Best dressed video game characters

Style is very rarely seen consorting with function. Far too often they are foes battling for man's attention as he attempts to navigate the depths of his wardrobe.

It's in the renderings and pixels of video games that the masters of style and function are to be found. The following selection of characters are the very embodiment of the expression "dressed to kill" - gentlemen quite capable of nonchalantly sipping an Old Fashioned one minute before breaking your face the next. Note: giant swords or guns don't make for the ideal accessory.

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CaptainYesterday1683d ago

No Francis York? That dude looks good in a suit also what about Travis Touchdown and his red jacket he's lookin' pretty fly.

level 3601683d ago

Sam Fisher/Splinter Cell.

plaZeHD1683d ago ShowReplies(1)
plaZeHD1683d ago

Nathan Drake. They made him like a famous hollywood actor.

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