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iamnsuperman1647d ago

That is a good month for me. I have only got one of those games. It is a shame the Need for Speed is just the PS3 one but still I am happy

hkgamer1647d ago

Agreed, I would have preferred the Vita one. PS3 got a decent list but I'm not really interested in those games and the vita list looks boring.

oh well, maybe next month.

minimur121647d ago

dammit, WHY DID i SIGN UP TO US PLUS, I am EU, and thought I'd sign up to US, let's hope US is just as good!

hkgamer1647d ago


I think you made a big mistake. EU has a better plus library for PS3 content compared to the US. But I think that vita US has better than EU.

abzdine1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Damn this month is crazy.. i always wanted to try Mafia II and LEGO on Vita looks amazing!


Fluke_Skywalker1647d ago

Mafia 2 is a great game, dont let anyone tell you otherwise! just don't be expecting an open world type game, it's a very linear story driven game, it just happens to have an open world that you can't really do anything in.

abzdine1647d ago

i'm actually not a big fan of huge open worlds, i rather prefer intensity. I have tried the demo when it first came out and i kinda liked the grphics and the gameplay physics. Definitely gonna DL this one.
Thank you

Salooh1647d ago

Lego sucks. Spec ops already have it from the US ps+

The others are alright but not really exciting. I know i know , i'm always complaining to you but that's what i think when i see these lists when they could do much better especially in the vita..

hkgamer1647d ago

why can't someone moan about the offerings? its not like he is asking for his money back.

Salooh1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

apparently they are not considering your comment as a joke.. xP

I'm not asking for new games. There are a big library of great games that people didn't support it. So why not bring those games . For example : Heavy rain , mirror edge and others that really worth my time.

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The Meerkat1647d ago

Lego Sucks? Are you serious?

You may not be the target audience for the Lego games but they are far from sucky.

Salooh1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

The vita version suucks compared to the console version . That's what i meant..

minimur121647d ago

You don't have the right to complain when something is free

Salooh1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I'm paying for ps+ , it's not free -.- . I'm sorry but your excuses are not really a reason to disagree. convince me with reason not in a fanboy way. PS+ is not freeee. I as a consumer demand better games. It's not wrong , it's best for you too . I want great game that didn't sell a lot. These games are not really something i call great . They are normal games..

HammadTheBeast1647d ago

Come on though... you're paying $50 for all these games (over 100). I don't expect them to be the absolute newest or best. Maybe next month.

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sway_z1647d ago

2/3 games I never got around to buying...thanks PS+ !!!

Mr-SellJack1647d ago

mafia 2 and NFS MW for me,glad they're adding more variety
the leaked prediction was half false

Dark_Vendetta1647d ago

To be honest I'd have liked the leak to be real. DMC is a good game, and would have been a great addition. But I guess it'll be added later on (maby next month)

Genuine-User1647d ago

I wanted to buy Spec Ops and NFS a few days ago but decided to pass due to being short on money. I can't believe Sony is offering both of those games, love it.

Fil1011647d ago

I was thinking bout buying mafia 2 the other day from store but got tell tales the walking dead and glad I did.

slimeybrainboy1647d ago

Mafia 2 is so good, one of my favorite games this gen, very underrated. It's a little stiff in menus, customisation and variety but it's a good story, gameplay and setting. This is why these ols games are good in PS+ for people like you who never picked it up and don't have a major reason to go back.

Campy da Camper1647d ago

Mafia 2 was surprisingly good. Awesome story and game play. The graphics are pretty good, too.

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