Nerds Without Pants Spoils The Last of Us

PixlBit | "Welcome to the first ever Nerds Without Pants spoilercast. We've picked a doozy of a game to cover, too! Julian, Patrick, and special guest JD come together to talk about all things The Last of Us. No stone is unturned, as the Pantsless Ones take you through the entire story."

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Panthers1800d ago

Considering I cant even play this game due to some bug. I might just read the damn spoilers. So mad about that. I hope they fix it soon.

brodychet1800d ago

Haven't heard of any gamebreaking bug. Besides the launch one, what is it?..

Panthers1800d ago

It freezes everytime I die. And considering it autosaved at a tough part for me, I cant seem to avoid this.

It only started doing this after the latest PSN update.

brodychet1800d ago

wtf? first I'm hearing of the CONSOLE breaking TLOU-bug.


lento1800d ago

It broke my original 60 gig ps3 lol nah prob wasn't the game just finally went to playstation heaven after only getting half way through the 2 nd cutscene. So back to best buy and got a new slim! Game is amazing.

Bathyj1800d ago

Same thing happened to me. It starts and plays but after 10 minutes or so it shuts itself down.

I googled it, apparently this is how some PS3's go to heaven, so I had to rush out and buy a new one to finish the game. I have had it since launch day, at least it still turns on so I could get me gave save off of there.

rmedtx1800d ago

I played through the whole game and I never experienced that bug.
Hopefully they will fix it soon.

Panthers1800d ago

Me too. I just dont know who to contact for it. I might just have to restart the game which isnt a huge deal, but still annoying.

Im just upset because I need to beat this game. I feel so behind when I see everyone else talking about it lol.

Valkyre1800d ago

Why dont you start a new game or try selecting a chapter and replay the last part where you are at and you encounter this bug?

As far as I know you must be the only individual who has encountered something like this... and I am pretty sure you can remedy it with those 2 options i told you, try it.

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SynestheticRoar1800d ago

Never happen to me. I'm on my second play threw.