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Unannounced PS4 games they *have* to be making – PlayStation 4′s secret line up

OPM: Yes there’s a PS4 launch line up sitting waiting for us but there’s a horde of games yet to be announced. Here’s us getting a bit Sherlock on it all – studio not announced a project for a year or two? Sudden hiring splurge but no projects? We round up the signs and clues that point towards PS4 hidden line up. (PS4)

Septic  +   718d ago
I think everyone is waiting in anticipation for Naughty Dog to unleash its next gem. I can't imagine what they'll pull off with next-gen tech. I have yet to pick up my jaw from the floor after playing TLOU.
ShugaCane  +   718d ago
They will show sceptical people what Next-Gen means.
Ezz2013  +   718d ago
this 100 time
i think we will start to see what Next Gen games look like when we see what ND and SSM are doing
The_Con-Sept  +   718d ago
Rumor: Nightmare Creatures, and another Jack and Daxter game finally.
Freak of Nature  +   718d ago
Then along with a few others too...

I want to see the real deal behind Media molecules new IP, a 3d clay based create/share /play LBP on steroids for the PS4?

Also Deep down? That is probably right there for me with whatever ND is about to show...
HyFackingDro  +   717d ago
This is a stupid list, these are almost blatantly obvious titles for next-gen. Its like me saying there's a new Call of Duty coming out, Battlefield 4, Mortal Kombat Remake 2, a new Elder Scrolls, a new Fallout, a onslaught of new Final Fantasy's and such and such... Captain Obvious...
FATAL1TY  +   717d ago
Uncharted 4
Demon's Souls 2
God of War 4
Jiggy7d  +   717d ago
I think that they already showed us a taste of next-gen with The Last of Us - the game just looks and plays too good for current gen.
michaelapaige  +   717d ago
Uncharted 4 and Fallout 4! All coming out on Ps4! Did i mention 4?!?!
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AxeCain  +   718d ago
I wish that I had more time to keep playing it. The story is sooo good.
abzdine  +   718d ago

OMG those graphics!!!
Naughty Dog are clearly untouchable..

So not even a God of War or a WipEout?

@Stsonic: I know, that's the worst thing! Can you imagine how those graphics would look like on a much more powerful hardware? I simply can't
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Stsonic  +   718d ago
I think that is just a cut scene from uncharted 3.
Destrania  +   718d ago
SSM is working on a new IP right now. And the studio that made Wipeout is closed.
Pixel_Enemy  +   718d ago
Stsonic, the cutscenes in Uncharted games are rendered using the same engine as the game uses. Many times the cutscenes blended right into gameplay which made it seamless.
King_many_layers  +   718d ago
@pixel enemy.

As far as i'm aware, the cutscenes are a mixture of in-game and pre-rendered.

Those that were pre-rendered use a much higher quality AA solution and use higher quality light and shadows
Tontus  +   718d ago
Untouchable? That's a rendered cut-scene. This: https://lh5.googleuserconte... is much better looking and it's running in real time which can be proven by changing costume to see if it's consistent in cut-scenes.

UC3 is ND's 3rd PS3 game made by a team of around 200 people, GoW3 was made with around 90 people and it's their first PS3 game, not to mention SSM always has the burden of stretching resources to help a plethora of other Sony exclusives exist. Sony Santa Monica are clearly untouchable, I wish Sony left them to purely make their own games internally instead of wasting time and effort helping with so many other titles.
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MELMAN26  +   718d ago
Same here, I am sure that whatever they do, will be amazing!
harrisk954  +   718d ago
Hard to believe that Naughty Dog is the same company that made Crash Bandicoot on the PS1! I spent many hours playing Crash, but man, oh man, how ND has developed over the years in terms of the maturity of its game, from the Uncharted series to the TLOU. Not to take anything away from Bethesda, Rockstar and Bioware, but ND is, IMO, the greatest developer of this generation, not only graphically, but especially in terms of the way it can weave a story.
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Drakesfortune  +   718d ago
I wonder how it feels to work at Naughty Dog...knowing that your fans anticipate eveything you do...the pressure that adds must be extraordinary.

But of course they are talented enough to thrive on it...TLOU says so...
ravinash  +   718d ago
I think it just shows that they love what they do.
TesMgsFan  +   718d ago
I hope Crash Bandicoot !
king_george  +   718d ago
I've been craving a proper crash game for what feels like a century :(
Ron_Danger  +   718d ago
Didn't Activision buy the rights to Crash Bandicoot? That's why he wasn't in All Stars
stevehyphen  +   718d ago
Yeah a return of crash would much more likely be multiplatform than exclusive.
GoldPunch-TR  +   718d ago
Knack 😅
Major_Glitch  +   718d ago
Give me Tenchu or give me death!
iceman06  +   718d ago
I would KILL for a new Tenchu game (all puns intended)!
H0TSHELLZ  +   717d ago
And i thought i was all ALONE.

You must be in my age range to know about that game.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   718d ago
My eyes would explode if I ever saw the news
"Naughty Dog back to Crash Bandicoot"
I would buy a PS4 just for that game
Crash Bandicoot 4 on PS4? Please? Pretty please ND?
Probably not
But they'll impress either way :D
medman  +   718d ago
I was sold on the next generation when I laid eyes on The Division, Destiny, and Infamous Second Son. Killzone doesn't look too shabby either.
die_fiend  +   718d ago
Yeah those will all be great by the looks of things but graphically...look at how Drake looks in that screenshot (cutscenes where the character model is quite a bit better) then imagine that looking like terrible graphics compared to what he's gonna look like he'll look like on PS4. It's hard to comprehend
Cmk0121  +   718d ago
secret line up of majority non exclusive games none of which are probably coming out ???wtf is up with this article
nirwanda  +   718d ago
It's on official playstation magazine website, what were you expecting lots of xbone and wii U coverage.
If they have heard rumours but can't get official confirmation of anything then they can't confirm a release.
GasTankKiller  +   718d ago
I would almost think that SONY is saving a really major title to get the gaming community talking big about the PS4 right before launch.

Killzone, and Destiny are the two that are on my I've got to have list. There are others but those two make me drooling.

Just wish Batman: Arkham Origins and GTAV would have also released on the PS4, oh well.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   718d ago
I don't know why people think Sony wont have anything........ They have provided exclusives the whole lifespan of the console for 2 gens doubt anything will change now.

Why are people crying over launch lineups when people should know that launch lineups aren't the bread and butter of the console. "Gamers" now a days make me sick.

I would be more worried about Microsoft ditching out on exclusives after a few years after x1 launch like they did with 360
Williamson  +   718d ago
Yup its silly to doubt sony when it comes to exclusive games, we know they are going to make a lot of quality ones like they've done this gen, the one before, and even with the ps1.
thehitman  +   718d ago
Sony never dissapoint. Knowing they have a lot studios that produce stellar games around the clock makes it good to be a gamer. Whether they announce something today or at gamescon you can bet money that something is in the works. PS3 is a testament to that with 3 AAA games releasing this year on the year of the ps4 launch.
dcj0524  +   718d ago
I kind of want a new wipeout. It's 1080p 60fps on ps3 and I see no ugly jaggies or deformed textures. Imagine that on ps4.i also want a actual Warhawk sequeal.on warhaw's e3 trailer back in 2006 it showed thousands of soldiers running in a green hilly field with 5-7 dropships and 20-30 warhawks. Imagine if that could happen ( on a smaller scale of course. Maybe 64 or 128?) I'd play that for years.
DAS692  +   718d ago
I almost died when the author broght up the idea of 3D scanning with the new playstation camera for lbp3!
EXVirtual  +   718d ago
Dunno why people are saying Sony don't have any exclusives, because they didn't need to go Ham at E3 and the PS3 has waay more exclusives than the 360.
CaptainYesterday  +   718d ago
Really good list, I really hope Naughty Dog is working on a PS4 game I really want The Last of Us sequel it might be a bit to early for that though! Curious what they would do for Uncharted 4 if they even decide to make it, they should do a The Last of Us/Uncharted crossover just imagine that.
breakpad  +   718d ago
SOny please another MOnster HUnter with next gen graphics ..bring back to your consoles MH franchise
TheOneEyedHound  +   718d ago
A new Uncharted would be a delight.
LNDCalling  +   718d ago
lol that would not be my idea of the PS4's secret line up!

For me I would like follow up's to Legends of Dragoon, The Getaway, Syphon Filter, Beyond Good and Evil, Jack and Daxter - New IP's: Agent, Agni's Philosophy, Deep Down, The Last Guardian...

Now if Sony did my list at Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show they would slam dunk the next gen and have me cueing for a second console at launch.
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S2Killinit  +   718d ago
I'm actually interested in seeing what the PS4 can do with
Home. I hope the whole thing can get a reboot. I didn't like Home because it seemed like such a chore, with the downloads and pointless'ness of the whole thing. But if Sony's new machine can make everything instantaneous and perhaps make some changes so it doesn't feel like such a nerdy expenditure, then I am actually interested in the promise of joining my other Playstation comrades in a community where we can share Playstation moments together.
PS: I was so interested in the Harry Potter world they created in Home but i never delved in because I knew I had to download god knows how many Gigs just to go in and possibly be disappointed. So yeah, PS4 with its Gaikai might makes for some huge changes in the Home environment.
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Fireseed  +   718d ago
Oh how I'd love a new Uncharted, but correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Naughty Dog say they were done with the series after 3?
BlingBlaine  +   718d ago

nuff said
Gamer666  +   718d ago
I hate these articles for this exact reason.

No ship date identified = Game does not exist.

No matter what platform it is for...

Speculation and assumptions lead to disappointment.
JohnCartenper  +   718d ago
Let's hope they manage to make the next title Aliasing-less at least on par with f****g Quake 3 from 1998.

UC3 is a jaggies hell
Godmars290  +   718d ago
This site makes *THE* worst top lists in existence.
Jeebus  +   717d ago
Top 10 Worst "Top 10 lists We've Done".
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Godmars290  +   717d ago
Don't give them ideas!
CEOSteveBallmer  +   718d ago
I think Naughty Dog should announce "2" games. One new IP and a sequel, which everyone would like to be uncharted. so everyone is happy not saying "sequel again"? I love uncharted but I became sad when the credits rolled on for uncharted 3. because the trilogy is finished. luckily they released the Last of us. But I want another uncharted game, the last 1 i just can't get enough
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   718d ago
I personally feel Naughty Dog is thee most quality developer on consoles! they have thee most untouchable standards of quality in games this current gen... and can't wait to see them raise the bar for other companies come PS4!
Raoh  +   718d ago
Naughty dog will most likely announce their next game at the VGA's. It's worked out well for them so far, its where they first teased us with The Last of Us
Ares84HU  +   717d ago
Announce Uncharted 4 and I'm happy.
Adolph Fitler  +   717d ago
I love these Xbots that sarcastically say, "probably another GOW game for PS Fanboys to get excited over", when these turkeys are creaming there jeans over COD12, Titanfall, GeOW5, & Halo 10, or any other shooter that is coming to there beloved XBOne.

I guess there still butthurt afer Dante's Inferno didn't pan out to the GOW killer they proclaimed.
blanket14  +   717d ago
bring me mid evil from ps1 days great games!!!!!! those games so awesome!!!!
Drainage  +   717d ago
some new ips or LoU sequel from ND. No more god of war either, please new IP or new 'god' .
Megatron316  +   717d ago
I wish wipoeut studio didnt close, that game was destined for next gen. can you imagine how it would be?? its the most unique racer ever!!
jennychapell13   717d ago | Spam
badboy776  +   717d ago
God of War 4

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