but I wouldn't mind giving the x1 a test drive.
JimCom95  +   933d ago
Sony owns a lot more studios then microsoft, sure right now the quantity of exclusives is more for X1 then ps4. games like ryse and deadrising 3 definably have me a little jealous since I do plan to purchase the ps4 first but I see a better longterm potential for exclusives on the ps4. Look back at this generation, the ps3 started off slow in terms of exclusives and then picked up and overtook microsoft in quantity and in my opinion the quality of the exclusives.
adorie  +   932d ago
Sony consolidated their studios, so they in fact have less studios. MS has the most, but a great deal of those studios focus on Kinect...
thisismyaccount  +   933d ago
Tekken 1 (PS1) > Killer Instinct
Tekken 2 same thing...
Battle Arena Toshiden (most of you don´t know it..) > KI
Soul Edge > KI
Bushido Blade > KI
SBB or was it SSB > KI
Marvel vs Capcom > KI
Rise of the Robots > KI :P
..even the peeps over at Gamespot or was it Giantbomb said KI was a niche back then.. more than a "shrug, eh"
CalamityCB  +   933d ago
Are you trying to do damage control lol, why would you go out of your way to put down a game that hasn't even been released yet?

Master-H  +   933d ago
Bloody Roooaaaaarrrr
denawayne  +   933d ago
Why are they in the same corner?
fsydow1  +   933d ago
Ryse,Forza,Titanfall and KI,that is a pretty crappy line up for a more expensive and big ass console with the crappy Kinect to boot. You must be joking thinking I would buy a console that can activate DRM as easily as they could take it away with another update.Talking about launch,who the hell would buy one on launch when the X360 had such a horrible reputation for melting DVDS and the console itself.
Dlacy13g  +   933d ago
If you are rambling just to ramble off some Xbox hate at least get your trolling in proper order...

I am pretty sure that this is how this kind of post should read: Here are X,Y & Z Xbox games that I think are my X,Y & Z PS4 games that I think rule... drop a note about why you hate MS and and then rant about how you think Sony loves you. Make sure NOT to mention anything about PC and ignore Nintendo as well. Then your post would be complete.
tiremfej  +   932d ago
You are blind. You can't seriously believe that these games are bad, to think an Indie title for the PS4 is better than any of Maybe I need glasses then.
LNDCalling  +   933d ago
I don't get this whole 'launch drought' thing, 1) This is a next gen launch we're talking about and 2) this is pretty much the best (for both consoles) launch line up I can remember and I firmly believe we will see more games before launch day is upon us (at GC / TGS).

All in I'm pretty excited for next gen!
Caffo01  +   933d ago
everyone praising KI.. did you already forget about the only character free in the game? i don't think it'll be so fun when 90% of the time you'll be facing Jago.
Dlacy13g  +   933d ago
Did you forget you can play the entire game as that one character? If you decide you want more then you can buy another character....or buy the game outright and unlock everything. No different really then what Sony is doing with Drive Club just a different genre. Cars and tracks will be held back from the free to play version and you can buy and unlock more if you want.
Caffo01  +   933d ago
yet 90% of the time you'll be facing Jago playing online (and don't tell me you'd prefer offline) even if you buy every character in the game.
Drive Club is a different story, Sony didn't lock every car and track letting you play only on 1 track with 1 car.
#20.1.1 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report
JokesOnYou  +   933d ago
Caffo01, your link doesn't say anything about 90% of the time you will be facing Jago...that's your assumption, while I assume since its free almost everyone will try out Jago offline but if they like the game the vast majority will definitely at least buy 1 or 2 more characters to play with if they indeed are going to continue playing online.
Caffo01  +   932d ago
i agree on the vast majority of players who like the game buying 1 or 2 characters, but in the first year there will be a lot of X1 new adopters and, being KI a new free-to-play title, everyone will try it, and not only offline like you said. Maybe i exaggerated on the 90%, but i think a good 40% - 50% will play as Jago.
#20.1.3 (Edited 932d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Lvl_up_gamer  +   932d ago
That is an old article.

The trailer shows 3 characters

If you watch the EVO 2013 video you will see Glacius as a playable character

Only an idiot would believe that only 1 character would be available at launch.

KI3 will release FREE with 3 characters to choose from.
Caffo01  +   932d ago
Good luck finding a fighting game trailer where there's only 1 character standing there waiting for an opponent lol

They show you the entire game, not only the free parts <.<
FlunkinMonkey  +   933d ago
ha you buffoons.. You'll be eating humble pie (or denial pie) when Sony exclusives get 4 our of 5 Game of the year awards like this generation..

MS have spunked 13 out of 15 of their exclusive games announced, while Sony have many more to announce.

Killer Instinct looks weak as fack! Re-hashed Street Fighter 4 clone with HORRIBLE character models, made by a company with an atrocious track record..

You guys try to hard, and it's easy for you when this article forgets to mention KZ:SF which is miles better than Ryse (awful QTE, failed Kinect launch title) and Killer Instinct (enough has been said).

You must still really be reeling from the fact that MS completely abandoned their consumer fanbase 2 generations in a row, failing to put out any decent exclusives into the later stages of their consoles lifespan.. The Last of Us will be a better game than anything XBONE is releasing in the first year..

And for anyone getting a woody harrellson over Titanfall...Planetside 2 > Titanfall ANYDAY.
#21 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
strickers  +   933d ago
I was a fighter fan when KI was out originally. I didn't like it then and couldn't care less now. It was never a top game. Seriously.....never .
To slag off Knack for being old school and not next Gen but praise KI is also ludicrous
theWB27  +   933d ago
Killer Instinct wasn't a top game to who? I distinctly remember it racking up plenty of coin back in the ol arcade days. There were lines waiting to play that game.

Is it as mainstream as Mortal Kombat or Street But it is as legit a fighter as was any of the other top games back then. It's long hiatus seems to have softened peoples' memories.

Knack is a strange one because, so far, it's a linear niche game on a powerful system such as the PS4 made by the face of the system. I think people were just expecting more.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   933d ago
Fact. Regardless of what Xbox fanboys think Sony has always trumped them in the exclusive category and this gen will be no different.

Microsoft has what 3 first party studios lol?

Sony has over 10

Anyway you try to spin it, just like the last 2 gens Sony will one up Microsoft its as simple as that.

Try to argue it with actual proof try just try. Because this is exactly what Xbox fanboys will
Come up with

Well we got halo..........and gears........and Alan wake and fable and forza..... Like omg congrats only 2 of those series actually get high acclaim.
#23 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
FlunkinMonkey  +   933d ago
Wouldn't worry.. These stealth disagrees are because they have nothing to say.
CalamityCB  +   933d ago
Microsoft actually have 22 first party studios all together and quite a large amount of third party studios.
Please remove the fanboy rod outwards from the butt.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   933d ago
Should of phrased what I said better.

Microsoft only has what like 3 first party studios that make actual high rated, high alclaim games lol........
buttclown  +   933d ago
As soon as you said fact first, it instantly removed any actual fact from your comment.

If I stop to think about the PS3 games I have played that are better than X360 and/or PC then I can maybe think of 5 that I would say or as good or better. Again, to clarify, this is my own personal taste.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   933d ago
Well Sony does trump Microsoft in terms of exclusives so it was fact :P
forsaken1304  +   933d ago
I def like the variety of the ps4 games i think knack looks great i think ppl underestimate the graphics for it and the gameplay looks like it could be good. Project spark looked decent but it might not even be a game microsoft always shows off those tech demos and they become nothing. I think people keep forgetting Sony showed off a project spark style game too media molocule showed off the game where you can create anything awhole world or people and things i trust the guys who gave us little big planet over the guys who made spark but aren't sure wth it is lol.
PiperMCFierceson   933d ago | Spam
fenixm  +   933d ago
Killer Instinct alone is > any ps4 game, at least for me.
#26 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
unicron7  +   933d ago
Not even developed by Rare either. Not the original team anyway. Kinda sad. Had high hopes for it...but it looks whack.
Sadist3  +   933d ago
What the hell is this stupid octodad game? Why didn't PS4 have any good games to show? What kind of people play games like that? Octodad? For real? And Knack? What is this, the freaking Nickelodeon panel?
#27 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
aquamala  +   933d ago
Im here, line to play GT6 is longer than Drive Club
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   933d ago
I personally am still not hyped for Killer Instinct... they f**ked up with the character designs too much for me. Grant it's a reboot, but it drifted in enough minor directions to make me lose interest! and it was the one game I was considering a One for! I will always have fonder memories of the franchise in its prime when I was plugging quarters into arcades on a nightly basis. I feel the majority of people hyped for the reboot didn't grow with the franchise the way I did!
adorie  +   932d ago
Yeah, I'd be fine with everything else for KI, but the character designs are crap reminiscent of Street Fighter 4, which I abhor.
thetruthx1  +   933d ago
You Sony fans are in denial. Xbox one has the better games already ttand I'm betting they'll have the best games next gen. Killzone looks like Crysis and Knack looks like a dreamcast game lol
kenshiro100  +   933d ago
We'll see.
Gratisfaction  +   933d ago
Oh man, another X-bot... Can someone shut down these contraptions?!
unicron7  +   933d ago
Crysis looks beautiful...and Knack actually looks good if you pay attention to the characters and the environments when people play I don't see your point. Subtle greatness.

Keep hating on superior hardware at a lower price...from a company that has had you, the gamer, in mind since day one. They are not the ones that tried to lie to you and take your rights away as a consumer. But I guess it's okay to overlook that though...cuz you know..."Killer Instinct brah!"

At launch, may the best console win. You also forgot to mention other AAA games stated for release on the PS4 platform(I'm sure intentional). Pot. Kettle. Black. Etc.
Silly gameAr  +   933d ago
Well, we all know MS is a strong starter, but a weak finisher. You would be in denial if you ignored that too. Just look at the 360.

You guys want to talk about games all of a sudden when it's been a gaming drought on 360 for the past couple of years. Meanwhile, the PS3 is still killing it. The PS4 won't be any different. As for the X1? Well, we'll just have to see. Hopefully MS takes games more seriously.
#30.4 (Edited 933d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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