Top 10 Reasons Why GTA V Is Better Than GTA IV

The GTA series has come a long way, and each game brought something unique to the table. But while GTA IV was an incredible game, it lacked many features of the previous game, San Andreas. Now GTA V aims to bring back those features, and then some. Here are ten ways it's better than GTA IV.

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bumnut1771d ago

Sorry but that is just not true, how old are you? im guessing not very old. I have been around long enough to know that newer is not always better.

Tiqila1771d ago

thats a quote from how I met your mother... how old are you?

bumnut1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Is it? never watched it, im 34

I don't watch much TV, I only watch Walking Dead and Top Gear!

madara0sama1771d ago

The trailer already has more than GTAIV has. There you go. The only reason you need.

Xof1771d ago

Because it can't be worse?

annus1771d ago

Metacritic would like a word with you.

Einhert1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

because metacritic is a good place to tell whether a game for you is personally good or not.....

You have to be an idiot to make purchasing decisions based on critics.

Sorry to say but GTA IV took itself to seriously, was dull grey and boring, it also stripped a lot of features from San Andreas so it was automatically worse IMO.

annus1770d ago

I didn't say it was a good choice for personal preference. If it has a 98/100 rating obviously a majority enjoyed the game or it would have gotten worse reviews. I know reviews don't even matter much, but Xof saying it can't get much worse was saying that it's pretty much crap, which wasn't the case for most.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1771d ago

Α true gta fan won't look at the article , we know the reasons to buy it and we also know why it is better than gta iv *sorry for my bad english , im from greece)

skydragoonity1771d ago

There's no need for 10 reasons. Every body knows GTA V is better than IV

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