The Last of Us - Is Uncharted 3 Still a 10 After The Last of Us?

"Now that there's another Naughty Dog game with a 10 from IGN, does that mean Drake's Deception means less?"

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ShugaCane1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

In my opinion TLOU takes the story telling and the immersion to a whole new level, but it doesn't "downgrade" UC 3 at all, for me. What I think of the game hasn't changed a bit even after playing TLOU.

Abash1707d ago

Uncharted 3 is just as much of a 10 as The Last of Us is a 10, if not more so. Uncharted 3 was the third installment of Uncharted and had to find some way to top and improve upon Uncharted 2, which many considered one of the best games ever made. Ucharted 3 did just that, bringing even more amazing set-pieces, evolved melee mechanics that made it even better, fantastic character development and a story with nice twists and huge action moments and was bold enough to put the characters before the treasure this time around.

I just think Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us are two masterpieces

asmith23061706d ago

Uncharted 3's aiming mechanics to this day are awful. I got through it first time I played it but after getting it again on ps+ its hard to play through it again.

Enemy1706d ago

I hate questions like this. What's one 10 got to do with the other? Two different games, two different franchises.

So The Last of Us is now considered Naughty Dog's best game. Let me go back to Uncharted 3, another 10 game, compare it to a survival action game, and figure out why it's not a 10 anymore. Does this make any sense to anyone? It's pretty idiotic. Uncharted 3 is a 10 game, just like Uncharted 2 is. The Last of Us is just as much a 10 as both, if not more, considering so many people are seeing it as Naughty Dog's best now.

Naughty Gods reign supreme.

omi25p1706d ago

How can you even act as if UC3 has an even remotely decent story. It was as if they wrote 4 complete storys and cut them together.

None of the twists had any impact on the story, none of them made sense. They flip flopped around different locations with no real reason for being there.

They built on a sense of betrayal. But no one betrayed anyone.

They acted as if there was a mystery to Drake but there wasn't

It was Michael Bay kind of stuff.

BattleAxe1706d ago

I played some Uncharted 3 multiplayer lastnight for the first time in around 8 months, and I forgot just how much fun it is, and how great the graphics look.

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Thatguy-3101706d ago

Uncharted 3 was never a 10 in my book. It wasn't a bad game but it definitely wasn't better than Uncharted 2 or in this case The Last of Us.

Lovable1706d ago

Same. I thought U2 was the epitome of the series. TLOU is on a whole different level though.

Colzer011706d ago

"Immersion to a whole new level"

Yeah, sure.. Like a clickers which have a finely tuned ears that hear your quietest movements. And yet, your companions speak all too loudly near enemies or stand blithely in the open, all while the grotesque monsters obtusely ignore them.. or when a gang of savage monsters waits patiently for you to open a door to freedom, and watches ambivalently as you close it securely behind you.

r211706d ago

ND made that happen in case the partner AI decided to act wonky. They didnt want all the hard work of stealthing through a section to be busted by your partner's AI.

ShugaCane1706d ago

What about the georgous environments, the incredible amout of details in each of them, the stellar soundtrack and sound design and stuff like that ? Don't they contribute to the immersion ?

Colzer011706d ago


Yeah they contribute it, but it doesn't take immersion to 'a whole new level', many good games have that, nothing new

1706d ago
pixelsword1706d ago

Yes, in terms of time. We do not re-grade games 4th dimensionally or else where do you stop? The first Uncharted? Earlier consoles?

csreynolds1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

My thoughts exactly. You can't go about questioning review scores each time a new (arguably better) game comes out; when U3 came out, people thought it was worthy of 10/10. When TLoU came out, the tens rolled in again. Yes, there are obvious advancements in visuals, story etc. in the latter, but the former is still stellar. I played U3 after completing TLoU and love every second of it.

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Nitrowolf21707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

I love both games, but for me Last of US really out did it.
I like UC for what it is and last of us for what it is.
Both are 10's

OT: Also, lol that's my image (featured) I PS a while back XD.

bloodybutcher1705d ago

i would not give TLOU a perfect score, I kinda don't like that enemies ignore AI partners, even when they are running in front of them. either they should sneak better or just get attacked. it really annoys me...other than that, I think it's a great game, even though I get a bit frustrated with Survivor difficulty.

Ezz20131705d ago

that was ND choice they didn't want them to break your stealth when enemies spot them
they become visible when you are in a fight

nick3091707d ago

A 10 on a different level. Dont forget it's an older game as well.

wishingW3L1707d ago

Uncharted 3 was never worthy of a 10 but Uncharted 2 was.

PygmelionHunter1706d ago

Exactly, Uncharted 3 would need to be a 10 for this article to even exist, and even then, there is no reason a game should lose its score just because a newer game (specially one that isn't from the same franchise) gets released.

Riderz13371706d ago

"Exactly, Uncharted 3 would need to be a 10 for this article to even exist,"

This is IGN, the site that gave Uncharted 3 a 10/10. So what the hell are you talking about?

InTheLab1706d ago

Uncharted 3 is not a ten when compared to Uncharted 2 but it is compared to it's other peers. I think some people are confused on this. UC3 is better than a lot of games, and in the absence of UC2, it's right up there with TLoU.

I think it's not really fair to compare a really good game in UC3 with two legendary titles like UC2 and TLoU.

PygmelionHunter1706d ago


IGN only seems to be relevant around here when it comes to Sony exclusives and I don't even dislike Sony at all, just sayin'...

GribbleGrunger1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Yes, because it's not a 'comparative' 10, it's symbolic of a great game. Games improve all the time and it would be ludicrous to assume future quality in order to justify downscaling the score of recently released games. We are not blessed with hindsight in the 'now', we can only assess something as of this moment, this time, this era. Perhaps, given hindsight, we could argue that TLOU is more deserving of a 10 but we can't argue that Uncharted 3 shouldn't be a 10.