PS4 will support PS3 wireless headsets

The upcoming PlayStation 4 console will support previous generation PlayStation 3 wireless headsets, Sony confirmed to Polygon.

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JoySticksFTW1315d ago

Sony's making all the right moves for the start of next gen.

It's crazy when you think how things started for them this gen.

BiggCMan1315d ago

Damn straight! My Astro A50's will be MAGNIFICENT for PS4 games!!

_FantasmA_1314d ago

I had 2 xboxes only for 5 years and then I got smart and got a PS3. Even then, when all I played was xbox, I was always secretly jealous of the PS3. The only problem is I was pissed at the expensive price. Even when it launched, the lineup was way better than the 360s. I remember wanting a PS3 just to play Resistance because it was an old school shooter, unlike Halo with its 2 gun limit :( The 360 had slightly upgraded Xbox 1 games and none of them were good. Their best game was COD 2 and that was a port. So I really don't see why people say PS3 was a disaster. It still sold out, and still outsold the 360 every year so where exactly is the failure?

Bluepowerzz1314d ago

they are uninformed i wish every xbox fanboy becomes like you in the future they dont understand they think xbl is better thn psn when its the same when you have both only adds and xgc

onyoursistersback1314d ago

@ articale, this is great news!!! i just bot the Pulse headset last week, and i was worried it would not work on a PlayStation4.

Fergusonxplainsall1314d ago

This is great news, I got my Pulses the day they came out. If the Pulse GTAV Elites go to a good price, I'll buy them too.

They're just that good..

nosferatuzodd1314d ago

ok that's good but what about my platronics blue tooth does that work has well i want to know..

badz1491314d ago

Bluetooth devices will work by default. Bluetooth is a standard afterall

badz1491314d ago

"SONY, we want you to force us to use an adapter for old headset!!"

- said no gamer EVER!

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S2Killinit1315d ago

thats good news. I like that about Sony.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1315d ago

Was there ever a doubt? I don't think so.

Reborn1314d ago

Well, clarification is always welcomed.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1314d ago

I knew well before this clarification

KwietStorm1314d ago

Yea? You forgot the quotes around "knew."

sigfredod1315d ago

Good to be confirm, no wasted money for those 7.1 headsets

JW10801315d ago

This is good to know. I have the Sony 5.1 headset. Might give the ones I have now to my brother. And upgrade to the 7.1 Pulse Elites.

onyoursistersback1314d ago

lol...i did the same thing, i just sold my 5.1 to my sis for 15 bucks. and bot the Pulse headset.

FYI, they work best on your Mp3/music!!! :D

KwietStorm1314d ago

You sold them to your sister...for 15 bucks? lol why didn't you just give them to her?

NexGen1314d ago

Both headsets are great, the pulse elite is a better quality headset. The old pulse has better battery life though.

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The story is too old to be commented.