Wow it’s funny how the gaming community is divided over GTA V direction

SchollA from Console ControllUs writes:
No lie, I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who likes GTA IV, like I’m the only one who appreciated Rockstar’s direction to the game in regards to tone and the more mature approach the company took.

Now I know that’s not true but more often than not I hear a resounding “Bring back San Andreas” style gameplay, with gamers still feeling that GTA San Andreas was the best in the series. I used to wonder why people loved GTA III or San Andreas over GTA IV now I’m starting to realize why.

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wishingW3L1771d ago

I have never been a fan of the GTA franchise but this new one has me very interested, so I'm pretty much a newcomer. ;)

Derekvinyard131770d ago

You won't be disappointed dude, it is such an excellent franchise, The GTa games are worth every penny you spend on them. and if you can dont listen to the people on this site about the past gta games, for some reason they hate rockstar games and act as if gta 4 is the only game they made which isn't even that bad. I highly recommend gta San Andreas if you haven't played it already

theDECAY1770d ago

GTA IV wasn't bad at all. Pretty great game. Not as good as San Andreas, but still a great game.

FlameHawk1770d ago

GTA IV was terrible, I have played GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas and always had fun, I barely had any fun playing IV.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1770d ago

I have been playing GTA since the first one on PS1 and loved them all

badz1491770d ago

"great" is an overstatement if describing GTA IV. it's a good game but FAR from great!

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zeal0us1770d ago

To be honest I really don't think the game community divide but rather it's a small minority voicing their opinion. If we're divided wheres the constants articles about backlash over GTA 5? Heck the worse I've seen is "Will Saint's Row 4 takes GTA 5's crown."

yeahokchief1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

rockstar games are a class act and uber polished.

it's not that you won't be disappointed. it's that you'll be overblown and amazed. they do this thing where they keep the media completely blind so you dont get to hear about whats going on. but then you play the game and you're like OMG this is mindblowingly awesome.

you are going to be so overwhelmed even as a newcomer but especially if you've played previous games in the series because you just dont expect a company to overdeliver the way they do. from 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 each numbered game has been a HUGE step up in multiple areas of the games features, grahpics and innovations. theres a reason that me and my friends preorderd the $150 collectors edition whereas i usually buy the cheaper version of games. every other game this year ive gotten for $10-40.

and yeah i agree with zeal0us. there really is no divide in my opinion. ive played in the social club events and check their articles. its all to draw attention or something. no doubt in my mind that any fears or doubts will be gone once people play it

RedHawkX1770d ago

those who dont like gta are either not gamers. are younger then 12 so they never really played it untill gta 4. or they suck at gta games. I for the life of me cant understand why someone wouldnt like open world games where you can do many different things. There is also no other console game ever created with the comedy humor and weird characters like gta. I just dont get the people who dont like it its like really. maybe they have A.D.D attention deficit deisorder so the game is just to big for them or somthing

anticlimax1770d ago

As someone with ADD, you're full of crap. The way games are designed, it means you're nearly never distracted (in fact, the constant short term goals and rewards make it ideal) just like it doesn't matter that you have ADD when you're playing football.

People (obviously not me) who dislike the series usually:
- dislike this kind of humour
- don't like the shooting parts
- don't like games allround

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Starbucks_Fan1770d ago

I don't get the negative feedback. This looks to be a fantastic game and a big step up from GTA IV.

pompombrum1770d ago

Felt the same way. Rockstar could have easily gone the easy route and copy the exact formula we are used to with GTA but instead they went all out to create potentially one of the best experiences this gen.

IanVanCheese1770d ago

I wasn't aware there was any division, everyone thinks it looks amazing last I checked.

ColinZeal1770d ago

Give them time and gamers will turn on anything. But this early? Wow - I´m impressed.

slimeybrainboy1770d ago

I honestly havent seen a bad comment online either. I felt sketchy about the three characters but after seeing it I think it looks great like 3 GTA's in one. I'm just annoyed it's not on next gen too!

Pushagree1770d ago

GTA V probably has the most positive feedback pre-release than any other game I can remember this generation. The "divide" they are talking about is just to create a strawman for hits apparently.

Scholla1770d ago

Guys, Guys, Guys, you really need to read the article.

Y'all are missing the point this is not a division on whether GTA V will be good or not, this divide I speak of is based off recent news that hinted it might go the GTA IV route in terms of tone

Another words the "divide" is over what -- key word "direction" gamers want the series to go in not the game itself. Heck even this thread proves the point.

What gamers are actually divided over is some want GTA V to play more like the past GTA's, before GTA IV but some don't have a problem with V playing like IV.

It's a deep article I take it to different places to invoke thought. Like what Rockstar might want over what the people want, you know the classic battle, artistry over business.

Amongst other things.

That's why at the end I pose the question "which direction would you prefer GTA V go in?"

I again implore you to read and not try to guess where a point is going based on a title.

MiasmaDodo1770d ago

3 characters offered without

A Latino, Asian, Female

jesus christ Rockstar just give us create a character already!!!

MrTrololo1770d ago

Play Saint Row then if you want to create your own character

MiasmaDodo1770d ago


who the hell are you to tell me what too play?

Nafon1770d ago

The voice acting goes with the character, so create a character wouldn't work. They shouldn't have to use diversity for the sake of diversity.

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NihonjinChick1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

The game is fine without it. As MrTrololo said, play Saints Row if that's what you want.

Plus, a character created wouldn't fit in with the game the way Rockstar writes their stories.

MysticStrummer1770d ago

I agree with the point about the story, but for multiplayer I'd rather be able to make a character than have unlockable skins like we got with GTA4 and RDR. I'm sure that's what we'll get again though.

Shaaunyb1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Can't delete this comment -.-

Shaaunyb1770d ago


And who are you to tell people what to put in their games?

Man-E-Faces1770d ago

Bingo! How can you make a game in this day and age in San Andreas yet not include a Mexican protagonist? Doesn't make sense and reeks of ignorance from Rockstar 2 whites, 1 black was just likely thrown in to make it seem like there's diversity there, don't bother with this game, it's for punk teens who want to pretend(wannabees) to live a criminal life and non parented kids. I can't think of any reason a civilized adult would want to play this overrated franchise, and that's that!

PSN_ZeroOnyx1770d ago

Grow up, and that's that!

Man-E-Faces1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I am grown up, that's why I can see right through Rockstars bs, you think the glorification of gang's, drug cartels, the mafia is okay? Heads being decapitated by cartels, babies/children being stuffed with drugs to smuggle across the border, getting shot to death for being from a different neighborhood, innocent children caught in driveby's etc. Please, don't try to tell me to grow up just because your a man child who gets a kick out of pretending to be a bad ass in a video game that exploits the criminal lifestyle. GTA games are trash! Video games should be about art, imagination not this crap, nope sorry.

NihonjinChick1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I think GTA is pretty fun and I have never even thought about committing a crime in real life. I also had no problems with my parents.

Why are you getting this bent up about video game NPCs getting killed and the characters committing crimes?

No actual people are harmed and no actual laws are broken. You're ranting for nothing.

Man-E-Faces1770d ago

It's only fun and games until you stick your shoe in the poo(shit) ever heard of that phrase? Rockstar makes millions off of the glorification of the criminal life style it's not right, the same with COD and the glorification of the U.S military. I don't support these kinds of unimaginative tastless games they contribute nothing to the gaming industry but glorification/promotion of violence, I support games with creative art from the mind and you should too.

anticlimax1770d ago

There is no scientific research as of yet to indicate that the portrayal of violence or a certain lifestyle will make you behave in that way.
Which means people are capable of playing a gangster in a game and still realizing real-life gangsters are criminals and need some serious arresting.

But most importantly, not every game needs to be Le Louvre-worthy art. We don't need games to remind us of the core of our existence. We need to have fun. Taking this to seriously (that includes racial correctness in character choice) kind of ruines it.

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omi25p1770d ago

Who the hell are you to complain about the race or gender of a character.

If you want to play as an Asian female go create your own damn game.

Also Just so you know.

GTA IV BOGT Luis Lopez: Mexican

GTA ChinaTown Wars Huang Lee: Asian

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Doctor_Freeman1770d ago

I've been playing the GTA series since the very beginning, but I guess have been growing out of it. I'm hoping GTAV is what pulls me back.

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