Japanese TERA Servers Getting New Swimsuits With… Breast Size Control?

One of the big complaints about character customization between TERA players is the inability to modify a character’s body. Apparently Japanese players are soon going to enjoy a breakthrough on that front.

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Snookies121741d ago

Why only Japanese servers? That seems kind of odd.

Abriael1741d ago

Because they are handled by a separate company (Hangame), En Masse normally is a lil slower at implementing what's implemented on the Japanese and Korean servers, but they do get there :D

blackmanone1741d ago

That's what seems odd to you? My money is on the preteen girl that's shown on the video in her bathingsuit and the ability to give her the chest of a woman. Now THAT'S odd :)

Abriael1741d ago

Elins aren't preteen girls. They're just a diminutive race.

blackmanone1741d ago

Keep telling yourself that :).

mitchell11881741d ago

Always have and I always will ^_^

ATi_Elite1741d ago

Japanese ONLY! That's B.S.

I want Triple D's on my Castonic Female Warrior!

Anthotis1741d ago

If only we could control the breast size of real life women.

I'm guessing the slider would be all the way to the right.

mydyingparadiselost1741d ago

Finally a game that lets me control the size of breasts. Next gen maybe we'll see hardware really pushed and we'll get control of vagina size as well...

ASBO-51741d ago

Nice, this along with the nude mod and we're in business!!

MrTrololo1741d ago

More game should have boob slider. It make the game unique for player that like to play game with one hand only