Is 500 GB Enough For The Next Generation?

Like probably every other hardcore gamer on the planet, I am looking forward to that day a few months from now when the next generation consoles hit the stores, and I get my very own to hook up to the TV. However, unlike previous generations where the purchases to accompany the console were limited to games and/or an extra controller, there is one pre-console purchase I plan to make in advance. I’m going to get a new hard drive.

Right now, my current plan is to keep an eye out on 2.5”, one terabyte hard drives, and pick one up before the PS4 debuts. Then, the first thing I’m going to do when I take my console out of its packaging is open it up, swap out the stock 500 GB hard drive and put in the new one.

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Excalibur1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Nope, especially when you have to install everything and it's moving to a blu-ray format.

solidt121528d ago

I think for most people that is enough but for people who game alot like n4g readers we will probably upgrade the hardrive at some point.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1528d ago

I bought my white 500gig ps3 last april and it's down to 80gigs left :s All those ps plus games + disc download games took its toll.

500gig is not enough, gladly with the ps4 we could upgrade freely.

fardan851528d ago

For XB1 & PS4 "no ps+",the 500 GB might be enough. Consider that you will delete the games files if you don't feel like playing the game again, Most people won't go fully digital with their purchases in this gen, so with some management the 500 will be enough.

For PS+ subscribers, you will need a minimum of 1TB. Right now with ps3 & vita, I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of games, I delete games to free space for others every month. You will not need to upgrade right away, once the games for ps4 starts rolling in IGC like now with ps3 then you will find it essential, unless you enjoy to delete games.

fourOeightshark1528d ago

500 GB will be enough for me thanks to the play while downloading feature. Redownloading uninstalled games won't be an issue.

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bumnut1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

500GB is plenty of storage, you don't need to have all of your games installed at once.

500GB should be enough for 30 games +

Not all games are big, and don't forget that disc based games include multiple languages.

kayoss1528d ago

500gb is enough for an average gamer. But If you are a PSN plus member, thats not enough. I currently have a 750gb hd on my PS3 and I can tell you that I've already filled up 515gb (had to go check and confirm) with every single PSN plus game offered so far.
If PSN plus follow its trend to the next gen, I dont think 500gb will be enough.

badz1491528d ago

if games are not all mandatory full install, then 500GB is plenty

GribbleGrunger1528d ago

When did Sony say that you have to install everything? As far as I know, you have the choice.

B-radical1528d ago

Agreed i wanna know how external HDs work with next gen consoles.

But anyway it happens every cycle starts of small then goes massive prob be 2tb versions of x1 and ps4 at end of cycle

duli141528d ago

It will be enough for xbox one, but for PS4 with PS plus I don't think so.

GameCents1528d ago

If the Xbox One allows the use of an external harddrive in tandem with the internal 500 gig then I see no problem.
Obviously you will not be able to play a game off one hard drive while accessing DLC or even music on the other but as long as upgrading doesn't mean having to transfer all data from the internal then I say it's a big win for the consumer.

B-radical1528d ago

I read somewhere xbox one will be able to use external hard drive so should ps4

Hicken1528d ago

That... doesn't quite make sense.

For one, playing a game off an external wouldn't be as fast as an internal, even if it IS through USB 3.0.

For another, that's an extra device you need- most likely formatted and dedicated solely to holding games and saves- in order to play games.

And of course you'd have to transfer the data when upgrading from one internal to another. How else do you expect to upgrade?

And how do you figure it's a "big win" for anybody? If consumers wanna make CERTAIN they've got enough space for a generation of gaming on XBOne, they'll need to add something onto their console. Sorry, but that's not nearly as efficient or sensible as just allowing you to upgrade the internal.

Hell, that's yet another way XBOne is a step backwards from the 360, which allowed you to upgrade(albeit with their own proprietary hard drives that only went up to a certain size).

The best option is to allow consumers to upgrade the internal. THAT would be a win for the consumer.

GameSpawn1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I always thought this was Microsoft's biggest oversight. They just want control over what hard drives go in their console when really it isn't that big of a deal. I can only think it is that they cannot figure out a way to restore the OS to the hard drive, when a new one is installed, via on-board flash or through a firmware update run via USB (ala PS3) because their OS is too big for this to be feasible.

Also the external USB will never be as fast as native SATA, even if it is USB3.0.

Thank god Sony understands the importance of user replaceable and upgradable hard drives. I liked that I could change out the HDD in my PS3 for an SSD which performs MUCH better and generates considerably less heat (yeah it was more expensive, but it was worth it). The PS4 has already been confirmed to have a user replaceable drive and I plan on getting a 1TB in there come hell or high water. I just hope SSD 1TBs will drop a little in price by the time I get a PS4 because the Crucial M500 is around $600 right now (at $300-400 I'd start consider getting one as an upgrade, otherwise I'll stick with standard HDDs until the price drops).

Blackdeath_6631528d ago

it is if you can replace or upgrade the hard drive

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Septic1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I think it should be. I have hardly used up the 250GB (or so) on my 360.

[Edit]- Actually, as Excalibur mentions, mandatory installs might take up a lot of space.

Still, I'm content with 500GB for now.

mandf1528d ago


The 360 didn't use Blu-ray. That format changes the coding of a game to a certain extent. Certain codes are reused on different layers adding up to larger games. Not to mention things aren't as compressed because of the amount of space.

I too have a 250gbs but I can only put 28 games on it with 4gbs left. Look at these current gen games

The last of us 26gb

Call of duty 14gb

tomb raider 9gb

Battlefield 3 13gb

Demon souls 8gb

Vanquish 12gb

Imfamous 16gb

In the seven games I listed is a 100gb right there. That almost half the hard drive. I currently have access to 300 games on the psn store and can only fit 28. That is sad and I won't let it happen to me again.

I was just trying to give you a different way of looking at it.

Septic1528d ago

Ah wow...that put things in perspective!

I suspect a lot of uninstalling/re-installing to happen

+Bubs for helpful

mandf1528d ago

Yes and it sucks waiting. I can't wait for download and start next gen. Thousands of gbs of info aaargrh. I would love to have all my games access-able at once. It's an easy mistake to make. Think about it. Anyone reading do your self a favor and hook it up.

Serg1528d ago

And with the bump in texture sizes, expect games to hit the 50GB ceiling pretty soon. Kojima managed to hit it with current gen 5 years ago already.

God of War III was 33-40GB I believe.

And people are dreaming about a digital only future with their 10MBit connection and 500GB of storage...

mandf1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


You are absolutely correct. We going from 720p and mostly lower to native 1080p that in its self is a lot of info. Not to mention 5gb and 7gb so far of the system ram and developers are going to make larger worlds. Games are going to take up a lot of space.

Serg1528d ago

Yup, and while we're on the topic of system ram, fun fact: The XBox One and PS4s total system memory is bigger than ~95% of XBox 360 games (Excluding the few multi disc games).

DVD9, which is the format the 360 uses, has a total capacity of 8,5GB. However, due to the fact that mandated data from Microsoft has to be on every game disc, most games are only a little over 7GB in size. Among other things, developers have to include 480p and 720p (maybe even 1080p, not sure) video tracks of the Xbox 360 intro on the disc, which is played when you insert the disc into a DVD player, telling you to put the disc into a 360.

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NYC_Gamer1528d ago

Nope,the installs will eat up that 500gb.

dcj05241528d ago

No. Give me a terabyte and I'm set all generation.

colonel1791528d ago

60 GB sounded like a great option for PS3 at launch. I actually thought that PS4 and XBox One would launch with at least 1TB, but we'll definitely see that changing in the future. Even more at the end of the console life cycle.

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