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The PS4′s Share Button, And What It Means For Gamers

The PlayStation 4 has many features – sixthaxis covered ten of them recently – but one of the key selling points has to be the DualShock 4: better triggers, improved analog sticks, that smart, potentially brilliant front light, the touchpad and, yep, the share button. Above all else, that single button encapsulates Sony’s approach to next gen gaming: video is getting bigger and bigger, and the esports movement is clearly important to PlayStation. (PS4)

iamnsuperman  +   862d ago
For me it is just another button. I hate social related stuff in games. My friends on social media sites do not care if I just "kills tat dude with ma nife. innit bruv". However I can see the logical if these videos go to youtube or a PS4 social page dedicated for help
RedHawkX  +   862d ago
for me its gonna be awesome so many times in games especially multiplayer games i was just so skilled like an action movie star rambo in the game where i wished i could show what i did. especially in warhawk lol. i was a one man army. not only that but this video feature can catch cheaters.
thehitman  +   861d ago
I agree idk why u got so many disagrees I will never forget 1 game I played 1 time in Cod4 when CoD was still good I went 69-11 in team death match and my team lost still. I always wished I had that game somehow recorded because it was at the sametime the greatest game I played of CoD but the worst at the sametime losing when I went 69-11 and you need 750 points to win and there is 10 points a kill LOL. Rest of my team couldnt even make up 6 kills... but share button FTW hoping its really good doesnt slow down the gaming process and really looking forward to showing off while playing.

I also think Sony needs to get twitch integration like MS thats 1 feature I think MS is doing right on the xb1 hoping Sony works on that or twitch isnt doing some exclusive deal with MS for consoles.
gamertk421  +   861d ago

Please refrain from saying anything positive about Xbox.

The Sony Hivemind
hkgamer  +   861d ago
It can be pretty awesome, but I understand that probably around 80% of the PS4 market will never watch someone else's videos for enjoyment.

I love how cool it is and watching some crazy combo/comeback victory in SF is kinda cool. It's also kinda cool to see some glitche or even some secret level/area recorded.
Jaces  +   861d ago
I'd say I would use the button quite a lot actually. There have been moments where I've either owned in multiplayer or had a major fail that I thought would be great to show friends but never had the tools to.

Can't say for sure how it's implemented exactly but it sounds pretty awesome. I'm more intrigued on how one is able to play another friends game online to help with a certain area he/she may be stuck in.
3-4-5  +   861d ago
* Hidden stuff - revealed instantly via the button

* Sports games goals/plays of the week = Yes

* if GTA5 ever makes it's way over, all the crazy stuff you couldn't believe happened and wished you could have recorded = o yea

* Tutorials for beginners
Gaming_Guru  +   861d ago
At: iamnsuperman

You say you don't like social related stuff in gaming, so when microphones hit online gaming you disliked that as well?

How can you dislike social features, sorry but allowing invites, messaging, or conference chats with my friends are good things since humans are naturally social creates even if you are an introvert. Like posting on a social video game news website for example, lol.
iamnsuperman  +   861d ago
"so when microphones hit online gaming you disliked that as well"

God yer. I hate microphones in online games. Too many people blasting music, talking random stuff. I don't want to here that. I mute them all.

My facebook page is for my photo/general life. I know for a fact my friends would not want be posting videos of Knack of Killzone on the feed. They would hate me for it if I start littering their page with that stuff. I would hate it if one of my friends did it. I know other people like it but I for one really hate it.
Gaming_Guru  +   861d ago
That's really odd, i can understand that one would post what they want, but to be upset over someone's post especially if it's about video games and play them. You have some extreme antisocial clicks, lol.
ddurand1  +   861d ago
it will be beneficial for publishers/devs on bugs and whatnot also.

so even if its not something youll utilize, its likely that youll benefit from it...somehow.
LordMe  +   862d ago
I am interested in it. DMC4 had some great combo videos and it will make it easier for anyone to make them. So I do have some hopes for it.

Just hope devs don't start blocking it out for entire games.
CaptainYesterday  +   862d ago
I am going to share everything, I'm most likely going to piss off everyone on my friends list :P
Grimhammer00  +   862d ago
Sony just needs to mandate the share button.

It's pretty cool function.
RedHawkX  +   862d ago
yep will make catching glitchers and cheaters much easier when you have video footage of it. so those people in warhawk who are glitched under the map or something like that will get banned.
Majin-vegeta  +   862d ago
It means i can now piss off my friends when i take their dogtags on BF4 or shoot them out of the air :P.
fattyuk  +   862d ago
"Console on"

Oh no wait sorry, this share button is actually some that Could have some benefits... like when your stuck on that difficult level and can watch others videos of they done it.
theWB27  +   861d ago
You can do the same thing with the X1. Even broadast that hard section in realtime using twitch.




To make it easier, just say "broadcast" and the X1 will instantly broadcast what you're doing through your twitch account. Oh wait sorry...crazy stuff huh?
Lvl_up_gamer  +   861d ago
Not sure why you are getting disagrees. The MS share button only uploads to Facebook and is limited to the 15 minutes of gameplay.

MS's built in DVR allows up to several games to be stored on the HD where you can go in, select the game, review the gameplay, edit any length and upload to twitch as well as allow live streaming as you already indicated.

MS's share option destroys Sony's share option in every means imaginable. This is a pro sony site so I can see why you get the disagrees and why nobody wants to talk about MS's partnership with Twitch and how it destroys Sony's offerings....MS isn't allowed to have better features then Sony on this site.
DigitalRaptor  +   861d ago
@ lvl_up_gamer

"Destroy" is a strong word. I'd like to see you provide a link to back up your claims, eh?

There's absolutely nothing to suggest PS4's share functionality won't allow expansion beyond the default 15 minutes, and there's little doubt they'll include an integrated app to edit your video footage and upload it via multiple media streams. So "destroy"...? troll harder.

And they've only SHOWN it uploading to Facebook. Why would they leave out the biggest video sharing website in the world - YouTube? Of course they wouldn't. But that's what you're hoping right?

Having said that, the point of this sharing is not even about the flexibility of how you share, it's about the ease of use and ensuring that the share flow is quick as to not letting it disrupt your gaming session for too long.

Would you rather upload a relevant, quickfire gaming moment that you can customize and very quickly share and get back into your gaming session, or would you rather spend 30 minutes customizing a video that you can do better on dedicated PC software?
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FullMetalTech  +   862d ago
Also great for awesome kills of online opponents and of course teabaggin vids. Hehe!!
fenome  +   862d ago
Yeah, I can see it getting annoying to actually try to find relevant gameplay segments when EVERYBODY can put up ANYTHING they want. It's probably gonna get cluttered and convoluted. It's a smart marketing strategy on their part though, because they're gonna get free advertisement on social media sites. I know I'm gonna be posting clips on Facebook and my friends are gonna see that and maybe be like "Whoa, that was cool, I'm gonna have to get that!" Plus it'll actually be your friend playing as opposed to an actual commercial so you know for sure that's it's not just bullshots or whatever. Word of mouth is a very strong tool when it comes to promoting something
SonicRush15  +   862d ago
Yup, and so I will use it.
XisThatKid  +   862d ago
I agree but after the novelty of it is gone people will productively use the function...I hope. Besides you can search and find what your looking for inothers profile pages kinda like youtube ad since they are partnered up with Ustreamyou can just search exactly what you want (the latter is an assumption)
Gimpy  +   862d ago
Not interested. Do not have a Facebook or any of the sharing websites that will be supported. I enjoy having MiiVerse to share game related stuff with people who are playing the game. The closed ecosystem on Nintendo is spot on with what is needed for gamers to be with gamers. The use of Facebook is another way of making money and I said goodbye to that website over five years ago.
otakukidd  +   861d ago
Its not really using Facebook. It will have its own thing. Best way to describe it would be Nintendo has a twitter in miiverse.Sony has their own Facebook. Its really just a extension of your friends list.
KimDongHwan  +   862d ago
It's not only some facebook stuff that most gamers hate, it's replay and streaming, and that's an awesome thing, like watching Dota 2 Replays or amazing 1000m headshots etc.
XtraTrstrL  +   862d ago
Well, it won't replace dedicated capture cards, because it only does 15 minute chunks of video at a time. So, unless you stop ever 15 minutes to save a chunk, you aren't gonna be able to save hours of gameplay straight. So, in that sense, the super video walkthrough enthusiasts will still want their own dedicated capture cards for that.

Also, I thought it was stated that we could save to HDD. I don't recall them saying it was just for dev kits and undecided for the final release product.
fattyuk  +   861d ago
If picks up to a larger community perhaps capture cards could be implemented in the ps4 life cycle?
mrmancs  +   862d ago
Be great to watch other awesome players clips ,I'm a pretty good gamer , but some gamers are on another level.. Very cool addition to the ps4 IMo.
thank you mark cerny and Sony , just hurry up now and release the dam thing!!!
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fenome  +   861d ago
Yeah, I just saw a video segment the other day on here about every time Ellie cusses in The Last of Us and halfway through the video it showed someone clip a guy in the head who was just starting to stand up from his hiding spot with a nail-bomb. It was a beautiful shot, and I could see how this can be cool for when something works out so perfectly.

I'll see if I can find the video...
Okay, took me longer than I thought to find. lol

0:57 seconds in
jorellpogi  +   862d ago
The Share button is a cool stuff and beneficial to gamers that are into social networking. A lot of youtubers will be happy, sharing walkthrough will be easy.
JunioRS101  +   862d ago
I know "Twitch" is a big brand in the game video sharing business, but I'm more interested in YouTube uploads... YT is by far the easiest to use out of any video service I've used. And likely the most popular.

Good job, Sony.
XisThatKid  +   862d ago
They are partnered up with USTREAM as well. Twitch is good I use it sometimes too. it's not really to say that it won't happen in the future considering Justin wants to partner with all consols
hkgamer  +   861d ago
I am guessing Twiitch and Ustream is still the viable option for live streaming. Youtube is still not popular for live streaming(I could be wrong).

However for video sharing Youtube is definitely the more popular one.
generic-user-name  +   862d ago
Games like GTA are perfect reasons why the share button will be good.
Bathyj  +   861d ago
Thats what I came here to say.
jcnba28  +   861d ago
I don't like the facebook integration. Most of my friends are not interested in how I killed a boss in a game. I'd rather if they created a closed network solely for gamers a lot like Miiverse which has proven to be quite successful so far.
edonus   861d ago | Spam
patsrule316  +   861d ago
When I saw the reveal, I figured I'd have no use for it. I certainly won't share my footage to facebook. However, I thought about it, and I think it would be cool to share certain footage of my games with my son or him share with me if something cool happens when we aren't watching the other play. From the UI videos, it looks like you can see shared videos on the PS4 directly, and that is the only place I would watch a video. If I logged on and saw my son shared something, I would watch it. I wouldn't want more than a minute or so, unless there was a really good reason for it, butin the end, I could see myself using it occasionally.
Sarobi  +   861d ago
I've always wanted to be able to record walkthroughs and stuff.. so I can imagine myself using this every so often.
dcj0524  +   861d ago
SOOOO MANY TIMES I pulled off an impossible shot in battlefield or did a perfect bomb sweep in warhawk killing the whole enemy. I wanted toshare those moments badly.now I can for free.
Master-H  +   861d ago
It is a cool concept but i hope they make the button don't work on CoD multiplayer. we got enough no-scope 360z vids on the internet as it is lol jokes aside though i don't think i'll be using the button much but it is a cool option .
minimur12  +   861d ago
lol, a message comes up

' sorry you cannot use this, you are playing call of duty '
PositiveEmotions  +   861d ago
The share button is the button that i want to try out the most :)
Red_Devilz  +   861d ago
Absolutely nothing for me. :(
Campy da Camper  +   861d ago
That's what I thought at first but I have friends who get frustrated easily so being able to jump in their game and help them out would be a nice thing to do. It makes me feel powerful when I grab their controller and beat a boss in demons souls. They always say things like dude you're the man! Or holy crap you rock!! Its great for self esteem and my narcissistic tendencies.

Now I can be God from my recliner.
elhebbo16  +   861d ago
I dont know why people are compaining about, "oh great now youtube is gonna be filled with lets play!" like it isnt right now? hundrends of LP's are submitted per minute. the stupid complaints aside, the share button is a great feature. sure you might not use it all the time but there is gonna be those momments in BF4 or any other game where you tell yourself "damn, I should have recorded that".
WeAreLegion  +   861d ago
I run a gaming group on Facebook, so this will be a great addition! We post Let's Plays and LAN sessions on there all the time. It'll be a lot easier now!
WeAreLegion  +   861d ago
If Just Cause 2 has proven anything, it's that we always forget to record the coolest moments...

So, I can't wait for this!

Yes, I'm aware you can set the recording function to "always record", but I always forget. :/
MultiConsoleGamer  +   861d ago
I hate it and I will never use it. I will block anyone who shrares their gaming experiences on any social network.

Now sharing gaming video on YouTube, that's awesome and I will do it all the time.
ded1020  +   861d ago
I think this could be great for things like Evo. Imagine now being able to see EVERY match of EVERY game on youtube in lossless quality. Not x streams and some off screen stuff. Just record after every game, and after the tourney upload all the systems/matches onto to yt. I'm really interested to see where this goes.
STANK08  +   861d ago
Share button? Who needs a share button? I want a console that play games. I could care less about sharing. If Sony removed the blue light, and the share button from the controller, would the console come down in price?

Don't force no stinking share button and blue controller light on me Sony.
kassler  +   861d ago
Nice try.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   861d ago
Hell yeah I'm gonna use it the first day I get my ps4 and pop BF4 IN. I am gonna show my fb what next gen looks like. Plus I get to show that I got the PS4 on launch day lol.

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