FMN Plays: Demon's Souls 720p HD

Chris and Alex dive into a game notorious for killing you: Demon’s Souls!

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Enemy1106d ago

The Nexus, The Maiden in Black, Astrea, and Garl Vinland are why I still prefer Demon's Souls over Dark Souls. Simply unforgettable.

Kos-Mos1106d ago

I do too.
Thanks for being intellectual.

Swiggins1106d ago

How is having an opinion intellect?

Those are all great reasons to like a game, no doubt, but come'on!

jon12341106d ago

yep i concur, of course its our opinion, but people still argue that dark souls is the better game, probably only because it looks prettier...

Donnieboi1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

I never like watching playthroughs, but when its a game as hard as Demon's Souls, then I can't resist watching people rage. Lol at his character's purple upside-down-salad-bowl haircut :D

FullMetalNerdcast1106d ago

Haha well thanks so much for watching!

krontaar1106d ago

This isnt news, stop posting it here.

FullMetalNerdcast1106d ago

That's why it's categorized under VIDEOS and not NEWS.

krontaar1106d ago

Then spam it on a different website, this is NEWS for gamers.

CalvinKlein1106d ago

that is one ugly character

catch1106d ago

While I really enjoy Dark Souls the level design in Demon's Souls was spectacular. I would love to see another one with a Nexus.

Swiggins1106d ago

I'd happily welcome a Demons Souls 2...both Demons and Dark Souls are some of my favorite games of all time.

We never did get to go to the land of the giants did we? ;D

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