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RBlue_Desire1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

What! So does this mean Whole SR3 was a movie?
-__- Why did they even wrote the story of SR3 then.

PS.Didn't seen the trailer yet. Will edit after seeing.

Is that a clone or something?

CaptainYesterday1711d ago

I don't think it's actually Gat because the Player is transported to a virtual version of Steelport.

UnHoly_One1711d ago

We never saw his body. I kept waiting for him to come back in SR3, I was shocked he didn't.

Alexious1711d ago

I think they should have released the game either earlier or later than GTA V. It's too close right now.

UnHoly_One1711d ago

I would agree with you but I don't think the games are competition for each other, honestly.

They are so different I don't think SR4 is going to be hurt by GTAV any more than any other game being released near to it.

The_Truth_24_71711d ago

The aliens probably revived him.