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At what point do you become 'good' at a game?

MMGN: Is it possible to be good at a game, but still in the bottom 50% of players? What’s the cut-off? (Culture)

Shadonic  +   377d ago
When you can clutch a game
shivvy24  +   377d ago
i became good at games like at 16 , before that i used to suck at everything but platformers ! i still suck at fighting and driving but improved alot in FPS/TPS action adventure etc
JunioRS101  +   377d ago
^ this
3-4-5  +   377d ago
I've always been naturally good at any game I play, especially FPS games and strategy games.

I'll never be the best, but I could play with anyone and still hold my own. I just understand games on a certain level.

That being said. There are thousands and thousands of gamers much better than I will ever be.

The difference between me and others players is I know I'm not the best and will never be, but I'm still usually near top in games and I'm cool with that, because I can still do good and have fun.

Sometimes when you get "too" into a game it becomes work and not fun when you can't do as awesome as you did the last game.

I was good at games when I was 5 though so it's always been that way. There will always be somebody better than me though.
CanadianTurtle  +   377d ago
I consider myself a good player only if I regularly score the most points on my team. At the end of a Halo online match, I look at the score board and I'm usually the 1st or 2nd on the list with the most kills.
That's when I consider myself a good player. It's when you can consistently show that you succeed at a game more than everyone else.
That's my opinion at least.
onyoursistersback  +   377d ago
that and, T-bagging most of the opposing team.
shivvy24  +   377d ago
if you can T-bag then you know your a good player
ZidaneNL  +   377d ago
If you're able to play it casually and still do very well.
Nazara  +   377d ago
All I know is, the babies quitting out of every domination game because the opposing team is up slightly in order to protect their precious k/d are NOT good. It's getting ridiculous, and I really hope next gen has more penalties for constant quitters.

I'm glad he points out one can be a successful team player and help your team win without being at the top of the board.
Shadonic  +   377d ago
Just got done playing some racists guys on live that thought they were good because they just camped power weapons and couldnt even face me in a 1v1 fight without outter assistance.

Another way to know that your good is when you can when in a 1v1 with fair weapons or beat someone who has the obvious advantage with a weaker or starter weapon.

Example: In my match with the racists I beat there designated Boomshot guy with a simple gnasher and open space. Immediately after doing this His friend got stiff knees and stayed away from me.
Holeran  +   377d ago
anymore if you intend to be a good player it seems like it is kill/death ratio, even if you get owned in the actual goal of the game being played. So many players try and pad thier kd ratio by jumping into objective games and ignore the objective just to be a**holes and get random kills, it is frustrating. But in a sense I can understand if I couldn't get a good k/d ratio then I might be forced to take pot shots at unsuspecting players in objective games also,.....if i was weak and feeble that is.
Mkai28  +   377d ago
When you're on top of the list, have more presentable stats then most. When you get messages saying that you cheated or somehow you suck for no reason, just because you beat him in a fighter/kept shooting him in a Fps, ect..
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madara0sama  +   377d ago
When you get friend requests because you just destroyed the other team. When you are constantly on top of the score board. When you get called a cheater or someone on the other team's complaining about you. When you know you're damn good at a game.
RE_L_MAYER  +   377d ago
beating time trials on 3 stars in mirrors edge....months of everyday playing-that was impossible but after playing god how many times each level I got a platinum

as long as you keep trying and learn/adapt you can do it-some games take more work to master....fighting games are superhard for me but shooters or racing is a lot easier I used to own on bad company multiplayer...good times
hesido  +   377d ago
I'm usually a mediocre player. I get the occasional first place in MP matches, but they are flukes. In single player games, it takes me usually 1.5 to 2 times longer to finish the game compared to the game length mentioned in reviews.
RE_L_MAYER  +   377d ago
a lot of reviews trying to beat a game and don't do any extras so its sort of like a speedrun for them,i usually take my time-easy or hard game don't matter so for me each review time is double game time for me if not triple
Master-H  +   377d ago
When you don't need to camp anymore to get good scores in cod lol or when you can officially kill two gankers or more by yourself in Dark Souls and then throwing the "come at me bro" and the "facepalm" gestures on top of their bodies .
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jlm9  +   377d ago
I actually think if you have the patience to finish that game you are instantly good at it - until you get invaded or you get stupidly killed because you weren't paying attention
Zichu  +   377d ago
I haven't played in an online game for quite a while. My connection at the moment is terrible and has been since we moved. We live in a pretty rural area where the internet isn't great, so playing in online games is a bit of a lagfest.

I've been more focused on SP games, but I used to be at the top of the leaderboard 90% of the time in games like CoD or BF. I'm alright at Racing games, I remember on NFS Shift, I would keep going back to previous races to beat my friends times, which I would do.

I would say I'm a pretty good gamer. I've had my fair share of hate messages while playing CoD, being accused for cheating or hacking...

I also remember playing in Skate 2 and 3 online, I would seriously own those games.
P_Bomb  +   377d ago
I think getting that 1000/1000gs or Platinum can often be a good indication to your friends that you've nailed a game. They often have difficulty cheevos/trophies and require you to do things off the beaten path, so odds are you've seen/heard/found it all by the time you're done. Including some online.
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jlm9  +   377d ago
For some reason I was really good at Unreal Tournament III and would quite often top the leaderboards. Every other game I am mid to average at. My friends and I once had a 25 game unbeaten streak on the first Gears of War - but we did host every game which probably had something to do with it.

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