Original Flashback Included with Flashback HD

Ubisoft have announced that the original Flashback will be included with Flashback HD, coming as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade.

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CaptainYesterday1775d ago

Well that's pretty cool good for the people that maybe didn't get a chance to play the original :)

darthv721775d ago

flashback was a great pseudo followup to out of this world. I liked both but flashback was the better of the two (IMO).

If they were doing an hd remake of this, they should consider an hd remake of OOTW as well.

Snookies121775d ago

It'll be great to have the original to go back to as well. Neat little addition, and one I definitely appreciate.

jc485731775d ago

funny how people mentioned how he kinda looks like Drake.

fermcr1775d ago

Great news. That way everybody is happy.

hankmoody1775d ago

The animation was incredible for its time. It's a relatively short game though, once you get familiar with it. I had this on the Sega Genesis. Great stuff.

Godlovesgamers1775d ago

Both OOTW and FB were mind-numbingly stupid and controlled like dog poopy. They also didn't age well.

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