Angry Birds Star Wars Outed for PS3, PS Vita, More: $39.99, Given October 29th Release Date

It looks like the birds will be making their way to PlayStation and other systems once again.

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Sev1610d ago

$39.99 for two goddamn iPhone apps? They'll have to force choke the money out of my wallet.

DxTrixterz1610d ago

You can get them for free on android.

Minato-Namikaze1610d ago

Maybe throw in a force lightening and even a Force hypnosis as well.

n4rc1610d ago

Wow.. I love how they charge $40 for a game I can get for free on my android..

Total rip off imo

Roper3161610d ago

they can keep that over priced garbage

stage881610d ago

Downloaded the Angry Birds Star Wars game on iOS a few days ago because it was free and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It still has me hooked and I'm not a Star Wars fan. The new abilities are great.

The original angry birds is actually crap though.

Anon19741610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I really enjoyed Angry Birds Star Wars. I loved the progression through the game and some of the puzzles are legitimately challenging. Even talking about it kinda makes me want to play it right now.

But $40? It's fun, but it's free on Android. Why on earth would it be $40? I'm missing something here?

Ah! Apparently I was missing something. Helps to read the article. The new game comes with "telepods" and figures that you can zap into your game, much like Skylanders. I imagine that $40 will come with an assortment of toys as well which you can then use in-game. Seems a bit more reasonable when you consider that Skylander starter kits cost $80.

I wonder how many are going to do what I did and simply judge this comparatively to the $1 app instead of reading the article?

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The story is too old to be commented.