10 Hilarious Alternate Costumes

The end of the world might be happening, or there could be a fight to death you’re about to get into, but let Arcade Sushi lighten your hearts and get in a few chuckles as we unveil 10 Hilarious Alternate Costumes.

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David88Corn1947d ago

Loved the alternative costumes in the various Dead or Alive games. Some had a little more to them than others.

CaptainYesterday1947d ago

The Doughnut Drake always makes me giggle also I'll add the Bunny Rabbit Plushie Suit from Lollipop Chainsaw I thought it was pretty funny :)

GenericNameHere1947d ago

Dairy Cow KRATOS??!! Which game was this in? Also, Doughnut Drake. Awesome!

I gotta add yellow jumpsuit (the one Bruce Lee wore) Ellie and Wei Shen. They don't do anything, but they look cool. Also, Ellie with Daxter's helmet.

fattyuk1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

dairy cow kratos??

It's a character f rom PAIN.

kratos lol