Itagaki: current console model “isn’t going to work”

Console gaming isn’t going to survive if the industry just keeps doing the same old stuff, according to Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki.

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Need4Game1773d ago

Guess no more Sexy Games from Itagaki.

Muffins12231773d ago

You guys hate the anti used game policy micrsoft used but in honest it needs to be done if we want aaa or everything will be indie and/or free to play..your choice

NioRide1772d ago

Seems PC gaming does just fine, So well in fact I just bought 7 games for less than $20 yesterday.

SnakeCQC1772d ago

sony's blu ray seemed to nulify piracy on the ps3. Maybe if ms filled out the blu rays for xb1 with high quality audio and visuals it would do just fine.

morganfell1772d ago

What a hypocrite. Itagaki has zero right to tell anyone how financial matters will impact gaming. He jetsetted and partied his title's budget into the ground when it was at THQ long before that publisher hit the rocks. Even THQ realized this guy was a wasted mountain of cash.

You had your 15 minutes Itagaki now get the hell out of here. And take CliffyB with you.

Salooh1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Games should be cheaper with easier and faster to access not the other way. It's already annoying to play video games and you want it worst so the developers rip us off even more ??

Aceman181772d ago

I haven't taken anything crater face has said seriously for a long time. I wondered what happened to him since I haven't heard nor seen anything from seen.

Also how about he just let's this play out before coming out with his doom and gloom.

Also if the industry grossed over 7 billion last year how exactly is it in trouble?

modesign1772d ago

DRM would only create lazy developers that know they dont have to try.

SpideySpeakz1772d ago

Then I'll take the Indies. AAA titles are going a route of soulless, cheesy, and uncreative direction. It's becoming like the movie industry.

Enigma_20991772d ago

How the hell is selling used games stopping them from doing anything besides getting more of our money?

zippycup1772d ago

but in pc gaming the only ones who really make money are part vendors

and lets be honest any snot nosed kid can copy pc games then go online and find a key or a hack

the only thing i miss about pc gaming is modding community if Sony and Microsoft can find a way to let us make mods and addons on pc and port them to ps4 xboxone

and the thing i love the most about console gaming is going to buy games and not having to read specs to make sure my machine can run it

JohnnyBadfinger1772d ago

That's a croc of shit and you know it. If you have been on any torrent site you'll know you can get every PC XB360 PS3 title ever made. Bluray did nothing to stop piracy.

3-4-51772d ago

Just because 10% of the industry isn't intelligent enough to realize we need options doesn't mean we NEED to give in to their ignorance.

Only thing it helps, is companies make more money.

Games don't get better or cheaper in moving to a different model.

We don't get any added content or double the value, but they make a lot more money.

That is all it is. A few guys getting butthurt because they only have 7 ferraris.

SpinalRemains1381772d ago


DRM policy that MS was pushing does nothing but ensures that we get garbage crappy games more often, as devs and publishers will not have to rely on content to reach their sales goals.

One crappy game may be sold back 20 times, and the publisher would have been paid each time.


If the publishers have less incentive to push monies toward a game (cough Kinect), then they most assuredly will not.
Its all about the most profit with the least overhead.

This is why Kinect is forced into the new Xbox. So that in a few years they can AGAIN focus on those games. Theyre the cheapest to make and you wont have any other choice at that point.

Its a classic bait n switch with the new xbox.
Have you seen Titanall?

tiffac0081772d ago

DRM on physical media is not the magic pill that will cure the industry.

Unrealistic sales expectations that leads to unbalance budgets is the biggest problem the industry has now.

When you have games that sells into the millions and not make any profit. You know there is something seriously wrong there. We are not even sure if they are losing money solely on game development or other investments.

So this DRM thing is just an easy way to get more cash out of the consumers without fixing the problem from within.

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RedHawkX1772d ago

what happend to itagakis face? looks like ninja gaiden sliced his face up.

zeal0us1773d ago

At first I thought this would a Cliffy B style rant about how consoles aren't going to survive because blah blah blah AAA budget blah blah blah.

"Having a system that just reads controller input, makes a screen image and outputs it to the TV isn't going to work, no matter how rich the media it's producing."

This method is on every platform whether its pc, consoles, handhelds or mobile devices. I doubt this will change for a long time. Sure virtual reality is on the rise but that only change POV the method of input is still controller or keyboard and mouse.

webeblazing1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

i think he saying every gen its more of the same and people usually expect something different.

the comments the devs was saying and the article is kinda funny. most of them wasnt impress by the showing at e3. i know i wasnt it was just more of the same. and thats the way i felt too

"The show floor seemed flooded with all of these franchise titles, and as a result nothing left that much of an impression on me. The Western market has continued to mature in a way, but personally I felt like it's definitely about to face a transition period." - Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the Yakuza series

MASTER_RAIDEN1772d ago would seriously think these devs were TRYING to get quoted on everything they say nowadays.

JohnS13131772d ago

Yawn. More nonsense about console gaming dying.

Lannister1772d ago

The day I decide to listen to a guy who refuses to take off his shades indoors is the day console gaming really WILL die.

MWong1772d ago

Take in mind he uses shades to help him create the "life-like" boobs in DOA. I think if he ever takes off his shades you'll see his Terminator eye.

I bet if his games sold like a; COD, Halo, Last of Us or Uncharted game would he even say something like this. Leave the crazy rantings to Cliffy B.

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