The Top 10 Superhero Games Ever

Sometimes reading comicbooks and watching the movies isn't enough, you just have to play as your favourite superhero. With Comic-Con just around the corner, Starcount ask what the most popular superhero game ever is and use data from various social networks to discover what games make it the top 5, and of course who tops them all.

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Venox20081710d ago

Aside from Batman:AA games, I love Spiderman and Venom: maximum carnage..such an awesome game!!

Ezz20131709d ago

batman is just incredible and we are lucky to have a dev that can give us a real batman game

and am i the only one who think the best spiderman games are the ps1 games ?!

macethedon1709d ago

Yeah spiderman 2 was brilliant, ah the memories.

morganfell1709d ago

The really made a mistake by not including the most true to character superhero game to date - Xmen Origins Wolverine.

MisfitsInc1709d ago

i cannot agree with this list, for it does not have The Death and Return of Superman

badboy7761708d ago

I want a New Spawn Game.


cliffy b. or david jaffe