Well, Someone Had To Combine Minecraft And DayZ Eventually

Kotaku - Give people long enough in the shadow of great, inspirational games, and they won't just look to emulate one, they'll look to emulate a bunch of them in the one title.

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RedSoakedSponge1774d ago

Id say Rust does a better job of combining these 2 games tbh.

Erdrick1774d ago

i think rust looks more like dayz, but this looks more like minecraft.

skept3k1774d ago

After watching the other trailer 7DTD looks more interesting to me than RUST. I've watched a couple people streaming RUST and just from the 2 trailers of 7DTD it looks better IMO.

skept3k1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

There is a game called RUST, that is actually being made by the developer of Gary Mod so someone has already done it.

This looks really interesting, though so I might contribute. The need a persistent world and a good number of players depending on size of the map .