BF4 Fans Make Fun of COD: Ghosts With Fish AI Dog Tag

Enjoy this piece of cultural detritus, which pokes fun at Call of Duty: Ghosts in Battlefield 4.

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ape0071740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

CoD Liver Oil is great for your health xD

irepbtown1740d ago

It's a great source for Vitamins and Omega 3.

COD is fascinating!

SirKilla1738d ago

Cod fans make fun of cod... All I hear when playing cod is people complaining about pore hit detection.

GameCents1740d ago

Why are CoD gamers hated by the gaming community? I'm a BF fan myself but see no reason to mock the other side.

TD_hastetheday1740d ago

Because it's the most overrated game series ever.

ape0071740d ago

nope because it sells wayyyy more than their soul mate bf's

Soupaman661740d ago

having something overrated isn't their fault but the consumer's. We cant admit that the effect of making fun of call of duty is making it more popular. Also nobody likes whoever is selling the most or is on top(financially, not quality). We look for something big and make it look pitiful to make ourselves feel better than them. I don't have any hate towards any developers because although many people might not like their game, they still got the chance to make a successful product for people worldwide. Its going to be a long time until we say "good for you. Although this game isn't to my liking, I'm glad others are entertained." I know I'm going to get disagreed on but I just want to tell my unbiased opinion/truth.

SirKilla1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Because for a few things: it's well design and fun, When the hit detection works its rather a fun game.
Since hit detection is just about the worst ever, fun games are rare.
Throw in bad spawning, lame knife kills, akimbo, drag scope and quick scope.. And client side server that rewards bad connections
Who I'm I kidding! Their games suck!

admiralvic1740d ago

Because CoD is popular and you're more likely to run into an "awful" person than a smaller game that is less popular (even smaller like Uncharted or Halo). A good example would be the number of squeaky kids spouting out hateful nonsense on military shooters, which you just don't see as often on other games.

Kryptix1740d ago

If you're a Battlefield fan then you know it deserves to be in the spotlight more than Call of Duty. I understand buying Modern Warfare 1, maybe MW 2 and World at War, but after that it's all just copy and paste games with no change to the engine. And the moving fish A.I. is another great example of where the focus is. Adding nothing special to the game again and trying to make it sound like a game changer.

GameCents1740d ago

So you're saying the hate is warranted because a game they enjoy takes up more spotlight than a game that I enjoy? That sounds rather juvenile.

I've poured over 600 hours into BFBC2 online and probably 30 mins into MW1 and in my opinion BC2 is vastly superior. I do not however harbour any ill feelings towards MW1 simply because it is more popular.

Kryptix1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Did you even read the rest of my comment or a Call of Duty: Ghosts commercial came on and you got distracted? lol

Edit: It's because people tend to buy the same game over and over and not notice that it's just the same exact game with new guns and killstreaks while Battlefield always adds something new to the whole formula. And guess which one is popular? The one with the least effort put in, and that's why it deserves to be bagged. Wouldn't you rather have DICE get all the support Treyarch/Infinity Ward are getting? More support would mean a better experience and DICE has proved that they always give it 110%.

GameCents1740d ago

But why direct the hate at the gamers as well? Being bitter at CoD gamers serves very little purpose.
As for your quip about CoD Ghosts, you are welcome to take a peek at my Gamertag, I have only ever played MW1 and while I enjoyed the offline split screen MP, I didn't buy another one after that.

CoD may deserve to be bagged on but actually hating on a person for enjoying the game is retarded.
I say open season on the developers for saying stupid things like AI fish move away but unless a CoD fan mocks me or my game then I choose to let them be.

But's all about choices right? I can choose not to be juvenile and hate strangers for loving a game I don't enjoy much and you can choose the other option.

Kryptix1740d ago

You keep missing the point. lol The people that buy a half-assed game are the same people that make it more popular than it should be. What would you say if Saint's Row 4 was more popular than GTA 5? Rockstar put so much effort into GTA 5 but Saint's Row 4 somehow becomes more popular because of the gimmick of beating up people with dildos? They deserve to be bagged because they buy into gimmicks and the smaller changes. When you got Battlefield which is a much larger game, that's where those gamers should be going to. Aren't you going to call me stupid if I buy The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and rate it a 10? When that money should of went into something better like Telltale's The Walking Dead which is a much superior game. That should be a clear example.

GamingTruth1740d ago

your lying comment will be passed around for generations and the internet will agree with you thats where your 9 agrees come from

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Mounce1740d ago

You might as well ask "Why do people feel differences? Why can't people just be indifferent and feel nothing like a zombie?"


GameCents1740d ago

I reject that premise, it is nonsensical I FEEL passionately about pasta in a good way.
I do not care for sushi but I'm not passionately against or those that enjoy it.

You would have the entire world divided and pitted against one another based and their opposing likes.

Liking what you like while maintaining a healthy rivalry is one thing, simply hating someone because they like something else is moronic.

Mounce1740d ago


"Liking what you like while maintaining a healthy rivalry is one thing, simply hating someone because they like something else is moronic."

I don't think you're on the same page as everyone else or why they hate others and you're stretching it thin.

ziggurcat1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

when you go on camera, and tout something like fish AI as being an incredible innovation to the game then try to pass it all off as a "joke" later on even though it actually wasn't, then you deserve every bit of mockery that comes your way.

and of course, i don't mean you personally, i mean you in the general sense.

GameCents1740d ago

The devs do deserved to be mocked, no doubt about it. But my question is about the hate people display towards the fans, not the games.
Love what you love but don't others for loving what they love.

oof461740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I think it's funny. Not in a "Hahaha, eat it CoD!" way. Just, funny.

Einhert1740d ago

It is because you are not a child

3lectricpancake1739d ago

Well I play BF and CoD but the fish AI is just something to joke about

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CaptainYesterday1740d ago

Battlefield fans are always picking on the little guy (CoD) :P

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