Next-Gen Face-Off: Forza Motorsport 5 vs. Driveclub

GenGAME writes: "Both upcoming next-gen consoles are tearing it up with a major first-party driving game at launch, and that means for fans of the genre, it’ll be important to weigh the pros and cons of each head-to-head before you dive into a full purchase for either. Fortunately, I managed to score some hands-on time with both games at E3, and came away with an assessment of what people will love – and maybe not love so much – about each."

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kenmid1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Both of them look great, but judging from the E3 videos Forza looks like the better game and it's a more established franchise.

legendoflex1802d ago

Most-established + better-looking + more approachable.

georgeenoob1802d ago

Forza 5. Drivatars anyone?

HammadTheBeast1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

As always, just pointing out that what was shown at E3 of DriveClub was a build 35% complete. And the Forza build was obviously incomplete.

Just saying.

Also, georgenoob LOL

Drivatars. The "revolutionary" spawn of cloud technology which basically puts your gamertag on AI and lets you get points for doing nothing.

FATAL1TY1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

1- Gran Turismo 6 (Best Sim)

2- DriveClub (best arcade racing game)

GT6 will sell 15 million copies

grimmweisse1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

george, you're down to one bubble! What happened?

Well of course Forza is more establish, it's in it's 5th iteration. Kinda of obvious to say it's "most established".

On another note, I am kinda of interested to see how that Drivatar concept works out. Gimmick or interesting feature?

dantesparda1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

bullsh!t fanboy opinion (the article)

ThatCanadianGuy5141801d ago


More like Gran Turismo's B-spec mode, which debuted in 2004

And considering the major gimps to this new forza, it hardly seems next gen to me.

No night
No weather
300-ish cars
No Fanatec wheel support
No Auction House
No Storefront
No Porsche
No offroad
No tyre sidewall markings
Baked lighting
Baked damage

BallsEye1801d ago

Driveclub goes only in 30 FPS. I can't play racing game at 30 fps! It's just wrong!

1801d ago
jimbobwahey1801d ago

Drivatars have been a part of the Forza franchise since the original game back in 2005. It's funny that people honestly think that they're a new feature.

I_am_Batman1801d ago

I woudn't say it's better looking until we've seen a direct feed gameplay trailer from Driveclub which we haven't unless I've missed something.

Same goes for gameplay. Can't tell until I played both of them.

ShinMaster1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Comparing a sim with an arcade game? And ignoring features cut from said sim game? Talk about reaching.

lmao @ Drivatars

Ju1801d ago

HDR lighting in one, none in the other. I'll let you figure out which is which. Hint: Pretty clear in the very first shot at the top. Since I haven't played either I can't comment how they handle. I think DriveClub has a fair chance vs. smoke and mirrors which was/is Forza.

Lvl_up_gamer1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


This is not even a comparison. Forza 5 all the way.

Aside of the FACT that Turn 10 is a long, experienced developer who love cars and have pumped out 4 more racing sims then Evolution Studios.

Forza has been the HIGHEST RATED Racing sim franchise for 10 years now, ever since Forza was introduced to the market.

No competition, It's Forza 5 and aside from the obvious reviews of both games, the games will speak for themselves.

Driveclub will be left sitting at the starting line while Forza will be once again crossing the finish line uncontested.

YNWA961801d ago Show
mattdillahunty1801d ago

if Driveclub really does run at 30fps and Forza 5 runs at 60, then it's no contest. give me the game with a much faster and smoother gameplay experience. 30fps is so slow.

nukeitall1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


60 fps on Forza 5 and it looks way better than DriveClub at 30 fps. Smoother and better graphics and I think there it is clear why DriveClub is given away.

That said, graphics aside, the more important thing is game play and the response hasn't disappointed. Forza 5 looks to be a monster game with advanced cloud support!

That said, I think the fingertip rumbling sounds fantastic. I remember playing NG Sigma on the PS3 without rumble and the lack of feedback made it a poor replacemet for NG Black. Rumbling is hugely important, and fingertip rumbling sounds fantastic.

Rivitur1801d ago

I say watch out for Project Cars.

YNWA961801d ago

I had more agrees than disagrees, and I was reported and blocked, which perfectly highlighted my comment. I am not a fanboy, I play all and anything and also fortunate enough to be able to afford most consoles. The PS4 fanboy brigade though has destroyed N4G, ruined any chances of decent discussions on these articles. As for the people coming out with stats for both games no one has played.... You people need a life.... Really pathetic.....

@ssj27, and fanbase of 5 million fanboys?? I pass....

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Skate-AK1802d ago

Well it is a new IP. Of course Forza is a more established franchise.

iamnsuperman1801d ago

and also Drive Club is a F2P game. Comparing these games is just ridiculous.

Minato-Namikaze1801d ago

@superman Drive club isnt a F2P game. Its Apart of the PS+ IGC for PS4. It will also have a retail release i belive.

RedHawkX1802d ago

forza doesnt work when you bring it home from the store. also more people will be playing drive club more and thats what online raceing games are about. the competition you race against. ps4 user base will crush xbox one install base. no reason to play forza when there is no one to race against.

Black-Helghast1802d ago

Ohh so you can see the future? Please tell me when is the next Jak game coming out? Will it work when you 'bring it home from the store'? Will it have a bigger user base? Please, enlighten us.

3-4-51802d ago

Say what you want about Microsoft, but don't lump Forza into that argument.

Forza 2,3,4 are arguably the best driving games ever created, so this is one franchise that is a definite bonus for XB1.

TheFanboySlayer1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

tbh driveclub doesnt look that great -__- and Forza is a good franchise dont get me wrong...but Gran Turismo is the greates driving sim of all time....check out the sales and scores of each and you will know. Forza 5 looks to kick ass though...kinda sad that Gran Turismo 6 is not coming to ps4 this fall...

kenmid1802d ago

So how do you think your going to get driveclub, it's not going to magically appear on your playsation, you'll will have to download it.

jimbobwahey1801d ago

What Turn 10 said about Forza 5 not working unless you go online and redeem the DLC codes, is basically their way of blocking used game sales.

For anyone curious, IGN posted an article where Dan Greenawalt talked about it.

forcefullpower1801d ago

Actually you can by the game from the high street store and put it in the PS4. No need to download it.

nukeitall1801d ago

You put the Forza 5 disc in and download the latest free content entirely *free*.

There is no code, just a disc and download.

GraySnake1801d ago

@ nuke

Yea content that is NEEDED to play the game..the game will not work unless you have that content.

Both games are being rushed to meet launch deadlines imo.

vinniects1801d ago

so forza does not work because you need do an online update. But you then say more people playing drive club and that's what ONLINE racing is all about. this sony fanboy stuff on n4g is ruining n4g.

MWong1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Both games will probably do well. Forza looks better and probably will sell more because of the established fan base, just being realistic. But like vinniects stated both games seem to be rushed. DriveClub @ 30 fps, but PS+ gamers get a free slim version of it though to demo.

With Forza though, I really don't like the idea that you have to download a patch prior to the game actually working. So anybody without the internet still can't ever play the game or the XBone for that matter.

nukeitall1801d ago


All games are rushed to meet deadlines. It is always like that, and even more so with launch games, befause they have to deal with tools that change often, hardware specs that might change and requirements that also change.

I fail to see your point.

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aceitman1802d ago

how about if we judge them at launch or when they show something in October, no one stated how far along f5 is and driveclub is only 35 % done . and graphics on the motor storm series had wowed a lot of people so im sure drive club will do the same , now if someone can find out how long into f5 they are we can get an idea on there final product .if they say 90 % done then we can say its pretty much going to look like it does now.

mcstorm1801d ago

For me I don't think Drive club and Forza 5 can be put up against each other as they are 2 different types of games. For me Drive club should be compared to Horizon which to me has been the best arcade racer of the 360/PS3 gen.
For me Forza 5 will be an amazing game as they have got better and better each game.

I expect both games to be very good but in different ways. I cant wait to get my hands on both but when comparing them for me it should be GT/Forza and Forza Horizon/Driver club.

tracyllrkn1802d ago

You can't even compare these games. Forza is the more serious sim game while DC is the more fun arcade game.

Picnic1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I got the feeling it was the other way around.

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AngelicIceDiamond1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I seriously hate comparisons. "Two racing games so lets compare them."

"And to make it worse two racers that are exclusive to each platform."

Yeah that's totally not gonna start a flame war...
Nothing more than a hit seeking article.

WitWolfy1801d ago

Agreed... Why compare a sim game to arcade? IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!!

dale_denton1801d ago

can you walk out of your car and check your engine in forza 5? don't think so

GameCents1801d ago

I take it you've never heard of autovista which is already available on Forza 4.
And now it's going to be expanded with Forza 5 with Forza Vista where full car exploration, including engine and commentary from Top Gear hosts, to ALL the cars.

FunkMacNasty1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

dale_denton, you never played a Forza game. It gets way better than "getting out of your car and checking your engine" in Forza. Not only can you get out and interact with waaaaaaay more than just the engine, but even better.. it's all narrated with technical and cheeky commentary from Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson. It's called "Autovista".

FamilyGuy1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Forza looks good but the color saturation makes all the cars look like highly polished plastic toys to me. DriveClub and GT car look more realistic.

DriveClub n the E3 show floor must've looked much worse than the trailers they showed because I though it looked really good yet the E3 press say otherwise :/
Guess I'll just have to wait an see.

They should've thrown The Crew into the mix on this comparison. It looked pretty interesting, kind of like a Fast an Furious video game.

Ju1801d ago

Yeah, because these days the perception is "flat, glossy and shiny" == good, while DC has full dynamic lighting and was played on a rainy day. LOL (clouds casting shadows on the street, water puddles there) which obviously wasn't bathing in the sunlight of a perfectly blue sky, unlike Forza (even though it was a city track which was as bright in town as outside). But that's just where our horizon ends, I guess.

Go take a look at the latest Kotaku footage and pay attention to the street damage (cracks) or surface scratches on the car + that guys attempt to damage the barrier (which actually deforms). None of those things are in Forza.

s8anicslayer1801d ago

A better comparison would've been made if there was a Gran Turismo made specifically for the PS4! sim vs sim not arcade vs sim. I like the Forza franchise a lot and was a huge fan of Gran Turismo during PS1 and PS2 days but with Polophony Digitals PS3 offerings although not bad left a lot to be desired for me. Forza 2 introduced me to the Forza franchise on the 360 and turned 10 me into an instant fan.

thisismyaccount1801d ago

Fact(s) :

-Forza 5 ain´t running at 60 (steady) fps
...[DF : there's "pop-out" in the rear-view mirror while set to cockpit view, where pieces of the world disappear abruptly after passing a certain point.[DF]

...[DF : Reflections in the rear-view mirror, plus those on the car exterior and passing shop windows, update at essentially half the rate (30fps) of the rest of the game - an effect that was dynamic in nature on Forza 4, returning to full-rate when the rendering budget permitted. [DF]

-Cockpit View the game drops objects/polys (see rearmirror inside a car, up to 30fps only, DF)
-if you look carefully, you notice that ain´t proper 60fps (as DFoundry stated : it will render up to 60, as long the eninge is "allowed" to (aka LOAD) hence the "returning to full-rate when the rendering budget permitted"... so im driving a car, with pre-baked lighting, fake reflections that render at half of the 60fps.

-forza 5 looks great, but comes not remotely close to Gran Turismo (Sales, Style-Art, Gameplay (Sports Tires, no a.i.d|s), Gran Turismo Prologue alone sells up to 5 Mio. copies, full version of any GT up to 10 (heavy hitter).

-DriveClub at least has "dynamic lighting" not this BS-PS360 Gen "pre-baked" lights like FM5 (not saying that ain´t good...), looks like im repeating myself (sorry)

-Played Shift 1 on the PC at steady 30fps with a 360 controller (hard/pro), was playable 125%! Not sure, why we need 60fps in a racing game, 30 fps is more than enough for most of us. But saying Forza 4/5 were/are running at steady 60 is a false statement >
Fake 60fps? :)

30 fps = steady framerates and better graphics
60 fps = more fluid... but worse graphics?

gamer20131801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

"DriveClub is presented at 1080p, but the high resolution only serves to amplify the somewhat flat-looking textures which look somewhat current-gen right now." -Digital Foundry

"DriveClub doesn't hold up on technical grounds with the Gran Turismos and Forzas of the world" -Digital Foundry

"When questioned, Evolution Studios confirms that it's pushed for a full-fat 1080p presentation, falling in line with all Sony's other leading PS4 titles. Unfortunately, this higher resolution only amplifies the low quality, blurry, flat-looking textures used across this level, which would easily look at home on current-gen hardware. It's also a shame that, while the scenery draw distance is broad, there's an incredible amount of pop-in for trees and waving NPCs as we approach at high speeds." When questioned, Evolution Studios confirms that it's pushed for a full-fat 1080p presentation, falling in line with all Sony's other leading PS4 titles. Unfortunately, this higher resolution only amplifies the low quality, blurry, flat-looking textures used across this level, which would easily look at home on current-gen hardware. It's also a shame that, while the scenery draw distance is broad, there's an incredible amount of pop-in for trees and waving NPCs as we approach at high speeds. When questioned, Evolution Studios confirms that it's pushed for a full-fat 1080p presentation, falling in line with all Sony's other leading PS4 titles. Unfortunately, this higher resolution only amplifies the low quality, blurry, flat-looking textures used across this level, which would easily look at home on current-gen hardware. It's also a shame that, while the scenery draw distance is broad, there's an incredible amount of pop-in for trees and waving NPCs as we approach at high speeds. -Digital Foundry

"It is noted that 60fps is something the team strives for, but no promises can be made; in the interest of providing a smooth E3 experience it remains decidedly locked at 30fps for now." It is noted that 60fps is something the team strives for, but no promises can be made; in the interest of providing a smooth E3 experience it remains decidedly locked at 30fps for now. -Digital Foundry

I found no need to comment after each of these quotes because they speak for themselves.

The thing is, some of you people are so stupidly blinded with brand loyalty that you fail to see that all hardware has limitations.
The more niceties that devs try to cram in, the more that performance and other things will suffer. It's all give and take. With that said, F5 looks pretty impressive in it's early stages, for a game in 1080p running at 60fps.

I'd also like to add in reply to the rest of you're post that personal preference is subjective not fact.

Btw - "Running at a nigh-on flawless 1080p60, Forza Motorsport 5 was undoubtedly the gameplay and technical highlight of Xbox One at this year's E3." -Digital Foundry

Just saying..

ssj271801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

DRIVECLUB will sale and be played by easily 5millions on day one.. amazing numbers I know!
Thanks to PS+

forza not so much. I bet is a good game but DRIVECLUB will create a fanbase in the first month which is bigger than the fan base forza has been making for like the last 8 years lol.

Sony is not stupid, the know what they are doing, drive club will be a instant hit, a fun racer to play online.

skept3k1801d ago

Driveclub being a totally new IP will be hard to judge against a well established racing game such as Forza. I'll wait till I can site down with the final version of both games to make a decision on which is better.

hankmoody1801d ago

I'm tempted to disagree with you because obviously, you're making WAY too much sense here.

1801d ago
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CaptainPunch1802d ago

Can't wait to play both, yeah boy.

elhebbo161802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

completely dynamic (changeable time and weather) maps vs static maps. Im sure both of them have ultra high details cars though. too early to judge gameplay imo.

RM-TatoTiburon1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Driveclub is new and nice but it has nothing to do against Forza 5. Good thing Driveclub is free for PSN+

ovnipc1802d ago

KI its free on xbl, and the driveclub you get free on psn its not complete, its missing cars and tracks that you have to buy the same as KI. I take KI any day over driveclub

grimmweisse1802d ago

Way'd a go off topic, last I checked this was a comparison between 2 racing games!

mxrider21991802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

ki you only get one char driveclub yout get multiple cars and tracks and only have to buy the rest
and i bet you will get discounts for the rest of the game through ps plus

christrules00411801d ago

To be honest killer instinct looks like it could be done on the Xbox 360. I'm looking for next gen games and that would be my only purpose buying a next gen console. I'm not saying it doesn't appeal to people but to me personally I'm looking forward to Planetside 2, Metal Gear Solid 5 and The Order 1886 just to name a few.

It depends on personal preference.

badkolo1801d ago

so does driveclub, watch the video, it looks like crap, and i mean real crap. thats not next gen at all and thats why its free giveaway crap just like ki

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Megaton1802d ago

I don't understand why Driveclub exists. It's not like there was a void to fill with sim/sim-ish racing in the Sony camp. They have their behemoth in Gran Turismo. Evolution should have stuck with arcade racing. They're good at it. Maybe take a crack at the Wipeout franchise if they don't wanna keep doing Motorstorm, or a new arcade racing IP all together. Just seems really, really pointless to make an inferior-looking GT as long as GT games are still being made.

Godmars2901802d ago

Likely the arcade driving game to GT's attempts towards realism.

elhebbo161802d ago

"inferior-looking GT" but its not GT, its Driveclub.

SonicRush151802d ago

The devs has said that Driveclub is not a simulator like Formula 1 or Gran Turismo.

Megaton1802d ago

Coulda fooled me with the way they've been showing it off. Definitely looks more sim than arcade.

badz1491801d ago


don't know why Driveclub exist? Evolution Studio is a racing focus dev and what else do you want them to come up with? they have delivered with Motorstorm series on PS3...simply the best arcade off-road racing out there!

since 2006, there have been Motorstorm(PS3), Pacific Rift(PS3), Artic Edge(PSP/PS2), Apocalypse(PS3) and RC(PS3/Vita) and I think they too want move on to make a different game and not to mention that haters will accuse them for milking if they release another Motorstorm and they said it themselves that Driveclub is THE game the wanted to make for the longest time and with the social emphasize of the PS4, they decided that it is the right time for Driveclub!

it's not a SIM and not fully an arcade racer either! it's a mixture of both but focus mainly on team effort! it's not just a community racer - sharing decals, paintjob, stickers, parts and stuff it's more than that! it's no longer just about racing and winning by yourself but it's about building the strongest team of drivers! more like clans in FPS games. so, what other racing game do this already? I can't think of any! so,'s enough reason for it to exist!

Ju1801d ago

Hm, I think one think which Sony failed to point out (more) is their social aspect. It was in presentations here or there. But their social integration is an attempt to make this the "facebook of gaming" - see UI where you can post progress and share with friends = similar like a FB like presentation within the PS4's UI.

So, with that said, DC does exactly that. It isn't just about racing. It's about sharing and racing against your friends on that "friends page". It has a huge social aspect to it which no other game has. It's probably subtle at best - and should be, IMO - but there is a lot of planing going into something like this to pull this off. Besides being YARG (Yet-Another-Racing-Game(tm)).

YNWA961801d ago

Errr, so if Xbox does that, they not care about games, its BS.... Sony does, wonderful news??

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