NCAA not renewing licensing deal with EA in 2014

The NCAA has announced that NCAA Football 2014 will be the last NCAA Football game from EA, as they will end their licensing deal next year.

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NYC_Gamer1739d ago

This is some positive news for those of us who want 2K to make football games again

christian hour1738d ago

This news has definitely made up for the fact that EA are making UFC games now, if the ground game doesnt work the same as YUKES UFC games, then I dont want to know how good it looks or whatever, it no longer matters. However if the ground game is somehow better, then heeeell yeeeeah!

I had no idea EA got the NCAA license, I always wondered why 2K stopped making those, even though I'm not american or into american sports, they still sold over here somehow, strange enough theres a few europeans following them there college foozeball games, and I for one am glad to see someone part ways with EA.

Is it just me or did it sound like they were unhappy with EA's business strategies etc going off of this line, "given the current business climate and costs of litigation, we determined participating in this game is not in the best interests of the NCAA."

Or was there some crazy scandal stateside recently to do with College Athletes that they may be referring to?

MaverickStar71738d ago

I think this is more about the NCAA saving themselves from player likeness related lawsuits rather than not being happy with EA Sports.

Over the years there have been many lawsuits raised by players. Most get dismissed because they never used the player names for actual faces.

Jamiek1737d ago

It did sound that way. In fact, EA Sports agreed to a settlement after being in a lawsuit which claimed they had a monopoly-like contract with the NCAA, CLC, and AFL. In the lawsuit, it said that EA Sports used these trademarks to overcharge consumers on the games.

Which may be way the NCAA didn't sound very happy with how EA had been using their logo and name for years.

It doesn't affect the games much; they will still be coming out with a new college football one for the next-gen console in a year or so. In fact, they can still continue "non-exclusive" contracts with any of these groups, and plan on continuing a relationship with the CLC.

ceedubya91738d ago


Not if you are looking for college football, it seems. From how this sounds, no company will be making any NCAA branded games in the future. NCAA Football 15 may be the last official college game we ever see.

Jamiek1737d ago

I mentioned this on a below comment,but EA still plans on making college sport games. In fact, they have one in the works if you go check out their EA Sports blog's recently news update on it. They will still be continuing a relationship with the CLC, and per that relationship will be able to use all the college/university team names, colors, ect. ect. They only cannot call the game 'NCAA Football', but in all other aspects it will be almost the same thing. Additionally, the lawsuit they settled with forced them to cease all 'exclusive' contracts with the NCAA/CLC/AFL for 5 years (after their current contracts end in 2014); however, non-exclusive ones are open for discussion. It does look, of course, that the NCAA is not interested in any kind of contract--exclusive or not. Yet the CLC seems to still be comfortable working with EA Sports.

YungDragon1738d ago

I don't really Like 2K sports games, but I appreciate the opinions of those that do. I would Like to see Sony's MLB team do a Football game though, College or otherwise, just because of the Success they've had with MLB The Show

3-4-51738d ago

Hmmm NCAA Now has the potential to be the best sports game ever in a couple years.

There is a corner of the market wide open now and somebody will jump at the chance to fill that.

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nick3091739d ago

I cant stand sports game. They feel the same always.

cleft51738d ago

That's not good for EA.

Jamiek1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

It doesn't affect it very much. They can still use college and university uniforms, colors, stadiums, team names, mascots, and more because these are controlled by each particular college/university and the CLC. Really, it just means that other companies can potentially use the NCAA logo/trademarks, and that EA Sports will not be able to call the game 'NCAA Football'.

jlm91738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

The reads like NCAA will not licence any sports games what so ever regardless of developer. I know they have been sued several times by players and former players claiming a share of the profits from the game and sales.

heres a better explanation of why


DeadlyFire1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I call BS.

The real reason = Anti-competition lawsuit settlement. NCAA can't sign with EA for 5 years. EA has to drop Arena football exclusive license as well in 2014. EA gets to keep its NFL exclusive deal though and can renew that in 2014.

2K now has a window to step into football games again.

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