Namco Bandai Trash-Talks the PS Vita

Hardcore Gamer: Well here’s one you don’t see every day. Namco Bandai EU posted the trailer for the upcoming “Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!” which was an otherwise fairly unremarkable video featuring some of the developers and voice actors briefly discussing the game in a humorous way. What made it interesting, however, was the way Namco Bandai EU responded to a comment expressing displeasure about the game not coming to Vita, with Namco stating “Yeah bad Namco. Who has a PS vita by the way? Oh wait I DON’T KNOW!”

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majiebeast1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I guess this guy was playing, hey lets go to the unemployement office today.

Yeah insult the fanbase that you are relying on to buy God eater 2 and Tales of Xillia for ps3. Hope Namco fires his ass there was no need to react to the question this way pure unprofessionalism Adam Orth syndrom.

PopRocks3591773d ago

Like with that one EA exec on Wii U, this guy was pretty tasteless about Vita. Don't blame Namco for making their business decisions, but they should probably keep a tighter lid on public account managers like these.

abzdine1773d ago

oh well i have a Vita and i'm very happy for it. PS4 remote play is argument enough to go get one. Remote play with PS4 is gonna be insane.

And since i bought Vita last November i have tons of great games and only bought LBP, PS+ is the best thing that happened to gaming in so long time. That right there is a huge add value to the Vita

Loadedklip1773d ago

Funny ... but real answer ... Wii U will sell a lot more than Vita due to Nintendo First Party support while Vita most likely will never sell.

So yea ... while Wii U is doing terrible and might end up in dead last this coming gen ... it will still outsell the Vita for sure.

Loadedklip1773d ago

For all those that disagree ... I would like to hear WHY they think Vita is going to sell.

PopRocks3591773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The price drop in Japan has given it some traction. If Sony would get its head out of its butt, slash the price in the west and localize Toukiden, it can do better. Not GREAT per se, but better.

I think that's why Wii U will have a cleaner holiday season. Pikmin 3 caused a small spike in Japan. Now imagine Mario or Zelda doing that in all regions. Sony needs to take that same "games, games, games" approach on Vita.

@Loadedklip below

I don't see why you're getting disagrees. I agree with you. Sony should focus on exclusives. Yes, it has games, but it needs more exclusives, just like 3DS did and just like Wii U right now.

Loadedklip1773d ago

@ PopRocks359 ... that I can agree with. But so far it doesn't look like Sony will devote as much time to Vita as Nintendo did to 3DS. It's the reason why Nintendo dominates handhelds. They really put out AAA games on their portables.

HardcoreGamer1773d ago





DragonKnight1773d ago

@Loadedklip: Clearly you're a Nintendo fanboy but let me just remind you of two things. First, Sony's Shahid Ahmad (sic?) has previously announced that Sony are going to be throwing a lot of support behind Vita this year and next year. Sony themselves have stated that Vita will play a larger role in PS4 integration as well, and finally...

Vita is continuing to outsell the Wii U in Japan. People don't want the Wii U. I'd even go so far as to say that sales of Nintendo's first party Wii U games will not be as impressive as everyone seems to think for 2 reasons. Firstly, too late to be as effective as they could have been. Second, the casual audience isn't buying up the Wii U like they did the Wii and they don't have the same franchise loyalty as a Nintendo fanboy such as yourself has.

The Wii U will most likely be successful, but don't count on it being anywhere close to the Wii.

PopRocks3591773d ago (Edited 1772d ago )


I've made this point in the past before; I don't see PS4 integration helping the Vita all that much in the long run. If anything, it's a convenience for Sony fans who have both systems and want the features that come with them. I don't see the masses paying $700+ for a PS4, a system that can double as a Wii U-esque controller and at least one game to play on them.

I'd also like to see how Sony plans to support Vita this year, because we're at the halfway point and I haven't heard much about new releases outside of Toukiden which hasn't even been localized (but is selling impressively).

With the sales figures you linked, I'd like to point out that the Vita has been outselling Wii U, but the Wii U hasn't had a new game to its name since, what, March? First party titles have always moved Nintendo platforms and if the 3DS is anything to go by, the Mario brand is pretty strong right now.

I could be wrong about all of this and I'm not going to pretend I know what will happen. But for this holiday I'm pretty convinced that Wii U will, as you said, not make Wii numbers, but as he said will probably outsell Vita. We'll just have to see.

Loadedklip1773d ago

@ DragonKnight ... if I am a Nintendo fanboy ... why is the PS3 my most used system? Want proof ... look up my stats on Call of Duty Elite (Loadedklip). Hope you like my 3-4 K/D ratios in all of them. PS3 is my main system (for shooters, fighters and Sony exclusives)and the best overall system this past generation. As for Vita outselling Wii U right now in Japan ... Wii U hasn't had it's best games come out yet. Pikmin 3 JUST came out. Let's see which one is winning in Japan by the end of the year.

PS ... original put this in the wrong thread ... how do I delete the other post?

andibandit1772d ago

Isnt it kind of weird to pull convincing statistics based on Japan....

DragonKnight1772d ago

@PopRocks359: First paragraph: And I don't see the Wii U's tablet doing anything to sell it either, but apparently according to many it's "innovative" and is going to help sell the console. The Vita integration with the PS4 is going to open up a lot of mobile gaming options that people will definitely want. I don't see how being able to take, say, inFamous: Second Son on the road can be downplayed and NOT help sell Vita systems.

Paragraph 2: Year's not over yet. We don't know what they have in the pipeline.

Paragraph 3: 3DS doesn't have the recognition problem that the Wii U does, or the late game offerings, or the price. You can't compare the Wii U with the 3DS just to say that Mario sells strong. The Wii U will be in its second year before getting the true must haves of Nintendo's first party, and the casuals will have long since stopped paying attention or they'll simply continue thinking the Wii U is an extension of the Wii. Nintendo has a lot of problems beyond just games. They don't know who they're targeting with the Wii U, and Nintendo Directs aren't going to be seen by the casual audience because they don't go looking for them. Nintendo first party titles sell, but Nintendo isn't the same as they used to be. In the Gamecube era, the hardcore would have been all over that. But Nintendo shunned them with the Wii so I'll really be interested in seeing just how many by a Wii U to play a Mario game after years of waiting and/or being shunned and/or being the wrong market.

Final Paragraph: I'm not going to make specific predictions about the holidays myself, but I definitely think the Wii U will seriously underperform in comparison to the Wii. As for the Vita, I can't say for certain how it's going to perform this year.

@Loadedklip: Your Call of Duty stats doesn't mean that you don't favour the Wii U over the Vita. Your comments literally show it more. If you don't want to come off as a Nintendo fanboy, don't act like one.

@andibandit: Considering that the Wii U and the Vita are both Japanese products and should do best in Japan, no it's not weird.

kupomogli1772d ago


Whether the Vita sells one console a week or one million, it's still selling. That's why you got the disagree from me.

I wouldn't care if the Wii U sells more. The Vita will continue to get third party and first party games since Vita owners actually purchase first and third party titles.

As a side note, I am getting X and Super Smash Bros, but Nintendo first party title quality is worse than ever. Except for a few games, they've lately been releasing games that wouldn't rate higher than a 7/10 if they weren't Nintendo branded. Opinion only, but there are a ton of games I've played that were in the exact same genre that were a lot better than the Nintendo version of that game.

The_Con-Sept1772d ago

From a PlayStation gamer to Namco Bandai:


When are you going to make another Digimon game? Last one I remember was Data Squad and it sucked balls!

The F2P MMO game on PC is the only Digimon game I like playing. When can I run around as the Digimon wreaking havoc or beating up bad guys in an action packed brawl? Rumble Arena was fun but I'd like to roam around a digital universe with some friends trying to figure out which combination of Digimon I should be hanging with to tackle certain enemies.

But no, you don't have enough creativity for a good Digimon game.

Murad1772d ago

I need to buy a Vita one day, but sadly I have so many games in stock that I don't even think ill get the chance to play

HyFackingDro1772d ago

You're all stupid fanboys, Vita is trash and everyone knows it. Why aren't Vita returns posted up? Because it would retract about 60% of the numbers posted by Sony, anyways, why develop on a console that Sony themselves don't even support. when was the last vita commercial? I don't remember, but leave it to some idiot fat respond with the exact date and time...

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yeahokchief1773d ago

we need to do our best to immunize ourselves from AOS. it's a crippling disease.

Cryptcuzz1773d ago

I would fire this guy if I was in charge of Namco Bandai. There is no reason to be making a smart ass comment like he did, especially when he works for a multiplatform company that should always neutral and optimistic towards all platforms. I hope he loses his job so he learns a lesson to not step outside his boundaries in the future and to keep his emotions in check.

This guy and Adam Orth must took the same course in public relations. Here's to hoping I read an article in a few days about this guy getting the boot for being a "bad ass"

FriedGoat1773d ago

I don't understand his logic, if they are worried about how many consoles have been sold, why is there a Wii U version?

Yodagamer1773d ago

I think they probably see more chance of the console moving units in the future other than killzone and tearaway there isn't much in the vita's known future to move units. I'm sure it will change with gdc coming up, but right now wii u has a better chance of moving units compared to the vita.

Summons751773d ago

Easy wii u has been out less than a year, low sales should be expected. Vita has been out a year and a half and has low sales and few games, that is not to be expected. I have a vita and do enjoy it when the occasional good game releases but other than that it sits in a drawer until a new game comes out.

Aceman181773d ago

meh i don't give two sh**s what he says all i know is its the best handheld ive ever purchased, and its exactly what i wanted in one.

you piss off people who support you, you'll find it can cost you where its more important and that's sales.

andibandit1772d ago

Getting riled up huh? Quick start a petition on the forums

Aceman181772d ago


No not really Lol that's how I generally answer stupid responses like this guy in the article.

There was no anger in my response.

MattS1773d ago

I reckon! Every person that ever dares make a joke at would should totally be fired.

People should try being less sensitive.

Baka-akaB1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

If you are publicly disparaging part of your job's customer base , of course you could be or will be fired .

HakatoX1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


thats like ordering a combo at a fast food place and hearing "Yeah, number seven for the fat ass" over the P.A.

There is a useful tool even I know but dont use... its called tact.

Fez1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )


It's nothing at all like that. It would be more like slagging off a meal that someone ordered, not the customer.

He's joking about the device in that it evidently hasn't done enough to entice lots of people to buy. He's not slagging you for buying it. He's not even slagging the device for being rubbish, just for it's poor sales - which is a fact.

Can't believe someone would want him fired for that! So funny how people project "insults" -if you can call it that- to a console onto themselves lol

SuperLupe1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

"Yeah bad Namco. Who has a PS vita by the way? Oh wait I DON’T KNOW!”

Haha I'm sorry man you Sony guys are going to feel hurt but that was damn funny. Great response, not to be taken at face value though, just a joke. Sony fanboys are are so sensitive.

And their futur games such as Tales of Xillia 3 on Playstation 3 will do just great for several reasons:

1 - most PS3 owners who like JRPG's or games in general arent fanboys so they dont care. They arent like you, they don't get their feelings hurt for meaningless things like that. Hell, there's a 95% chance they will never hear of this

2 - People actually own PS3, except for that random guy at work .. who owns a PS VITA ? I DONT KNOW MAN !! True Story.

So no matter how hard you wish it would, these comment arent having any effect whatsover on sales :)


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sourav931773d ago Show
BlaqMagiq241773d ago

Tales of Xillia 3? That alone just made you look like an idiot.

RememberThe3571773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

"Yeah insult the fanbase. . ."

Really? Your insulted when someone laughs at the low sales of a product you like? Get a life and have some real experiences. Make love, get pissy drunk, smoke til you pass out, fist fight your best friends, go on vacation, something. I've spit loogies more important than this article.

They made a joke about a fact, what kind of punk gets their feelings hurt off something like that?

PigPen1772d ago Show
ritsuka6661772d ago

[email protected]

My suggestion is simple to you dude:Just don't give attention for this guy...

MASTER_RAIDEN1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

"get a life and have some real experiences"
bro, can i ask what the hell this has to do with anything? you really that just because he identifies with a fanbase that he automatically has no life?

your comment reminds me a lot of those guys who claim that anybody who beats them online has no life. the guy just mentioned how namcos statement could insult vita owners.

RememberThe3571772d ago

If this is important to you, you have no life. In case I wasn't being clear.

Importance is about context, if the context of the rest of your life makes this important you need more of the rest of your life and less of this. Stop being fanboys.

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demonddel1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

So if a developer said the same thing about the xbox would we be in here defending it NO that's insane mane

andibandit1772d ago

Defending LOL

People would be out in droves backpatting the developer

kayoss1773d ago

It would be so freakin funny if the PS Vita takes off once the PS4 is released. Until then this guy can prepare to eat crow.
I'm always dumbfounded by representatives from companies making stupid comments like this. As a game developer, are you not worried that you will may be working with the people you just talk trashed too?

Loadedklip1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


GameCents1773d ago

People are so touchy about Playstation. Also, what do PS3 owners that buy tales have to do with the Vita?
You people need to realise that the rest of the world isn't divided into playstation, xbox or nintendo camps. Just because someone disses the vita doesn't mean that the ps3 fanbase is going to be mad as well just because they are both SONY products.

Why are people so emotionally attached to a freaking piece of plastic and circuitry? I mean wanting a guy to get fired because he made a joke at the expense of your precious vita?? Come on buddy. Grow up.

ritsuka6661772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

honestly this guy is right, Ps vita sucks right now..

I won a free Psp vita from the taco bell promotion which i was super happy about but theres no friggin games to play on it. or at least games WORTH playing on it.

dcj05241772d ago

Dude. Are you crazy. No really are you ok? There are so many good VITA games. Did you try call of duty and just said all vita games suck? Seriously, people like you blow my mind.

Ol_G1772d ago

Sorry but God eater. Isn't their only game and the Tales Series is on every platform so Let him say what he wants

wastedcells1772d ago

Who is namco bandai? I joke.

1772d ago
xtremeimport1772d ago

I have a Vita. That's who.

1772d ago
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iamnsuperman1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


But also F you. Haha its been flag as spam.

edit Like PopRocks359 said they really need to control people with these accounts. He could have just lied about it but instead tried to go whitty by pissing off a community. There are way to be witty without pissing people off

RmanX10001773d ago

Namco Bandai has been fairly cool regarding their Tales Western market... So i'll give them a pass. Only because one idiot saying this.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1773d ago

Reckless but as long as the Tales games keep coming ill be ok.

tubers1773d ago

He's forgiven if there was a GE2 localization as an offering.