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Square Enix: No Huge Graphical Improvements Likely in PS4, Xbox One Launch Timeframe

Games will look better later this year, but the gap won't be too big. (PS4, Square Enix, Xbox One)

ShugaCane  +   595d ago
I wasn't expecting the gap to be huge by the launch timeframe anyway. It always take some time for the improvements to become really significant. What we've been shown so far already looks great enough for me to wait for devs to come up with truly mindblowing stuff.
Need4Game  +   595d ago
It's sad that Square Enix can't Afford better Graphic Tech.
With PS4 higher performance, that'll helps with anti-aliasing, and smoother Gameplay.

Reflecting on their Financial woes, I guess its better for them to Focus more on Better, less Buggy, more-open world, more-diverse Gameplay.

Plus Square Enix have too many Game Engines (FF's Crystal Tools, Luminous Engine, Tomb Raider's Crystal Engine, Hitman's Glacier 2).

I really hope Square Enix can combine all their Tech and make one Great Powerful Game Engine for Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Hitman series and all their future Games.
Maybe it's the Luminous Engine, time will tell.
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Kleptic  +   595d ago
its still fall out, imo, from the mess of this generation in terms of tech...so, with that said, there is PLENTY to improve upon for the time being...and so far, early launch titles look to do just that...

the ps3/360 era introduced a lot of extremely good looking games...but the HD problem was never solved...most games are 720p, if that, and usually around 30fps...if they were higher than that, they were relatively simple in design...

Current gen games have no problems with complex lighting systems, elaborate post processing, very deep animation programming, etc...instead, they struggle with texture resolution, AA, frame rates, etc...

I'm just saying, currently...we're in no need of graphical innovation on a complex and expensive scale...we just need existing 'ideas' to facking run better on consoles...PC has been doing that for years (taking games that have no significant increase in anything but res/framerate, etc.)...

If you take something like killzone 2, uncharted 2/3, TLOU, etc...and pump it out at 1080p/60fps with upped AA...no one will complain for the time being...
Cuzzo63  +   595d ago
These guys? I use to love Square, now they are getting kinda.... square. I say they are full of it. The gap will be relevant enough to notice. Better textures, draw distance, fps, lighting, more polys, better resolution. If KZ, SS for ps4 and Ryse, Forza5 for xb1 is any indication. ... I think the next gen systems started off pretty good if you ask me.
TheTwelve  +   595d ago
Yeah, I've decided I'm pretty much done with Square. They used to be why I played videogames but this has deteriorated to where I don't care for them at all anymore.

skept3k  +   594d ago
If you want next gen graphics all you need is a decent PC. I have a powerful enough PC to run current games completely maxed out. I highly doubt next gen consoles at launch will top what is currently out there.
Cuzzo63  +   594d ago
What will you gain if I switch to pc. I dont wanna lol. Im cool with the hassel free consoles. If I get a pc then I wont be able to play the sony exclusives. They interest me more. Besides, most pc games are getting console ports anyway. I can deal with the mid-high. Prolly gonna take me about $800 to build a ps4, maybe a lil less but without GOW, TLOU, Infamous.... I rather just deal with the ps4 lol. Sorry. Games matter more than ultra high graphics.
BallsEye  +   594d ago
Because they've said something NOT AMAZING about ps4 and some good things about X1? You are sad.
Cuzzo63  +   594d ago
??? Sure you got the right article. I didn't see anywhere they praised one system over the other in the article... Maybe im missing something.
Campy da Camper  +   595d ago
Remember, too that devs had no idea about the whopping 8 gigs Sony was gonna put in the final build. What we saw at e3 were demos and alphas that were utilizing 2-3 gigs.

With the huge about of ram that is now available, I suspect 2014 is going to have some major games with fantastic draws, textures, AI etc.
3-4-5  +   595d ago
Usually in year 3-4 you start to really notice the difference.
Cuzzo63  +   594d ago
Square Enix: No Huge Graphical Improvements Likely in PS4, Xbox One Launch Timeframe


Square Enix: No Huge Graphical Improvements Likely in our games for PS4, Xbox One Launch Timeframe

Xaphy  +   595d ago
launch games always look a bit better than previous gen games but not by that much. We wont see full power until next year and beyond.
InMyOpinion  +   595d ago
Is that King ov Hell in your avatar? Hail Gorgoroth!
Xaphy  +   595d ago
Infernus :). Fav band. Hail!
Timesplitter14  +   595d ago
that's the impression I got from the games we've seen so far
Dobgamers  +   595d ago
I see damage control here!
CalamityCB  +   595d ago
Damage control of what to be exactly?
This happens every gen, the first jump to the new consoles are usually made up of multi-gen games (e.g. A game that is on the PS3 and PS4).
For this first year I expect nothing more than developers getting use to optimizing to the higher polygon count and games with higher frame rates.
Dobgamers  +   595d ago
I was joking guys
elhebbo16  +   595d ago
that was a joke?
kwyjibo  +   595d ago
I think you're going to be limited at the beginning of the generation, because the install base isn't there.

Which means that games, such as Watch Dogs for example, are going to be cross-generational. This will inevitably hold them back a bit.
CRAIG667  +   595d ago
I disagree, Killzone shadows fall looks far superior to anything this gen has to offer,Ryse son of Rome is also worth a mention I think...
wishingW3L  +   595d ago
true. Go compared some videos of last gen FPS to Killzone SF and the difference is pretty big! These people must be blind if they think otherwise... The resolution, the amount of NPC, the lighting, the bigger maps, the insanely long draw distance, etc.

And what about inFamous SS? Digital Foundry say is the best looking next-gen game on consoles.
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Salooh  +   595d ago
Killzone shadow fall looks awesome but i think there are better looking games that have been revealed let a lone what will be revealed in the coming months..

The witcher 3
Mirror edge 2
Battlefield 4

All looks stunning and worth mentioning when it comes to graphics and even gameplay.. These are examples that makes me feel that i'm playing next generation including killzone. We need new ips with new ideas to make next generation fresh but the sequels are still holding a place in my time and wallet..
specialguest  +   594d ago
KZ:SF did not impress like KZ2's real in-game trailer debut. KZ2 showed amazing particle effects, lighting, atmospheric effects, various death and hit animations, in-game cut scenes that looked CG, and a sense of chaos in the battlefield. All of which was not possible on the PS2. Looking at this video and reliving the moment still gets me hyped: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

With KZ:SF, all we get seems to be sharper high res textures/graphics. I didn't see any major graphical feature that makes it a big leap yet.
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DivineAssault  +   595d ago
Same thing happened with the current gen.. Launch titles were only high res versions of last gen games.. It usually starts with minimal improvements & evolves throughout the years
Need4Game  +   595d ago
Focus on Better Gameplay, is Better for them to recover their finances.
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n4rc  +   595d ago
It all comes down to money IMO..

Squeezing every drop out of a consoles takes time and money.. They just don't need to..

Like people have mentioned... It really only needs to look better then last gen or the last game.. If they went balls out now, what the hell would they do next year.. Or 5 years from now..

Its not lack of knowledge or ability..
Supermax  +   595d ago
Again bf4 on both consoles running 1080p 60 fps 32 v 32 possibly 35v35 if what dice is saying is true is a big leap.
Erudito87  +   595d ago
yeah the higher resolution will make a massive difference
wishingW3L  +   595d ago
not really... There are a couple of 1080p games like on PS3 like Virtua Tennis 3, some basketball games, GT5 & 6, Ridge Racer, etc. but they all still look like last gen games.

What make games look next-gen is the lighting, textures and stuff like that. Just look at the original Crysis to see how its pixaled shadows make it look like a last-gen game even though the game can be ran at insanely high resolution and frame-rates.
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Erudito87  +   595d ago
i went from 720p console gaming to 1080p pc gaming and it really does add sooooo much more. I hope sony re releases their ps3 games for ps4 in 1080p that would be awesome.
D-riders  +   595d ago
like sony said easy to learn hard to master
airshiraz  +   595d ago
im sure this new gen we will have pure eyecandy graphics and i dont expect anymore improvement for 9th gen
airshiraz  +   595d ago
im so excited about this gen and i call it golden age of gaming and we will experience surprise after surprise and we will enjoy it so much but gamers after us wont experience such great revolution and these great surprises
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Gamer666  +   595d ago
Usually the first year of a gen is lame. The companies let the over-hyped excitement of new consoles create sales...

Year 2-3 is where you see the big "game changers".

Then, subsequent years are the milking years...
kryteris  +   595d ago
If the games run on at least "high" settings, and at a resolution of 1080p.. (no tricks) then that is a HUGE improvement!
worldwidegaming  +   595d ago
Last gen was a jump from sd to HD.
Now it will go from console graphics to near PC quality graphics.
Over time not counting console exclusives, gamers will come to accept that
Not every company can afford so many mistakes like square enix has.
As long as they give us crisp and clean with a solid frame rate its fine.
If you really want the best just buy a gaming rig (or make one.)

By late 2014 we will begin to enjoy ourselves...
IraqCombatVet  +   595d ago
This is expected. It's new technology. It takes time to familiarize yourself with it. The graphics will be a huge leap in due time. Anyone remember when the Xbox 360 came out and you'd see everyone saying, "Xbox 1.5". Then Gears of War screenshots started being released and people were like, "The game won't look like that". Then the game came out and that was the end of the graphics debate for most.

"Metal Gear Solid 4 won't look like that", "Uncharted won't look like that", "God of War 3 won't look like that", "Killzone: Shadowfall won't look like that", "Infamous: Second Son won't look like that", "Games won't run at 1080p/60fps", "Next-gen consoles won't release till 2015, 2014 the earliest".

When will people learn that this dance happens all the time and soon enough a developer will release something that shatters expectations. Serious question, has anyone ever been COMPLETELY disappointed with a console generation since the NES/Master System? I mean there were absolutely no games in that generation that didn't impress you gameplay/graphics-wise?
Bolts  +   594d ago
There might not be a huge graphical improvement if you're making crapstatic JRPGs with annoying spikes haired teenagers. Those games are already glossy as hell and stocked full of cut scenes. But if you're making immersive western RPGs that are immersive and open like Skyrim and Fallout, then yeah, there will be a huge leap.
Cuzzo63  +   593d ago
Jrpgs are not craptastic lol. Jus the last few they put out maybe. Its something different. I love rpgs whether jap or american. Im missing the good jrpgs tho. Prolly why im playing Ff3/6 and Chrono Trigger on my Note 2

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