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Draw Something remains one of the most popular and highest downloaded games in mobile gaming history. Omgpop’s electronic, internet enabled take on cooperative Pictionary struck a cord with players young and old. Zynga bought Omgpop and the Draw Something franchise back in 2012. Draw Something 2 represents not only the sequel to the massive casual gaming juggernaut but also the future of the premier art game on mobile devices. For those concerned that the Zynga accquition of Omgpop would negatively affect the Draw Something franchise, you can put those fears aside, Draw Something 2 is not only bigger and better in nearly every way than its predecessor but continues the same relaxed IAP system that helped make it such a big hit in the first place. Meet the new king of social art gaming, it is the same as the old king, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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CaptainYesterday1769d ago

They should have called it 'Draw Something else' instead of just Draw Something 2 :P

Voozi1769d ago

too bad zynga shut down the omgpop studio and will probably get rid of :/ fun times there

SynestheticRoar1769d ago

I enjoyed it for a while. Then delete it to many permissions.