The Top 5: Twists in games

For this week’s list Gamer Horizon down a staff member (Ari is on vacation) but up on a whole mess of spoilers for The Top 5: Twists in games! Needless to say that if you haven’t played the games discussed on this list you might want to skip sections of it.

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Kanzes1740d ago

Bioshock series made by Ken Levine always got a mind-blowing twist

ShugaCane1740d ago

Don't forget System Shock ! Especially System Shock 2. I'm surprised it didn't make any list. It has one of the most shocking twist ever.

N2NOther1739d ago

I have the first Bioshock on my list!

shadowmist131740d ago

Assasins creed was a big surprise to me,I went and bought it,played it and then...animus!?! hahaha,biggest surprise in a videogame to me.