Ratchet & Clank’s Finest Outings

Leet Gamers Asia houses the definitive list of the best Ratchet & Clank games ever made.

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Relientk771768d ago

I love Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal

so many memories

PS2 <3

Nazara1768d ago

A Crack in Time is probably my favorite.

shivvy241768d ago

yea its My fav followed by TOD ! imagine the ACiT cutscene graphics on PS4 !

jakmckratos1768d ago

They've all been good in their own way. SOme clearly better than others..but I am SO waiting for Insomniac to just blow the lid off the series and put the best game possible together including coop and multiplayer. There is not single defining Ratchet title..hopefully it will show up on the PS4.

SilentXCaspa1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

People will probably hate me for this, but I really think Tools of Destruction and A Crack In Time were average in comparison to the first 3 R&C games on the PS2. Although I did think A Crack In Time was good, I really felt something was still missing that was present in the series best which to me was Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal.

The weapons didn't feel as bad ass / rewarding to fire as Going Commando or Up Your Arsenal and why did they remove the multiplayer feature that was present in Up Your Arsenal? That should've been put into the two PS3 titles I feel.

The only thing I think A Crack In Time did excel from the previous R&C games was the game play / level design variety. Exploring space was really fun. I really don't think Insomniac Games put as much effort to the PS3 R&C titles like they did on the PS2.

Still looking forward to Into The Nexus, hoping Insomniac can bounce back again.

colonel1791768d ago

For me is A Crack in Time. Best Ratchet and Clank.

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