‘GTA 5’ sales impact on PS4 and Xbox One launches further discussed

Comments have been made in regards to the sales impact that “GTA 5” could have on the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One. According to a recent report by Ping Zine. Jesse Divnich does not anticipate a current-generation video game impacting the two next-generation systems.

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romancer1706d ago

The headline promises a "discussion". The article does not deliver....

AgentSmithPS41706d ago

I was shocked that GTA 5 was not being released on next gen consoles, it was like I was kicked in the nuts by every thug in the GTA games.

I refuse to buy gta 5 until they release it on ps4 and if they don't i'll buy it used so they won't get a dime.

Jakens1706d ago

I'll buy it where it may fall.