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PES 2014 to skip PS4 and Xbox One due to 'install base issue'

"We're not sure how quickly the uptake of the next generation will go", says Konami marketing exec (PES 2014, PS4, Xbox One)

Lone_Man  +   780d ago
"We're kind of damned if we do and damned if we don't." - WTF
GribbleGrunger  +   780d ago
This is ridiculous. I remember a time when devs realised it was up to them to help make a console popular but now it seems devs want a console to be popular before they support it.
abzdine  +   780d ago
what a stupid thinking from Konami!
So what they're saying is they're gonna be a year late in terms of performance with PES because no PES before 2014 on next gen? This is ridiculous!

I am not planning to buy the broken FIFA once again due to next gen EA prices and zero improvements and i was counting on a next gen PES coming out soon. Well guess what, Konami PES team just disappointed me once again.
3-4-5  +   779d ago
You guys are all missing the point. Soccer is worldwide and more popular everywhere other than the US.

The rest of the world still is going to use this gen hardware for a while. It always takes them a bit longer to adapt to the new gen hardware.

This means you can keep putting out Soccer games on older hardware and having them sell really well.
THamm  +   780d ago
This is actually a good thing. Look at the recent past console release sports games, watered down and just graphically superior crap. So waiting a year for a game to take advantage of hardware is good. Plus it looks like it's going to be a heck of a game on current gen with excellent visuals as well
iamnsuperman  +   780d ago
"The fan base is with the current gen, and before moving on we want to make a good game with the new engine"

Seems more like they spent a lot of time developing it for current systems and didn't expect a new system to release so early
NYC_Gamer  +   780d ago
I don't think Konami have the funds to do both like EA does
Baka-akaB  +   780d ago
I doubt they dont have the funds . Thing is the ps4/xb1 versions would be the same with an higher resolution most likely , and they didnt felt like doing that , unlike say ... EA.

Especially when trying it to regain the favor of its public .
If they did that they'd lynched , despite imo a game that looks more gorgeous than what was shown of fifa 14 next gen so far .

Damned indeed ...
dragonyght  +   780d ago
they did the same thing last time that's how the lost the crown to EA who were able to release 2 fifas on ps3 and 360 while PES was the ps2 and xbox ,they end up playing catch up this gen . look like konami don't have any attention on taking the crown back
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jizzyjones  +   780d ago
Its a shame because next gen fifa has zero competition now, I would of probably got PES over fifa this too
mcstorm  +   780d ago
I still think they are missing a trick by not making a Wiiu version as there is no fifa this year on the console and there are so far 4 million customers that could pickup this game on the Wiiu. Im one of them as im not getting fifa on my xbox one this year.
mcstorm  +   780d ago
Lol at the disagrees.
slimeybrainboy  +   780d ago
I wish PES would get it together, they act like a B title so they get treated like one.
mafiahajeri  +   780d ago
Excited to see ignite engine on next gen as far as PES they played their cards wrong...
Ggame  +   780d ago
Hell !!
Don't you need at least trying to run your new engine on new-gen platforms rather afraid you not get enough money much you fund it?
sway_z  +   780d ago
The past years have favoured Fifa anyway...no major loss here.
mushroomwig  +   780d ago
I hope this attitude doesn't spread to other publishers and developers.
Africa-Garvey  +   780d ago
murphy, please kindly port it,
it will sell very well on wii u, pes is Nintendo's favourite back in the iss days till now.
Also it would be easy to port since the wii u architecture is similar to the ps360, and the game will still Look better as the
wii u is slightly powerful than the ps360
Animal Mutha 76  +   780d ago
Not surprised. The first round of games almost need to be MS first party or funded in some way as any other big title developer will only release where they can guarantee return/profit.

That's the problem with modern big games. They cost to much in development to be risked on a new/small user base.
Melankolis  +   780d ago
Installer base may not be the "real" issue here. The real issues are :
- The release date of PES (usually Q3) is almost near the launch of PS4/X1, so expect the tight competition of which games people buy during the launch.
- PS4/X1 launch only confirmed (until now) for NA/Euro, where the gamers usually prefer Fifa

So, maybe the effort for porting (and -don't forget-localizing) PES for X1/PS4 may not be worth for the moment.
Spontogical  +   780d ago
Cop out.

We all know, Konami. No need to hide it. :)
Africa-Garvey  +   780d ago
Please Murphy & co. (dev), the Wii U has close to 4 million installed base.
FACT: PES franchise always out-sell their FIFA counterpart on Nintendo's console.
ghoh1  +   779d ago
what the hell pes??? so basically they handed the next generation to fifa, well at least for 2014

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