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FMN Plays: Demon's Souls 720p HD

Chris and Alex dive into a game notorious for killing you: Demon’s Souls! (Demon's Souls, PS3)

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Enemy  +   558d ago
The Nexus, The Maiden in Black, Astrea, and Garl Vinland are why I still prefer Demon's Souls over Dark Souls. Simply unforgettable.
Kos-Mos  +   557d ago
I do too.
Thanks for being intellectual.
Swiggins  +   557d ago
How is having an opinion intellect?

Those are all great reasons to like a game, no doubt, but come'on!
jon1234  +   557d ago
yep i concur, of course its our opinion, but people still argue that dark souls is the better game, probably only because it looks prettier...
Donnieboi  +   558d ago
I never like watching playthroughs, but when its a game as hard as Demon's Souls, then I can't resist watching people rage. Lol at his character's purple upside-down-salad-bowl haircut :D
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FullMetalNerdcast  +   557d ago
Haha well thanks so much for watching!
krontaar  +   557d ago
This isnt news, stop posting it here.
Lovable  +   557d ago
FullMetalNerdcast  +   557d ago
That's why it's categorized under VIDEOS and not NEWS.
krontaar  +   557d ago
Then spam it on a different website, this is NEWS for gamers.
CalvinKlein  +   557d ago
that is one ugly character
catch  +   557d ago
While I really enjoy Dark Souls the level design in Demon's Souls was spectacular. I would love to see another one with a Nexus.
Swiggins  +   557d ago
I'd happily welcome a Demons Souls 2...both Demons and Dark Souls are some of my favorite games of all time.

We never did get to go to the land of the giants did we? ;D
Master-H  +   557d ago
Prepare to Rage

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