EA: College football video game series will continue

Electronic Arts says they will continue to publish college football video games after the NCAA revealed it would not renew its contract for the NCAA Football franchise.

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NYC_Gamer1744d ago

This kills my hope for 2K since EA will run in and buy up exclusive college team rights

DC19801744d ago

EA Sports College Football USA 15

blackmanone1744d ago

It's time for a CFL game EA... no, even as a Canadian I can't finish that statement with a straight face.

DC19801738d ago

I would love to see a CFL game, I'm not even Canadian

nunley331744d ago

hoping ncaa goes to sony who already makes the best baseball game on the market or to 2k. the EA monopoly on football games needed to end so this is good news.

Sitdown1744d ago

Ummmm, don't think you understand why the NCAA is walking away.....if would pretty much be counter productive to go to Sony or 2K.

swerve1211743d ago

At least now EA has so come competition and will try inovate instead of giving us the same game forever.