Here Are Some Screenshots of Flashback HD

Ubisoft has announced that Flashback, a remake of the 1992 title, will be released on August 21st as part of the XBLA Summer of Arcade, for 800 Microsoft Points [$10]. It will also release on Playstation Network and Digital PC this autumn. The new updated version will be in HD and 3D but it will also be bundled with the original 1992 game.

Ubisoft will be showcasing Flashback at the Xbox Lounge during Comic Con and fans will have hands-on access to experience the newest gameplay demo.

Here is a gallery of screenshots to whet your appetite.

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Tetsujin1772d ago

I remember playing this in the before time; now if only they HD Out of this world and Heart of the alien.

MrDead1772d ago

I can't wait to play the Death Tower Show again.

1772d ago
BootHammer1772d ago

This game was great back in the day! Really psyched they are doing a HD remake. Definitely a must have at $10.