SmartGlass not 'popular' or 'responsive' enough for Rayman Legends

However, with the move to multi-platform development, wouldn't it be possible to recreate the same multi-screen gameplay on Xbox 360 with SmartGlass? Series creator Michel Ancel told us no. "It's not as responsive as we need to," Ancel explained, adding: "it's not very popular today."

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PigPen1109d ago

I knew it wouldn't catch on.

Abash1109d ago

What happened to the 17 million downloads MS was saying SmartGlass has?

kreate1109d ago

I downloaded it. But it said I needed to do something else so I was like forget it.

Than never tried it again

brich2331108d ago

Nobody uses it. I have it downloaded but i forget i have that installed on my tablet.

auragenz1109d ago

Give the wii u some time, no doubt Mario Kart will show the importance of Nintendo betting heavy on 2nd screen functionality.

Grimhammer001109d ago

Only game I see this second screen gameplay being a little successful is with bf4 commander.

But really, it's a what point can we say WiiU is a failure? Do we just keep saying "wait until game x - you'll see!"

kreate1109d ago

Fallout would be interesting w the small screen being the pipboy.

bobacdigital1109d ago

Off screen play is an amazing feature no matter how many people are discounting it.

Rayman and Nintendoland have used the second screen the best so far. And as far as repeating the wait for games line. I think we need to wait until holiday 2014 before declaring it a failure. They have a lot of first party coming out soon.

Dj7FairyTail1109d ago

uh Game & Wario even though I haven't played it
The Wonderful 101

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Software_Lover1109d ago

What are the lottery numbers for the mega millions

Cmk01211109d ago

Yet ps4 has made a companion app similar to smartglass? Hmm

N4g_null1108d ago

you would think they would test it out before delaying the game? i smell ms moneybags... i dont even think ill buy this game now... too many other games coming w101 and sonic or rayman.... too bad ubi...

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fattyuk1109d ago

Another day another positive Microsoft thread


Cmk01211109d ago

Sonya's app for ps4 too sir hmmm

IcicleTrepan1109d ago

The responsiveness is why they have WiFi Direct in the Xbox One for this very purpose.

Software_Lover1109d ago

smartglass has infinite devices it has to work on. The Wii-u has one device (screen).

Not popular enough? Neither is the Wii-u it seems..... bada bing!!! jokes people, jokes.

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