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Microsoft’s Price Point

The price of Xbox One has been a raging debate since E3. Is it that much of an issue? (Xbox One)

iamnsuperman  +   861d ago
"If the market exists, Microsoft is barrelling toward obscene profitability should it provide great games to play. That didn’t materialize on Xbox 360, the Kinect 1.0 now a dusty collector’s item. Hopefully Microsoft learned its lesson from that disaster."

That is the problem it was a quick fad which faded quickly. I feel Microsoft should have focused the tech away from gaming and more on the business/retail market. Or looking at ways to cut the cost down. Sell it to laptop companies as the camera and get retail shops on board. You know have an awesome online shopping tool. It didn't need to be extensive just mapping the clothing on the body type

I feel the price is a big issue for the mass market. A consumer will see similar looking system (as in they both play FIFA/COD...) but one is $100 more expensive. It doesn't take a genius to realise which one they will go for
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ala_767  +   860d ago
Whatever the reason it may be... But current situation shows that high chances are M$ won't dominate the next gen.... Only time can tell us....
thetruthx1  +   859d ago
It will come down to the games. I would love to play a new Uncharted on the ps4 and outlast looks like a game I would like. I'm a huge Gears of War fan and even though it gets criticism I'm very interested in Ryse. Both systems will have amazing games
UltimateMaster  +   859d ago
I don't think the price is a huge argument.
It's Just that nobody wants it...
Septic  +   860d ago
But the mass market will look at things like bundled camera, voice control, Skype features etc and that will surely sway them towards the X1 will it not?

It all depends on how well MS market the thing too. Plus the cablebox capabilities are things the mass market should swallow up.
nukeitall  +   860d ago
Kinect itself judged on the merit of the predecessor is somewhat of unfair.

Once Kinect One gets in consumers hand they see the wonders, I strongly believe they will buy into the idea.

It is kind of like Wii, how do you explain the fun you have with it?

The original Kinect sold by the boatload, and the next one is just so much more.

The possibilities of that advanced, yet simplistic input method could revolutionize gaming.

Touch screen is making mice irrelevant and who knows, one day Kinect might be so good it replaces the controller.

It is certainly starting to replace the remote already!
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GodGinrai  +   860d ago

people seem to forget that the TV/skype/twitch and the possibility of windows apps could be a big deal for the average consumer. Ms should make a wireless keyboard and mouse to compliment the apps, or allow us to use KB+Ms of our choosing.

The reality is, that $100 difference will only be more attractive for people who want JUST a games console. MS have a device that is a bit more than a games console to be fair. Others will be attracted to the idea of a box that can be a bit more than a games console in the living room.
Thehyph  +   860d ago
It's 25% more expensive than ps4, but that seems to matter 110% to those who aren't buying one anyway.
I'm buying a ps4, but I wouldn't necessarily call it cheaper. If you factor in that I already have the companion device plus I will probably buy the camera, then I will have spent more than an Xbox One costs. Obviously those are things I didn't/don't have to buy, but to get all the features that the system provides, you do have to pay more than an Xbox One.
no_more_heroes  +   861d ago
That's one of the two main sticking points that remain for me. They still have time before release (and at least two more games conferences) to convince me to get an X1 sooner rather than later.

I was always gonna get one (no pun inte...ah who am I kidding?), it was just a matter of either years, or maybe month before I did so. Recent changes mean "within a year" is now much more likely.

Still not before the ps4 though. Been wanting to play PS2 for ages but my laptop is far too weak and I can't afford a decent enough gaming pc right now.
andibandit  +   859d ago
Im figuring ms will slash the price once ps4 pulls too far ahead
koolaid251  +   859d ago
I know that Microsoft can undercut Sony by $50 they have the money to do so. I also think that this gen last 5 years just my opinion.
Thepharaoh  +   860d ago
A price cut would really boost console sales to help Microsoft back on their feet.Making the whole kinect optional would also be a great way to get some product of the shelve. The have the games the extra features and the established reputation now all they need is a fair price
JBSleek  +   860d ago
Back on their feet? The system hasn't even come out yet....
Hicken  +   860d ago
And yet they've already done quite a commendable job of painting themselves into a corner, don't you think? Alienating the group you need to get your console's install base started isn't exactly a smart plan, but Microsoft's done it, nonetheless.

Sure, it'll still sell at launch, but I think most of that will be on its name, alone. And those soles won't be anywhere near what they could have been.
nosferatuzodd  +   860d ago
go ms go no you'll make it go
GodGinrai  +   860d ago
They should knock $80 off, keep kinect and take the short term hit in profit loss.

I dont think they should back down from bundling kinect though. Now that it comes with every machine devs can really experiment with it. but for the sake of being compeative on a price point, they should lower the RRP before launch.
valknight  +   860d ago
Actually not a terrible idea. They always lose money on console sales.. might be worth it to get the console in the hands of those people who want to cry about the cost
GodGinrai  +   860d ago
Indeed. I have already pre ordered mine. But for MS own sakes I think they should just bite the bullet and possibly reap the rewards of a rapid uptake in their console. plus they will make it back on XBL and game sales anyways.
Sitdown  +   860d ago
$50 price break is suffice..... makes it cheaper than ps4 camera bundle.
andibandit  +   859d ago
Lets be honest, the ps4 camera bundle wont sell anywhere near the pure ps4. Microsoft has to compete with the latter at 399 $, and the fact that the kinect makes their bundle more expensive is their own gamble....which could pay off in the long run.
Sitdown  +   859d ago
That is the marketing strategy...... for only $50 more you hey a camera bundled that allows you to do all these extra things. More bang for your buck. $450 is more win win than I believe $399 is..... speaking from Microsoft's perspective of course.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   860d ago
I think the mandatory bundle kinect is what's hurting it Atm. But Microsoft has a hardcore fanbase that won't leave it's side easily so it is bound to sell no matter what.

And honestly the price isn't even that bad it was just under cut by ps4
GodGinrai  +   860d ago
and lets not forget those hardore Xbox guys usually come with 100 people in their freind lists..and clans of about 10-30 people, that will not leave Xbox. in the end I dont see many Xbox users jumping ship. Who would leave their freinds behind to go play driveclub with strangers?

This is what why no Xbox-only users will be migrating.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   860d ago
Well I think it highly depends, if Xbox was your first console then you are prolly a die hard fan and won't jump ship but I know plenty of people that loved 360 said they would never leave but are jumping ship.

I'm personally waiting to see how Microsoft handles the x1 for a year or two before deciding to buy one. I don't like the evil consumer ways :P
threefootwang  +   859d ago
I was a hardcore Xbox fan for the last 7 years. Maxed out friends list, clan, xbox live, etc. I'm switching to PS4 though because I've had enough of MS and the way they treat their fans. My biggest issue was the fact that with the 360, they stopped making actual exclusives for the last 2 years now (Kinect nor Halo or Gears count as you know they'll always make more of them). They basically told its hardcore they can have fun playing kinect kiddy games (in other words go F*ck yourselves!). Xbox live is a complete rip off, it's only one up over PSN is party chat which won't be an issue next gen. Even with the withdrawal of their policies, you now know what they eventually are going to do and I want no part of it. My biggest issue with it, KINECT 2.0. Never wanted or liked Kinect to begin with, and to think they can just force it on us gamers? Thanks but no thanks.

True I'll miss my exclusives that they DID make, but hey, it's always good to try out something new. Sony learnt their lesson with the PS3, it's obvious they're going out of their way to please those who want the PS4.
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Thehyph  +   860d ago
Agree. As someone who's getting a ps4 though I would rather not see Microsoft drop the mandatory Kinect. To me the idea is still new and there are ideas for Kinect that have yet to become realized. Unless ps4 wins install base by a landslide, which I highly doubt, Kinect is the only opportunity to test bed ideas that could end up being staples of the modern gaming experience down the road. If devs can make something with popularity and acclaim on Xbox One, bringing it to ps4 will only net them more money. Everybody wins.
I'll vote for everyone winning over exclusivity every time.
SgtClutch117  +   859d ago
I entirely agree with you on that point because I'm trusting MS. The PS3 had a lot of sales even when it was almost $100 more than the 360.
B1uBurneR  +   860d ago
MS needs to show the benefits of Kinect 2.0 new features in games. Imagine enemy AI coming towards you based off your focus and heart rate and games difficulties switching on the fly. Dev so take advantage of its feature .. scan and place face in most games as the main character or to customize your MP character I'm just saying it open up lots of possibilities for only $100 more no more predictable AI... ie PS4 games
Seafort  +   860d ago
The Wii had the gimmmicks in the motion controls but it was also alot cheaper than the other systems so sold a lot more.

The WiiU has the gimmicks now and is cheaper but hasn't sold that well at all.

The casual market have had enough of the gimmicks and smartened up a bit to know that they are just gimmicks.

I think the X180 is going to struggle after the initial preorder fenzy the gimmick it has (Kinect) isn't all that good for gaming yet and the $100/£80 more expensive price point is going to do them no favours when people see both PS4/X180 on the stand and one is less expensive but plays the same games better.

This isn't 2005 anymore with MS launching with zero competition...
Stsonic  +   859d ago
Why not just design a sku without kinect and price match the PS4? A lot of people do not care for kinect but this does not seem to compute with Microsoft.
andibandit  +   859d ago
It computes just fine, but you cant tell developers "some of the customers have kinect, please do use it...", customers have it Or they dont, anything in between is just a slow death for kinect.
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B1uBurneR  +   859d ago
Wait until it launch then you talk about the pros and cons
Jiggy7d  +   859d ago
Price point is an issue mostly beacuse you can't have a higher price than your competitor when u have a weaker machine and less games.
B1uBurneR  +   859d ago
Weaker in power doesn't equal weaker in features
ger2396  +   859d ago
To the average consumer, $100 will be a deciding factor when purchasing a new console. Price is crucial, look at the wiiu. Great console, but more expensive than predecessor.

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