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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Will Be An Open World Experience

Gamefront: "Ancel shared his disappointment with the small size and scope of the original Beyond Good & Evil, and said that he would like to see much more of the world explored in the sequel, which will be much more open than its predecessor." (Beyond Good & Evil 2, PC, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

CaptainYesterday  +   272d ago
Holy shit is it really happening? That sounds awesome I'm such a sucker for open world games :P
adamandkate  +   272d ago
Stop making watered down games. How about concentrating on a tight focused experience. Open world is basically lots of grind
majiebeast  +   272d ago
Its the new thing everything must be open world and social. It will pass like every other craze remember the world war 2 shooter and rockband.
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fenome  +   272d ago
as will your comment
fenome  +   272d ago
You can't just lump open world into one category though. It's not a genre, it's a playing field. Not all games work with open worlds, I'll give you that. But not all games need to have corridors either. It's how they utilize the world and whether they actually fill it up with things rather than huge boring expanses that make the difference.
Donnieboi  +   272d ago
@fenome: Very well said. + for you
vickers500  +   272d ago
"Open world is basically lots of grind"

Funny, I feel the same way about linear games (most of them anyways). Uncharted is fun the first time around because everything is new and exciting, while the second time around, you've seen the majority that there is to be seen.

I like open world games more, I'm always finding something new.

And for those people who say "you can't have a focused sp experience with a good story in open world", I simply point them to Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, inFamous, Far Cry 3, Borderlands (I think BL counts, the levels themselves are linear, but the game allows you the freedom to go to any level at any time, and the levels are pretty big as well and have things to find). There are more, but I can't think of them at the moment.

The only thing that linear games can do noticeably better is cinematic quality, which isn't even in the top 3 most important factors of a game(IMO).

Not saying linear games don't have a place in gaming, they do, but their importance (in my opinion) will decrease quite a bit with the next gen consoles being able to handle open worlds far better than they can now.

Both are good though. A linear game is like a roller-coaster. An open world game is like the rest of the amusement park. Some people prefer to ride that roller-coaster over and over again for the adrenaline rush, and some people like to explore the park and experience every little different thing it has to offer.

I do hope that open world games start to outnumber linear games though.

Another factor for me though is gameplay choice, and at least the illusion of an open world. I LOVE open-linear games (games like Bioshock, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonored, etc.).

With those games, you can play through them multiple times and tackle them differently each time, making it a new experience each time. You can sneak through the air duct to the right, go straight through the middle guns blazing, hack the door to your left, find a ladder to the next room, and accomplish things like that in a variety of different ways (non-lethal stealth melee, lethal stealth melee, guns blazing, stealth guns, tranq darts, cqc stealth, ranged stealth, etc.). In that example I was referring to Deus Ex HR obviously, but some of those games have similar options as well.

Most games in my opinion, need to be like that. Either open world, open linear, and/or give you a ton of choice in gameplay. I don't need a massive world in every game, but I also don't want to be funneled into the same path each time. Make multiple paths to the same location at least.
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MrTrololo  +   272d ago
It a good thing that most games are open world. It give the game more replaybility rather than just 8-10 hours single-player
fenome  +   272d ago
Awesome! Any news about this game is good news to me! I've been waiting forever to hear something more about this one, I just figured they scrapped it! Nice!!
Mr-SellJack  +   272d ago
Man ubi r going all open world next gen which is frickin amazing if u ask me!!As Kojima said open world games are the future..aswell as F2P
Relientk77  +   272d ago
I want this game

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