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Submitted by mrbojingles 938d ago | news

NCAA not renewing licensing deal with EA in 2014

The NCAA has announced that NCAA Football 2014 will be the last NCAA Football game from EA, as they will end their licensing deal next year. (NCAA football 14, PS3, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   938d ago
This is some positive news for those of us who want 2K to make football games again
christian hour  +   938d ago
This news has definitely made up for the fact that EA are making UFC games now, if the ground game doesnt work the same as YUKES UFC games, then I dont want to know how good it looks or whatever, it no longer matters. However if the ground game is somehow better, then heeeell yeeeeah!

I had no idea EA got the NCAA license, I always wondered why 2K stopped making those, even though I'm not american or into american sports, they still sold over here somehow, strange enough theres a few europeans following them there college foozeball games, and I for one am glad to see someone part ways with EA.

Is it just me or did it sound like they were unhappy with EA's business strategies etc going off of this line, "given the current business climate and costs of litigation, we determined participating in this game is not in the best interests of the NCAA."

Or was there some crazy scandal stateside recently to do with College Athletes that they may be referring to?
MaverickStar7  +   938d ago
I think this is more about the NCAA saving themselves from player likeness related lawsuits rather than not being happy with EA Sports.

Over the years there have been many lawsuits raised by players. Most get dismissed because they never used the player names for actual faces.
Jamiek  +   937d ago
It did sound that way. In fact, EA Sports agreed to a settlement after being in a lawsuit which claimed they had a monopoly-like contract with the NCAA, CLC, and AFL. In the lawsuit, it said that EA Sports used these trademarks to overcharge consumers on the games.

Which may be way the NCAA didn't sound very happy with how EA had been using their logo and name for years.

It doesn't affect the games much; they will still be coming out with a new college football one for the next-gen console in a year or so. In fact, they can still continue "non-exclusive" contracts with any of these groups, and plan on continuing a relationship with the CLC.
ceedubya9  +   938d ago

Not if you are looking for college football, it seems. From how this sounds, no company will be making any NCAA branded games in the future. NCAA Football 15 may be the last official college game we ever see.
Jamiek  +   937d ago
I mentioned this on a below comment,but EA still plans on making college sport games. In fact, they have one in the works if you go check out their EA Sports blog's recently news update on it. They will still be continuing a relationship with the CLC, and per that relationship will be able to use all the college/university team names, colors, ect. ect. They only cannot call the game 'NCAA Football', but in all other aspects it will be almost the same thing. Additionally, the lawsuit they settled with forced them to cease all 'exclusive' contracts with the NCAA/CLC/AFL for 5 years (after their current contracts end in 2014); however, non-exclusive ones are open for discussion. It does look, of course, that the NCAA is not interested in any kind of contract--exclusive or not. Yet the CLC seems to still be comfortable working with EA Sports.
YungDragon  +   938d ago
I don't really Like 2K sports games, but I appreciate the opinions of those that do. I would Like to see Sony's MLB team do a Football game though, College or otherwise, just because of the Success they've had with MLB The Show
3-4-5  +   938d ago
Hmmm NCAA Now has the potential to be the best sports game ever in a couple years.

There is a corner of the market wide open now and somebody will jump at the chance to fill that.
nick309  +   938d ago
I cant stand sports game. They feel the same always.
Maddens Raiders  +   938d ago
Thank God.
cleft5  +   938d ago
That's not good for EA.
Jamiek  +   937d ago
It doesn't affect it very much. They can still use college and university uniforms, colors, stadiums, team names, mascots, and more because these are controlled by each particular college/university and the CLC. Really, it just means that other companies can potentially use the NCAA logo/trademarks, and that EA Sports will not be able to call the game 'NCAA Football'.
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jlm9  +   938d ago
The reads like NCAA will not licence any sports games what so ever regardless of developer. I know they have been sued several times by players and former players claiming a share of the profits from the game and sales.

heres a better explanation of why

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ceedubya9  +   938d ago
Yep. Shame too.
DeadlyFire  +   938d ago
I call BS.

The real reason = Anti-competition lawsuit settlement. NCAA can't sign with EA for 5 years. EA has to drop Arena football exclusive license as well in 2014. EA gets to keep its NFL exclusive deal though and can renew that in 2014.

2K now has a window to step into football games again.
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sorane  +   938d ago
Now if only the nfl would do the same. Lets get some good football games going again....
jlm9  +   938d ago
It runs out this year - haven't heard anything about any extention. But I know that a CA court made them pay damages in a group action law suit based on the exclusivity agreement so I suspect next year might be the year for multiple football titles.
xJumpManx  +   938d ago
I might be in the minority but 2k made the absolute worst football games. I like Ea sports football games.
Crystallis  +   938d ago
Well it depends on what type of football game you like. 2k made more of a simulation type football game while EA's madden is more arcade.
xJumpManx  +   938d ago
That is not true anymore. It might have been back then though.
Crystallis  +   938d ago
as far as Madden being arcade still..its true. Its still unrealistic football. Horrible ball logic, horrible ol/dl iteration and the run animation, oh the run animations lol.

Madden gets killed every year by the sim community.
xJumpManx  +   938d ago
Go back and look how awful and slow 2k was. the guys animations were awful.
iceman06  +   938d ago
@xJumpManx...really??? The animation was one of the best attributes of the game. There were tons of animations for tackles and catches. It wasn't the same 4 or 5 catches every time like in Madden. If you like Madden now, it's because of 2K Sports because they have been cherry picking features for several years now.
KillaManiac  +   938d ago
This is not positive news at all regardless of how you see EA.

The manner of how that statement says is they are pulling out of all NCAA related sports titles completely.

So I would rather have a crappy EA NCAA football than NOTHING.
iceman06  +   938d ago
EA has confirmed that they will still make other college football related games. They will probably just spend tons of cash to license the individual teams. They might be able to license conferences, much like they do with leagues in FIFA.
DeadlyFire  +   938d ago
This was due to a lawsuit against EA for owning exclusive license to all football licenses. They must drop NCAA, and Arena football exclusive licenses by 2014. EA can't sign with NCAA for 5 years. NFL license they can renew without a problem as always if they go for that.
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Akuma2K  +   938d ago
I'm not a college football gamer (never have been), but if 2K sports makes the college football 2015' next year i'm definitely buying it because it'll be a next gen version and i know the gameplay and presentation will be there.

Hopefully that will lead to the end of the NFL license deal, i really want 2K sports to get back to making NFL football games because we all know they will deliver giving us everything in the game that we actually see in football games on sunday and can truly say with 2K sports game that "it's in the game" unlike EA has been saying and still hasn't delivered for the last 10+ years.
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ceedubya9  +   938d ago
2K won't be making a college football game, at least not one with the NCAA according to how this sounds.
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Akuma2K  +   938d ago
It sounds like this is aimed solely at EA, doesn't mean other game developers can't make a college football game.
ceedubya9  +   938d ago
Like Omega said, The NCAA seems to be distancing from not just EA, but games in general. This only applies to EA right now because they are the only ones making a licensed football gaming that features the NCAA. With court battles that have been going on, the NCAA obviously wants further the organization from any other possible problems in the future. This would include any possibility of college sports video games created by EA or anybody else. So, I guess there can still be college games, but the NCAA won't be involved in them at all. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. How many individual teams will actually look to do their own licenses i wonder?
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DeadlyFire  +   938d ago
They have to drop EA for 5 years due to a settlement and EA can't keep exclusive license for Arena football games either. They both end in 2014 and can't be renewed by EA for awhile. NFL they keep exclusive rights to renew as part of the deal.
Omegabalmung  +   938d ago
Nope its aimed to every developer :(

"The NCAA has made the decision not to enter a new contract for the license of its name and logo for the EA Sports NCAA Football video game. ... We are confident in our legal position regarding the use of our trademarks in video games. But given the current business climate and costs of litigation, we determined participating in this game is not in the best interests of the NCAA. ...

Member colleges and universities license their own trademarks and other intellectual property for the video game. They will have to independently decide whether to continue those business arrangements in the future."

tbon3man  +   938d ago
Now it's time to do the same with Madden and Activision's COD dlc b/s!
Fergusonxplainsall  +   938d ago
Where's my NHL for next gen consoles?

NCAA made a wise choice. Back in the day the 2K football games were awesome.

I think the MLB the show devs should branch out on more sports.
iliimaster  +   938d ago
i dream of the day i would be able to get my hands on nfl 2k again as far as madden goes haven't they forced feeded us long enough its time to bring back nfl 2k and just make better games as opposed to buying a license so noone could challenge mediocre games
Red_Devilz  +   938d ago
Thank you NCAA
Max-Zorin  +   938d ago
2K already killed NBA Live. The sooner they kill Madden and their NCAA, the better.
Jamiek  +   937d ago
I think this is a good thing. It opens up the genre to more companies and developers to possibly compete with EA Sports (*cough* though that would be hard *cough*). I'm not a big fan of exclusive contracts like what they had with the NCAA/CLC. I agree that it does leave the door open for monopolies, and it's disturbing to think of the idea that (as per the claims of the lawsuit), the company is able to overcharge consumers using such contracts.
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