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Submitted by TalesofGaming 940d ago | opinion piece

5 Reasons The Last of Us Isn’t As Good As It Could Be

Hailed by critics, universally praised by gamers and a strong contender for Game of the Year despite it only being July, the Last of Us has maintained pole position for the five consecutive weeks running, solidifying itself as a PlayStation exclusive that people actually know about. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

allformats  +   941d ago
Not another one of these. Nothing is ever as good as it could be. But The Last of Us is the best gaming experience this generation.
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ShugaCane  +   940d ago
Agreed. But when you think about the insanely incredible improvement Uncharted 2 was over the first one.. Can you just imagine how insanely insane the sequel to TLOU could be ? That's just.. Beyond imagination.
Hydralysk  +   940d ago
Let me just change a bit of your quote for poignancy: "But when you think about the insanely incredible improvement Uncharted 2 was over the first one.. Can you just imagine how insanely insane the sequel to Uncharted 2 could be ? That's just.. Beyond imagination."

Then we got Uncharted 3, which I enjoyed, but it wasn't as good as Uncharted 2. There is no guarantee that a sequel will be better than it's predecessor, even with Naughty Dog.
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minimur12  +   940d ago
you want the clicks? here's the clicks...
CrimsonStar  +   940d ago
Had to rely to you because I thought the same thing before they even launched the game . I didn't like uncharted 1 that much at all maybe a 7/10 , and then U2 came out and it's actually one of my favorite games of all time . With that much improvement they did from U1 to U2 they can make TLOU2 the best game ever . If they can improve on the gameplay , and keep the story and characters on par that would be awesome .
ilikestuff  +   940d ago
first id like to say i love the game
the story and gameplay are amazing, but they could fix a few things
1. i had to restrart the game twice cause of glitches, on the first occasion i went into a room that wasnt there and i was floating, on the other i was in the middle of a cinematic battle and it muted and the camera went to hell and i couldnt make the kill i needed to to progress
2. ive noticed some graphic inconsistencies, most the game looks awesome then ill come across a pixelated box
once again i love the game, in my top 5 for ps3 hands down, would be top 2 if they'd fix these issues
ShugaCane  +   940d ago
I don't get how did you guys experience such glitches. I completed the game 3 times and nothing like you described happened to me. I guess I must be very lucky..
InTheLab  +   940d ago
I don't think any of this stuff would improve TLoU. It would turn it into something else, of which people that use real world logic on videogames would bitch about...

The more I think about it, the more I appreciate some of the choices made with TLoU.

If everyone drops the supplies you need, ND has to build a challenge to suit the fact that you are a walking surplus store. So instead of dealing with a pack of wandering have to deal with a whole army because you have enough supplies to deal with it.

Or what if everyone you killed dropped a healthy supply of bullets? You have all of these bullets now, so ND has to send waves and waves of dudes at you, which means you are playing Uncharted, instead of TLoU.

I think people are using real world logic instead of videogame logic and it ruins their ability simply enjoy playing videogames. Within a videogame, you have to create a set of rules for the player in order to create a challenge.

Imagine if Resident Evil used real world logic. The game would be about 1 hour long, as you no longer need the Master of Unlocking. You can just boot open doors or climb over obstacles.
rmedtx  +   940d ago
My expectations for this game were really high. I was afraid it was just hype. But when I played it, I was blown away; it exceeded my expectations. Brilliant game!
j-blaze  +   940d ago
agreed completely with this article, here's more "my opinion"...
all the talk about the incredible story was BS the story wasn't special, complex nor deep, boring characters except for Joel, dialog is horrible and most of them you can barely hear "in-game dialog", glitches and infinite loading screen
the 14yo girl is the most ridicules character in gaming, she can kill an army of hunters and zombies, she knows to to treat wounds and use medicine, drops F bombs every time she speaks, she can handle the recoil of a rifle and take head shots even, there was a part where a hunter was chopping a man in front of her but she was cool with it showing no emotions of fear or shock, she even used a meat cleaver to cut a hunter's neck, and the part where she steals a horse and ran the hell she survived the mobs blocking the way in the mountain?!! i can go on and on...
the game meant to be realistic but it's not it feels more like a cartoon to be honest, the game is overrated
HammadTheBeast  +   940d ago
This guy hasn't played it, he's a complete idiot who's mad that its never coming to his console of choice.
Valkyre  +   940d ago
5 Reasons I wont read this article:

Because I dont give a shit.

And yes that is one reason. lol
babis1974  +   940d ago
and 100000000000000+ reasons why this article is full of s***
Bathyj  +   940d ago
He has some points, I wont lie. Last of Us is not perfect. Its just brilliant.

I would like to drag bodies.

I would like to shoulder swap without aiming.

To use a brick more than once. Maybe a brick breaks into a half brick.

To break a bottle and then use a shard of glass.

To pick up a rock, or box or any number of items laying around that might not be good as weapons but could have been used for distraction.

I would like to upgrade arrows so they dont break so easily and make me more inclined to use them.

Supplies are limited but surely RAGS were everywhere. Dead bodies with clothes on. You just couldnt use them.

No, Last of US isnt perfect and its ok to say that, its still one of the best games ever made and it just goes to show that part 2 could make as big as an improvement as Uncharted 2 did over 1. Let that concept soak in for a while.
Inception  +   940d ago
I think draging bodies is a waste of time. Sooner or later your enemies will see you draging their friend bodies and than you just fighting them instead of run away from the scene.

That's why i rarely use this feature in MGS 2, 3, or 4. When i'm dragging some soldier, their friends always saw me from afar. And if i hide the bodies into the bushes / locker, their friends always contact the radio and got alert because there's no answer. But it's a good feature though and it can give more realistic vibe to the gameplay.
hankmoody  +   940d ago
You know, as much as I loved this game, it sort of lacks in the replay value department. It kind of has the same appeal as watching a really depressing film several times over. In a way, I feel like replaying it multiple times would almost ruin that magic of experiencing the amazing and moving story for the first time. I'm kind of just sitting on it for now and waiting a bit before I replay it again.
hankmoody  +   940d ago
And one more thing: that Polygon review that stated that the game's atmosphere was almost ruined by some dodgy AI routines had a very good point. It wasn't consistent and kind of shattered what the game was trying to achieve, especially when fellow NPC's would stand in the open and enemies wouldn't see them.

To say this game is perfect is a bit of an exaggeration but still, it doesn't take away from just how impressive the game is.
Jaces  +   940d ago
The point with the AI running around I wholeheartedly agree on. But you have to think, at least ND were smart enough to make it where the enemy AI wouldn't take notice of tweaking out allies running and stomping around to their hearts content. If they did then I can assure you their'd be a lot more deaths and complaints from fans and reviewers alike.

Never had a perfect AI ally in any game, so I let this one go, but it would be nice to see them polish it up a bit in future games, or perhaps the DLC/sequel/prequel to TLoU.
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hankmoody  +   940d ago
That's exactly how I feel about it. I think they saw that they couldn't necessarily keep the AI under complete control so they made enemy detection a little more forgiving. It says a lot that even with this small hiccup, the rest of the game is just that good that it really doesn't even matter. Now I'm wondering if the people who hit me with disagrees even bothered trying to get my point but thank you for replying in a mature fashion and giving me the assurance that not everyone on N4G is a raging ding dong.
Jaces  +   940d ago
I do my best to add a little sanity to this site, though I admit, I come here more for the comments to get a good laugh once in awhile.
shadow18spirit  +   940d ago
Im sick and tired of these articles
Ultraplayerxp  +   940d ago
I wish I didn't bother clicking. For those of you wondering, the author couldn't find anything substantially wrong with the game so he resorted to criticizing the most arbitrary things like dialogue and how Joel can knock over a trashcan without alerting the enemy, which he can't actually do BTW. But whatever, I'll just sit back and laugh as people continue to fabricate stuff to bring down this game.
toxic-inferno  +   940d ago
The author admits that he loves the game. He's simply stating a few things that would have improved what is already a fantastic game.

Is TLOU some kind of cyber-religious-idol, that whenever anybody suggests it's imperfect, they're immediately lynched by the rest of the internet?

I think the game is incredible, but to say that it has no negative aspects is laughable.
ravinash  +   940d ago
I remember knocking over an ironing board and this drew one of the infected into the house.
Great, because then I could take it out.
r21  +   940d ago
Point 1, yeah guess more stuff could be great. Would like to have thrown a piece of concrete or something. Maybe next time?

Point 2, again maybe next time, partner AI would react more humanly, if that were even possible at this time of gen

Point 3, some wonky physics is bound to happen, no game is perfect when it comes to physics.

Point 4, well, they probably dont feel fear cause you know, some random just killed one of his mates. Who wouldnt be pissed his buddy just died. Also, they do feel fear once they've been knocked down and you're aiming down at them with a gun.

Point 5, Ellie is still a teen. Joel is used to shit like that since hes been doing all kinds of gore for 20 YEARS. Ellie may have been born in that apocalyptic time but she is still quite young. Dont think any human teen could easily get used to a human loosing his legs from a freaking bomb.

Neat read, makes me wanna play through TLoU again.
Brucis  +   940d ago
If there's two things I hope they improve, if they make another TLoS that is, it's the AI and the whole 'find ladder, find plank, find raft, and repeat' thing with the levels. Otherwise the game's pretty damn good.
MonChiChi  +   940d ago
No, Please no sequel. TLOU is like Cowboy Bebop, good the way it is.
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rmedtx  +   940d ago
I agree. Maybe a game in the same universe but leave Joel and Ellie alone.
j-blaze  +   940d ago
please don't put an overrated game and Cowboy Bebop in the same line!
BeardedPriest  +   940d ago
A prequel showing us Joel and Tommy after Sarah's death....
sly-Famous  +   940d ago
There is no such thing as the perfect game but TLOU is as close as it gets, besides everything this guy mentions will not improve on an already damn near perfect experience.
Keregan  +   940d ago
Overhyped for months, beautiful graphic, good story but the gameplay is still the obvious ND's weakness. I'm happy i only rent it for a week (5$) that is all this game worth imao. I prefer games that can entertain me more than 30hrs (beat it twice normal and hard mode), i don't see much replayability unless you like listenning to the same cutscene again and again. Now if The Journey or Walking Dead (tellgates) can win the GOTY this one certainly can to considering how irrevelant this award has become.
jjank11  +   940d ago
there is so much to love about TLOU but there are sure some things that could have made the experience perfect. Like fixing up some of the AI quirks, and making the game more adhoc in terms of getting around obstacles and the towns.

A Co-Op campaign mode would be somewhat cool as well.

Maybe i'm in the minority but the listening mode was cool but could have made the game without it.

One thing would be cool if they released like a Directors Cut of the game at some point.
Godlovesgamers  +   940d ago
"5 Reasons The Last of Us Isn’t As Good As It Could Be"

5 reasons your amatuer writing and "journalism" skills aren't as good as they could be.

See how that works?
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CommanderWTF  +   940d ago
Looks like this looking for clickers.

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