Video Game Characters That Should Have Been Females

Unigamesity writes: "Despite what people usually think about gamers, video games with female protagonists have a lower profit base. Don’t ask Lara Croft how come, because she’s not available at the moment. Either way, we are really sure that if other games were to offer some female heroines instead of the male protagonists, things would’ve been completely different."

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Ksar1584d ago

Tidus from Final Fantasy X

minimur121584d ago


(game reference)

SirBradders1584d ago

Ewwwww ill stick with the fearsome threesome yuna, rikku and lulu.

I'd ruin yunas innocence have wild jungle sex with rikku and get dominated by lulu and that moogle she carries can watch the darn thing.

Godmars2901584d ago

Luna should have been the main character. The temple trials puzzles needing prior summons.

Donnieboi1584d ago

Raiden from MGS 2 (I mentally separate him from the Raiden in MGS 4 and Rising).

Anyway, hope to see a MGS game with "The Boss" in it. She was one bad mama.

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mattdillahunty1584d ago

should have been? no. simply because all of these characters are fine the way they are, and the author doesn't give any reason as to why these characters would be better as a female, or what they would bring as a female that they couldn't as a male.

zerocrossing1584d ago

But they would have had boobs! is that not improvement enough?

haha sorry...


Mounce1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I find the articles use of 'Should' is kinda stupid.

Let alone the article-creator looks like some sad balding virgin (Not to sound cruel)

It's like "Look at all these popular characters! - For some reason they should be female so there's more Rule 63 on the internet! More to fap to!"

Hell, I'm fucking amazed Cloud and Sephiroth with giant tits having a threesome with Tifa wasn't in that guys' list.

I just don't understand the article-creators obsession with characters being female, it sounds like he's trying to justify his fetishes of having more female-attention in-game rather than there being sausage-fest amounts of male protagonists and antagonists. Mario being female is just stupid though, a Female Italian plumber? Rescuing what, a Prince in distress instead of a Princess? Or does this go through lengths of saying Mario is a female lesbian saving the Princess where after she saves Toadstool they BOTH go in the bake a Cake.....

_QQ_1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Not a single good reason was given for any of these characters to be female,Although i do agree that the TF characters should have optional female versions.Otherwise this list is dumb,Its like some feminist fanfiction.

zerocrossing1584d ago

I understand where some of these feminist views come, from I really do, but would it not make more sense for feminists to convince devs to just create new games that have strong female lead characters as well as the games we have now?

This would help remedy the gender equality issue without over stepping any boundaries of both sides of the fence.

_QQ_1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I don't believe there is an issue,most developers are male therefore they like to make male characters,that comes as no surprise to me. Personally i don't care,i'm not against female game characters, but i do think it is silly to want Devs to make female characters for the sake of being female.Same goes for male characters.

Its not like there arn't any main female leads,i can list a few recent ones right now,
Kerrigan from sc2 HOTS
Lightning from FF(not a good game but still)
AC for the vita has a female lead,
Fem Shep.
Remember Me (sucks but still)
Beyond two souls(interactive movie but still).

cyguration1584d ago

So essentially, Gordan as a female would have a lesbian connection with Alyx?

Mario as a female would be gay for Peach?

The whole Reptile from Mortal Kombat makes no sense considering that there's Mileena, who is essentially an acid-free version of Reptile, but I guess logic wasn't a strong point of the article (if they at least wanted to go there they could have named Kung Lao instead).

And then we have Agent 47 -- best known for being bald and with barcode -- not sure how that would work.

And the female Scout (as well as the female Pyro) ARE available in Team Fortress, Garry's Mod and other Source Engine games. Are they saying the fem scout should be the default instead of the male? Even so they did a poor job of explaining why.

MisfitsInc1584d ago

the female version of reptile was Khameleon

cyguration1584d ago

Hot dang you're right. I completely forgot about Khameleon.

SpiralTear1584d ago

I'm gonna agree with the general consensus here and say that there really wasn't any solid explanation in the article as to why this should happen.

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