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Xbox One vs. PS4: Which will reign as the streaming TV hub of the future?

Digital Trends - E3 2013 is done. We’ve seen the consoles. We’ve seen the games. We’ve seen Microsoft stumble. We’ve seen Sony gloat. We’ve seen Microsoft flip-flop on the majority of the arguably controversial policies that riled up legions of potential early adopters. Now it’s time to make a decision about which console we are going to purchase when November 2013 rolls around. (PS4, Xbox One)

Narutone66  +   814d ago
If you are talking about TV, then MS probably. But if you want to talk about gaming console, then it's a different story.
zeal0us  +   814d ago
Xbox One is the best console that let you watch TV on your TV. It's brilliant isn't it?

All jokes put aside MS has the luxury of persuading cable providers and channel owners like Viacom to let them stream their content on the Xbox One.
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iamnsuperman  +   814d ago
I do not understand this article's question. There is only one device that lets you watch television so the One wins by default anyway (being the only one that can do it)

Online services or multimedia shows is different but only one device can watch TV. I still do not understand Microsoft reasoning for going TV. To me its like the Wii U gamepad. Its great except it is a gimped tablet. I can't take it out of the house. Same with the TV features here. Great but I still need a cable box with it so what is this thing anyway. Just a way to store Tv recordings on? just a way to launch my TV. I can do both of those with a remote and my Sky (or your Virgin) box
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nukeitall  +   814d ago

What is there to be confused about? Why would you want Xbox One for TV?

* easier to use interface (and hopefully considerably faster than your crappy cable box)
* interactive TV, with polls and whatever overlayed on. MS demonstrated this a few times on the Xbox 360, but there is a lot more they can do it with that
* multi-tasking while watching TV. Skype or browse the internet.
* get notifications on-screen i.e. you are watching a movie with the lady and a pop up informs you Cal Bears won over Stanford! Go Bears! :D
* watch two things at once
* watch TV while waiting for matchmaking

Those are just some of the things I thought of right now, but there could be so much more.

The bottom line is, my experience with cable box is atrociously slow and the interface looks like it was designed and never updated since the early 90s.

Xbox One is supposed to solve all that!
n4rc  +   814d ago

What if I want to flip back to the Simpsons while I wait for a lobby to fill up.. Lol

Or watching TV and instantly snap to a Skype call..

I think its a huge bonus and selling feature
aCasualGamer  +   814d ago
TV's been around for decades. We've been able to watch TV without a console without any problem. How anyone can be fooled by Microsoft with Xbox One being "the ultimate TV hub" is beyond my reasoning. It's cool to say "xbox watch tv"? For how long? You're gonna get sick of talking to Xbox after 10 minutes, you'll go back to just switching via remote.

All that console development costs from Microsoft and TV is the best they can do? What a wste of engineers.
MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
One's live TV functions will only be available in the US at launch, and will require another device. So much for "All In One", and sales outside the US will be impacted.

The bottom line for me is that I don't watch traditional live TV at all and haven't for years. I stream what I want to watch from my browser, and since I can do that with my PS3 I don't see a reason why I won't be able to do it with my PS4. Traditional live TV is slowly dying, so live TV features can't possibly be the future.

The bottom line for MS is that they're pushing features with their new (more expensive) console that are already doable without it, including voice commands to control the TV.
Cuzzo63  +   814d ago
Multi tasking while watching Tv.... lol. I will pass( cell phone)
Skyping while watching Tv... lol I will pass
Getting notifications while watching Tv... lol I will pass( cellphone)
Watch 2 things at once while watching Tv... lol I will pass(PiP, cell phone)
Matchmaking while watching Tv... lmao really I will pass (input button if its that serious)

Xb1 is suppose to solve things that really needs no solving. Just dont get some things... Hey TitanFall looks cool ass hell tho. KI looks intriguing, hope DH dont fuck it up...
nukeitall  +   813d ago
I find it ironic that all these people complain about Xbox One's TV features, yet they all use consoles!

It's extremely ironic, because you can use a PC for gaming and a lot more, why need a dumbed down console that games cost more and has far more restrictions on the hardware?

Key phrase: ease of use and convenience!!!

That is exactly why you play on console, pay more for the games, deal with the crappy restrictions and the lower quality graphics.

Yet, many of you hear proclaim, I have a cable box for that, but it ain't convenient!

Anyhow, I think this discussion is pointless, because it isn't about the feature. It is about pushing an agenda and justifying your preference.


Live tv continues to be the standard, until people can support MS vision of always connected console!

On top of that, you don't get the newest content on Netflix and similar services.

There is not a single service in existence that is internet based, that acts like a TV channel, let alone replacing hundreds of them.

This shift will take a long long time, probably past this generation.

Basically the internet as it is is unable to support that kind of viewership. It will go to a complete halt!
miyamoto  +   814d ago
Clue: PS3 is the most used device to stream Netflix in the world. So there you go.
Blackdeath_663  +   814d ago

i thought i'd add a few links to support your claim just in reply to those disagrees. i think streaming services are far more popular especially with gamers and student who are not willing to pay for cable tv in their apartments when everything is available online and on demand. even tv companies (HBO go, sky go) are now providing on demand services and most modern tv's can stream youtube,netflix,hulu,amazon videos and browse the internet, truth is TV is quickly becoming irrelevant and is nothing more than an advertising platform. the Xboxone is jumping on a sinking ship i don't understand how MS have not only badly misjudged their gamer fanbase but also the TV&entertainment market aswell
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kreate  +   814d ago
I wonder why?
Netflix was on xbox first combined w the larger xbox install base in america one would think xbox would be the platform for netflix.
dedicatedtogamers  +   814d ago
Ironically, I think PS4 will end up being used more, even if Xbox One "reigns" in terms of overall features. PS3 is the most-used Netflix device in the world (iirc). Part of that is because Netflix isn't behind the paywall like it is on Live.
The_KELRaTH  +   814d ago
As Sky have said NO to MS already I'd say that doesn't really leave a lot to stream in Europe.
Why do I need a box to stream the rest as it's free and my TV already has it built in.
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JohnJ  +   814d ago
What did they say NO to exactly?
The article I read stated that sky had rejected the idea of selling Xbox one consoles with sky subscriptions (for now), but had reaffirmed they're relationship with Microsoft in terms of a digital based Sky/Xbox one partnership.
Rockstar_5  +   814d ago
Lmao man you don't what your talking about there both equally awesome
Marked  +   814d ago
The Fact that you have to hook your cable box to your xbox one seems redundant. I think this is a ploy by Microsoft and the cable companies to regain lost ground to the streaming providers.

Cable needs to die. In most regions with renters, its a monopoly. I would rather pay for internet, subscribe to a streaming network and choice what to watch then pay an arm and a leg for being bombarded by commercials and price increases.

Just a little knowledge: the reason there is only one cable provider in a region is do to government regulating the providers. The high cable prices are a government made monopoly by removing ground cable competition. Now that the cable companies have streaming and dish to squash the monopoly, they are trying make themselves relevant by using microsft...instead of lower the price to compete. We know Microsoft can support that approach.

For my own little soap box...who else has children and has to pay for a premium package to get you kids networks through dish. I'm sorry but, if anyone deserves to have a smaller package, its the family with children and stressed finances. These big corporations are being ran by single sociopaths that have no understanding or emotional relating to the average consumer. Every choice seems to derive from the money needed to renovate their office and pad their bonus :p

sorry for the rant
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n4rc  +   814d ago
Umm.. Not everyone uses Netflix

Here in Canada where bandwidth caps are still the norm, Netflix is damn near nonexistent

Cable is still king.. Ms is giving options for those users.. How is it possibly a bad thing?
Marked  +   814d ago
@ n4rc

They are not giving you an option :/ they are giving you an alternative way of viewing your cable box menu. You still need to pay your cable provider for the service and cable box.

Trust me, if MS cared about you internet caps, the console would not require an internet connection.
MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
"Here in Canada where bandwidth caps are still the norm, Netflix is damn near nonexistent"

I guess Canadians can't be too excited about a console that claims to use the Cloud then.
illtownNJONE  +   814d ago
xbox one have proven to be a gaming console showed more games at e3 then sony did for ps4
Marked  +   814d ago
LMAO...yes they showed more games....they were multiplats you dim wit. Sony had more exclusive content and spent the majority of their time showing off the technical chops of the PS4. Instead of MS approach of...here watch us struggle to show you what the xbox one will actually do. How many reveals were actually being played on an xbox??
loulou  +   814d ago

i didnt realise the division, assassins creed, destiny, watchdogs and the other multis that sony showed were exclusive...!

ms e3 destroyed sonys imo dimwit

the 3 best looking reveals were played on xb1 hardware.. forzza, ryse and ki
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Marked  +   814d ago

You missed the point entirely. Microsoft fumbled through the entire showing. They didn't even have their games running on an xbox one, it was a PC. Please name one xbox game that was played on an xbox that had a gentleman holding the controller and doing as he wanted.

Sony actually had games...not just videos of games. They also spent more time revealing their exclusives and didnt run away from them by cramming multiplat videos down our throats. If I wanted to watch reveal trailers I would have went to Gametrailer.com

Edit: as for your opinion. Gameinformer magazine, which has always favored the xbox, even gave the MS reveal a grade of C and that grade was after MS changed their policy towards gamers rights.
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JokesOnYou  +   814d ago
"They didn't even have their games running on an xbox one, it was a PC."

-Sorry marked, you were saying:

"Software running on genuine, visible Xbox One hardware falls in with a small first-party club, including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse and Dead Rising 3."
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greenlantern2814  +   813d ago
Ok I have a tv with cable, which I use to watch tv. Odd idea I know, pressing the 1 button I have to, to switch from games to tv is not a big deal. I want my gaming console for playing games.
However both 360 and ps3 already do Netflix, Amazon prime, hulu plus. So the Xbox1 and ps4 will also do these things. I think that the tv features are largely over played because
A) most people watch tv using their dvr. Or will just watch the way they always have like it or not people are creatures of habit.
B) do you really want your game console running all the time I am sure we all know how hot these things can get playing for hours so I bet every one let's there system have a break. Probably while watching tv
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cl1983  +   814d ago
Basing this statement purely off of the input and out puts on both consoles, and the use of the word tv in title, the only console that can be used is the xbox one because it has an hdmi input port. Now as an entertainment hub who knows.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   814d ago
well MS seems to be trying really hard to push for Tv so Id say MS.
JohnJ  +   814d ago
Sony have just registered playstationTV, maybe they have just downplayed their focus on TV services so far given the backlash on Microsoft for doing so
hollabox  +   814d ago
Yeah I say MS as well, last time I checked I still couldn't get HBOGO on my PS3. The HDMI input might be something special, I will have to wait and see how it works with Uverse. Now what I'm interested in is the audio capabilities of both consoles, something not even the great Cerny the Grey as talked about.

Watching HBOGO on my Xbox 360 at 640KBPS sucks,I prefer lossless audio, and DTS my PS3 offers. I can easily tell the difference which console is on form my AVR based on available audio options.
This link here has some interesting information
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Kingthrash360  +   814d ago
one major factor to me will if I have to pay twice for apps like Netflix or hulu. sony currently doesn't charge for internet use while xbl does. I know sony is charging next gen for multiplayer access...but will they for apps? sony wins if not....just like it did this gen......all that tv mumbo jumbo xb1 sounds appealing to someone who feels like hooking their cable box to another box, but what if they charge for the service? means you have to pay your cable bill...on top of xbl just to watch cable youve already paid for.....smh is it me or is that stupid...not dumb.....but stupid.
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sic_chops  +   814d ago
Sony has stated that apps like nexflix will not be behind a pay wall. The only thing you pay for is multilayer gaming with ps+ which is worth it just for the perks
sentury111  +   814d ago
This is always a dumb complaint to me. If you are a serious gamer you are going to be paying for gold or plus.
You then get the features that are behind the pay wall.
If you are going to complain about having to pay to use Netflix, wouldn't it be smarter to pay for $50 bluray player or streaming box that can do it for free if you don't already own it.

Regarding the TV stuff, if MS is serious about offering that to people to use exclusively for TV and other features without much gaming then if they are smart they will offer those core components for free. Without the use of gold. Just charge for the use of MP and a few other added benefits like cloud storage.

I'm not sure they have addressed what the silver will be offering this gen so we will see. But for most people on this site the pay wall is dumb because most people play online and want the added benefits of the new systems so why make it seem like you aren't forced to pay for it for the main reason which is online play. You aren't going to use just an xbox for Netflix and if you do then you are dumb and wasteful if you don't want MP but still pay for gold when you can get another device for the cost of gold for one year.
Kingthrash360  +   814d ago
ill say this..I will not disagree with you......BUT....im right now as we speak in a situation where im out of work...im a hardcore gamer...my psplus went out last week and I can't afford to pay it right now....my Netflix is still on mt internet is still on..therefore I can still(for the moment) enjoy Netflix. this is what I mean, not every hardcore gamer is as well of as others. some just cant afford gold or plus...lord know having internet connection is far more important than having plus/gold subscription.....trust me no net no plus/gold..no netflicks..no fb..no hulu..no Twitter..no youtube...no n4g...ect.
only......tv! fffffffuuuuuu!! lol so yeah no paywall helps make life easier for the people who aren't as well off as others......
n4rc  +   814d ago
Its the same as everyone crying about the always online stuff... When they are always online complaining about having to be online... Lol

But honestly dude.. If $5 a month is gonna make or break you.. Gaming should be waaay down your list of priorities
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Run_bare  +   814d ago
I don't want tv I want gaming, playstation is the choice
clearelite  +   814d ago
I will be watching even less TV when there is a PS4 in my house.
shivvy24  +   814d ago
i only watch max 1hr of tv so yea , no point of getting x1 if i wanted the tv features
JohnJ  +   814d ago
I don't ever want to catch you eating jelly AND ice cream at the same time.. Just pick one!
Thehyph  +   814d ago
Just throw it into the pile of digital streaming services I'm still waiting for because I'm Canadian. Loves me some copyright and trade laws..... not.
AceofStaves  +   814d ago
I feel your pain, fellow Canuck. The licensing situation up here is absolutely ridiculous.
Thehyph  +   814d ago
It was one of those things that stuck in my mind when I saw both the Xbox One reveal and E3. The licensing of digital media up here really is ridiculous. Pandora, Spotify, Google Music, Hulu Plus, proper Netflix, the list just goes on. Before the big DRM switcheroo you got the sense that proxying would not help either. If anything, you could say Canadian law is a -1 or negative strike against Xbox One. (Ps4 as well, of course, except Sony didn't push ps4 as hard in this area)
Zephyrus_808  +   814d ago
I think TV will reign as the streaming TV hub of the future.
True_Samurai  +   814d ago
I want TV and a console so Xbox One
↓is it TV integrated though? Can I browse through my dish network on those consoles without losing my place in watchdogs? And without having to swap channels?
#8 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Kingthrash360  +   814d ago
every gamer has a tv and a console....so EVERY CONSOLE.
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JohnDread  +   814d ago
Well, I think the answer is pretty simple. The console which sells the most, will be the predominant in just about every respect. In this case we're not talking about functionality, but about numbers. I think Sony made the right move and is now trying to sell a gaming console as what it is, which is a gaming console. Everything else, e.g. TV streaming capabilities can be added later when enough people bought the console.
GribbleGrunger  +   814d ago
Perhaps the headline should be 'IP TV or Cable TV: Which will reign in the future.' Then we could have a meaningful discussion.
cleft5  +   814d ago
Probably the Xbox One, too bad for them the way to actually watch TV is vastly changing. If things where to stay the same than maybe they would have an actual victory, but since it is less about watching TV from the cable services and more about streaming media from Netflix, Amazon, etc. I don't see Microsoft having much of a competitive edge in this area either.
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devwan  +   814d ago
Do people still watch TV live? Wow, that's so cute!
shivvy24  +   814d ago
Yes , alot of people actually watch live TV !
MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
People do still watch, but live TV is slowly dying.
Animal Mutha 76  +   814d ago

Based on the general comments I see on N4G in any article mentioning Xbox Ones tv features, the potential PS4 owners only want to play games. As they will only be playing games and don't want their console to become a media hub then I guess the Xbox will become known as the main under tv box.
aiBreeze  +   814d ago
I think PS4 owners want a games console first, media hub second.
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True_Samurai  +   814d ago
You get both on Xbox there is no first or second for another. MS showed they can support both hugely. Exclusives and TV at the same time? Oh yeah baby that's what I'm talking about
RM-TatoTiburon  +   814d ago
easy choice:XBOX ONE
stage88  +   814d ago

PlayTV absolutely destroys what MS has to offer in the TV department. Wake me up when the xbone can act as a DVR.
slimeybrainboy  +   814d ago
Don't we all have the best media hub available to purchase in our homes already? It's called a PC! You can do anything you want on a PC, you can game on a console.
PositiveEmotions  +   814d ago
I'll answer that when ps4 announces their tv stuff features
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   814d ago
I'll be happy with PS4.

X1 users can say all in one till they're blue in the face, or until they want to record a show / watch a recorded show and are forced to grab that DVR remote just like everyone else.
avengers1978  +   814d ago
It only does everything. A playstation ad from this gen, pretty much sums it up for me.
And no one seems to asking just what playstation tv is all about.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   814d ago
No one asking BC who cares about TV, it's for gaming first and anything else is a bonus. X1 is cable box for a cable box and games are a bonus.
killerips   814d ago | Spam
illtownNJONE  +   814d ago
xboxone......watching football on sunday while playing madden
MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
I did that with my PS2.

It's called Picture in Picture.

I could make one screen bigger than the other or have them the same size side by side. That was about ten years ago.
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dcj0524  +   814d ago
People still watch TV? Lol been using the internet for that since 2010.
LNDCalling  +   814d ago
Re Xbox One, as far as I know there is limited support for the Live TV feature with only Comcast mentioned to date, no DVR support and as such if you want to access our recordings you'll still need the cable remote. It also uses an antiquated IR blaster which is pretty hit and miss, slow and plays up under interference (plasma light).

Re PS4 I would like confirmation about codec support and video play from an external HDD as that’s currently how I play my backups when not watching VOD ala Netflix, Lovefilm etc.

I still don't see how the Xbox One is the 'One' box you need when you'll still need a cable box, AMP or Surround Sound and XBox360 (if you want backwards compatibility). Are HDMI inputs so rare that the inclusion of an input on the Xbox One is seen as a premium feature? My own TV has 4 inputs and still has 2 free as everything else runs through my Surround Sound (and i know many other do likewise through an AMP).

On the run up to the next gen console announcements I was quite ready to give Microsoft’s next console a shot but other than Live TV (a moot point as a UK VM subscriber who couldn’t use the Live TV feed-through anyway) I see nothing, as yet, that will convince me to part with my money ~ in fact the opposite is true, even post the DRM 180.
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sentury111  +   814d ago
Xbox 360 will still be the best streaming box from PC next gen because PS3, PS4 & X1 will all be bluray and have cinevie. I hate that DRM.
LNDCalling  +   814d ago
If cinevie is present on one of your disks you are backing up it can be removed by 'padding' the audio - LPCM pass-through trick, either via MKV2VOB 2.4.7 (don't use updated version and disable auto update) or by using MKVExtract, tsMuxer and spdifer. Files may only be playable on PS3 mind.

MakeMKV-Handbrake-MKV2VOB have given me no troubles and are very quick.
mkotechno  +   814d ago
What will be the best console... which have a included camera, a green logo and its name starts with X.

The Xbox One yeiiiii!!!
killerips   814d ago | Spam
Harmonizer  +   814d ago
People will stick with the PS4 for Netflix, HBO etc. because it's free to use.

The average consumer that want to watch TV will probably stick to their TV as usual. Only People that are truly aware of what the Bone is and does will use TV that way.

That said, the Bone will probably be the TV hub of choice vs PS4, while PS4 will be the streaming hub of choice.
killerips   814d ago | Spam
hakesterman  +   814d ago
Nobody cares about TV Hubs, It's a Big Joke. People want dedicated gaming consoles not devices for ordering Pizza. The people have spoken and they choose PS4 3 to 1 over Xbone.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   814d ago
MS and people forgot the PS3 slogan "It only does everything"
The only thing I can see xbox one can do that PS4 can't do in regards to TV and media is the Motion controls and voice command in switching games to tv to channels. aside from that xbox has more "channels" because of partnerships. other than that what else?? Please feel free to tell me features regarding media that the PS4 can't do. I just want to know
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