Playstation 4 and Xbox One Will Finish Off Struggling Wii U

Nintendo is quickly finding itself in the same boat as hardware has-beens Sega and Atari.

The illustrious gaming company failed to turn customers of its successful Wii system into repeat customers for its third-party developers. It has failed to keep up with the hardware third-party developers need for true multiplatform releases. It has failed to develop a new console, the Wii U, which can compete in the next generation. And it has failed to follow up that console with a large-enough library of games.

Worse, almost all of the new anticipated releases of the Wii U in the near future are first-party continuations of the same old franchises. Third-party developers — even Ubisoft, the Wii U's biggest third-party supporter — have all but abandoned the console, due to poor sales.

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mii-gamer1527d ago

Nintendo is doomed blah blah blah
I heard this so many times. I wish i had a dollar for every time - i would be in retirement already. Not going to approve this story - the troll will obvious do it for me

mcstorm1526d ago

I have to agree. The Wiiu is very under rated and the end of this year and the beginning of next year will see some of the big name games come out for it like Mario 3D, Zelda HD, DK and once of if not the biggest name in console gaming Mario Kart.

Also its looking like a price drop to £150 and £200 is on the cards too which will look good against the £350 and £420 of the other 2 consoles.

Im not saying one console is better than the other as I will own all 3 home consoles but as a WiiU owner now I have been very impressed with it and it is lacking some games at the moment but they are coming the backend of this year infact it starts next week with Pikmin 3.

mii-gamer1526d ago

i can't wait. Nintendo and Nintendo Fans will have the last laugh.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1526d ago

Zelda HD I guarantee wont be out next year unless u mean windwaker. As for thr price drop Nintendo said they werent giving the wiiU a price drop anytime soon and they cant afford it. There will for sure be deals around the holidays.

mcstorm1526d ago

@DEATHxTHExKIDx sorry I was talking about Windowaker HD remake.

Bobby Kotex1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I can't wait for the damage control vids from grown men wearing Mario and Yoshi shirts on youtube.

herbs1526d ago

When the PS4 Xbone release the Wii U will have a solid line up of games so it will stay competitive to think otherwise is just unwise.

iamnsuperman1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I have said it before that they need to change strategy. I think they should go with the one I mentioned here

(Too long to really summarise and get my point across at the same time but essentially make the Wii U the second console. The big problem is no third party developer wants to develop on the Wii U because of poor sales leading to poor sales of the Wii U. Vicious cycle. At the minute they are in direction competition with the PS4 and the One with the price but are missing big third party games. First party/exclusives is enough to sell a system by itself if the price is low. At this price it can't compete with the PS4 and the One because they also get the third party games )

khowat1526d ago

I read your blog great read

but the problem is that just as the vita cannot simply price drop because of the quality of the hardware the wii u cannot simply price drop because of the cost of the gamepad. But with the vita what makes it attractive is the quality of its hardware and potential of console quality games. But with the wii u the gamepad isn't really attracting gamers as much as the wii mote did

iamnsuperman1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Thank you

"but the problem is that just as the vita cannot simply price drop because of the quality of the hardware the wii u cannot simply price drop because of the cost of the gamepad"

I agree but I think they are in a certain situation where they have to. Take the loss build the instal base then they have more potential for third party ports and their own software will sell could sell better. I know it is more complex than that but I just think that is what they should do

nukeitall1526d ago

Frankly I don't see how Ninendo will compete with PS4/Xbox One at all.

Feaurewise, it is way behind. Hadware wise, it s behind. Pricewise, right now it is close to a PS4 and a little bit further, the Xbox One.

Ninendo needs to drop that price, get some quality features and release some games.

starfox791526d ago

The real Zelda is out 2014 been in develoment for 3 years so far ??? was meant to come 2013 but they under estimated development....

Also you have

Mariokart 8
Smash bros


R00bot1526d ago

They said themselves that Zelda development was going better than expected and they thought about showing it at E3 2013. Get your facts straight.

starfox791524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Get my facts right look dude here's the article Zelda wiiu was originally planned for 2013 release please listen next time....


It makes me laugh when uniformed fanboys try to say your talking rubbish when your not,even when Iwata says something people still don't listen it's weird i heard Nintendo clearly say they were going to E3 but without the big show reveal nonsense,then this site tells the world they said there not attending it's these things that will eventually close sites like this...

I know it was meant to be at E3 mate but it would of stole all the focus.....thats that fact,now hit the link they also originally were planning a 2013 release as well !!

GasTankKiller1526d ago

Nintendo needs to regroup and figure out the needs and wants of the home gaming console again. Or they will end up just being a handle gaming company.

badz1491526d ago


lol just joking, I know you meant handheld.

The Wii was a runaway winner of sale this gen from the get go but this last 3 years, it was performing quite bad sales wise and almost always behind the PS3 and 360 every month!

lots of people were predicting that the Wii will outsell the PS2 but oh can't they be even wronger. It was a 1 hit wonder and it's already clear that the Wii U is a far cry from what the Wii was. gamers are what keeping a gaming platform afloat, not the casuals which only buy 2-3 games and be done with it.

Nintendo need to rethink their own strategy as they are losing 3rd party support left and right. you can have the best 1st party games on the planet but without 3rd party support which are the majority of where games come from, you're destined to fail! harsh but that's reality and Nintendo sure need a few dose of it like right now!

GasTankKiller1526d ago

Handheld gaming company. Sorry my bad.

rustyspoon801526d ago

Nintendo needed to release a massive game at launch a 3D Mario, Zelda or Metroid.
They have really squandered any lead they could have made.

I keep seeing that the price is now £199 for the premium but that just aren't any games worth buying it for.

I bought the N64 for Mario 64, Gamecube for RE4, the wii for Twilight Princess but there isn't anything (even announced) for Wii-U that I want. Was never bothered by Smash Bros.

MasterCratosKong661526d ago

So do they pay this guy to say the same thing about Nintendo that other people have been saying for a while? I sure hope not, because there are people with legitimate skills looking for jobs right now...