Most Anticipated Next Gen Games

"There are so many enticing games coming out this year. With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One around the corner combined with the Wii U finally picking up steam, we wanted to take a look at our most anticipated title for each one of these platforms coming out this year. It’s hard to choose just one game for each system but that’s part of the point in narrowing it down to what you are looking most forward to. Join BootHammer as we take a look at our top picks for 2013."

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ShugaCane1802d ago

If I had to pick only one exclusive for PS4, I would choose Second Son over Shadow Fall. Shadow Fall looks amazing, but Second Son looks insanely fun. And the hero is basically Troy Baker (voice and mo-cap) so yes, I'm definitely sold lol.

BootHammer1802d ago

You couldn't go wrong with either! Second Son does look incredible, can't wait for both =)

starfox791802d ago

It looks a little better than ps3 ?? knack looks poor,Killzone doesn't even look as good as the tech demo for the ps3 way bk at E3 2006 ???

iamnsuperman1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )


Does any game look like that demo? No even if we are ignoring the change in art style.

edit: Actually I am wrong (just rewatched the 2006 tech demo). A lot of games look better than it. It actually looks very dated and bland despite being CGI pre-rendered hopeful stuff

abzdine1801d ago

yeah man, Killzone and Second Son will be the two next gen titles to watch closely.
i'd add DriveClub for some high speed driving awesomeness, and Quantum Break cause that trailer makes me wanna know more.

I_am_Batman1801d ago

I've done a list with all the games coming to PS4 and ordered them by personal hype level:

3-4-51801d ago

* BF4

* Super Smash Brothers

* Mario Kart 8

* Total War: Rome 2

* Fifa/PES 2014

* GTA 5

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

^ This guy...Early morning trolling.SMH!

showtimefolks1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I know we didn't see gameplay but the order 1886 has me very interested

But at launch

Drive club
watch dogs
Knack but I may get this after a price drop

I so want a badass ratchet and clank game for ps4

The most stunning game at E3 for me was MGS5

STANK081802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I agree with Starfox. Killzone 2 tech demo blew me away and was my sole reason for owning a PS3. KZ Shadow Fall looks like a Crysis wannabe.

Knack LOL? Please don't get me started on Knack. Knack is the type of game only a fanboy would love. The Division was most impressive IMO.

rigbybot1271801d ago

Why is Knack a fanboy game? It looks like a fantastic platformer, to me.

starfox791801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Well said mate,glad u agree,anyone that thinks ps4 games look noticeably better than ps3 are smoking something,with GTA,WATCHDOGS,TITAN FALL,GHOSTS,BLACKLIST,basicall y every game is hitting ps3 and 360 so getting them to jump ship to essentially play the same games just a little better looking with the same controls i can't see it happening,wiiu has exclusives that will sell consoles and has the best 2 3rd party multiplat games coming this year WATCHDOGS and SPLINTERCELL.

Mikefizzled1802d ago

Whilst I'm looking forward to a mauling from my friends on Forza 5's Drivatar I'm still more interested in Project Spark and Quantum Break.

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