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Submitted by DJjazzyGeth 941d ago | opinion piece

A 5 Step Guide to Ending Elitism

Why does the games community hold to allegiances with games/creators/platforms under such ire? Here, in a helpful format, is a guide to making video games and their appreciation a healthier pastime. (Culture)

moparful99  +   940d ago
Personally I think it all derives from our competitive nature and how companies and the media use this natural competition to elicit emotional reactions out of the fans.. Look at how many articles that come out everyday saying why company A's product is so much better than company B's..

Wont stop as long as there is a buck to be made unfortunately..
fenome  +   940d ago
Personally I think everyone on this site should read this. There's nothing wrong with voicing what you like or don't like, but it seems like people actually go out of their way to bash on things and it's annoying to say the least.

I've been trying to get thoughtful communication going on in here for a while, it's hard sometimes. But I've also been pleasantly surprised a few times, so I think there's still hope yet
moparful99  +   940d ago
You're right it's very difficult to have discussions without someone feeling insulted over another's opinion..

I'm guilty myself of being drawn into those types of arguments. Its difficult to separate emotions from something we've invested soo much time, money, and effort into.. We don't like seeing our preferred product or company badmouthed and it's far to easy to react from an emotional mindset rather rational and respectful..
iamnsuperman  +   940d ago
"There's nothing wrong with voicing what you like or don't like, but it seems like people actually go out of their way to bash on things and it's annoying to say the least."

It depends what you mean by bash. Some people get offended when you criticise a company for what you see as a mistake. What these leads to is people asking you "are you on crack" or "you are stupid". Hard to have a discussion with people with those types of responses.
Einhert  +   940d ago
Because a majority of the games community is stupid.

It is really that simple.
Coach_McGuirk  +   940d ago
I often wonder if I'm reading the thoughts and opinions of 12 year olds on here.
Einhert  +   940d ago
I just don't understand the mindless religious fanaticism that products draw.

I can understand being passionate about something but there is a line.

Its articles like Sony or Xbox or Wii selling well and the average person is patting these multinational mega corporations on the back.....

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