The sad story of Ashes Cricket 2013

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I don't know what happened with the development process that led to the extended delay for the game's release. Surely it had to be pretty major, because frankly this delay is a hair's breadth away from commercial suicide. What was an opportunity to make enough of a return from the games investment to justify a bigger production for a future cricket game is going to instead be a game release that will only appeal to the hardcore cricket fans in the marginal game markets. Ashes Cricket 2013 is going to be much less of a success than it should have been, and that's a real pity because I would have loved nothing more than to see a Cricket game punch above its weight in the market."

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BlingBlaine1703d ago

Nobody cares about cracket

showtimefolks1703d ago

yeh no body that's why its more famous athn any american sports and 2nd most watched sports in the world behind soccer

so yes no body

sly-Famous1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

uuh, actually that would be rugby and then cricket but yes it is more famous than any american sport and cricket actually has a "world" cup where a bunch of countries play not like in america where a bunch of clubs play (from the same country) and then call it the world series.
No disrespect to the USA but thats the way it is.

showtimefolks1703d ago


no way cricket is more famous and played on a more international bases than Rugby

also i agree its amazing how new england patriots vs ny giants can play where both teams are less than 1000 miles away from each other and winner call them self world champs lol

also when usa baseball plays in world baseball classics they loose to other countries

soccer,cricket,rugby all more famous than any american sports

jony_dols1703d ago

Around 2 billion people in the Indian sub-continent would disagree with you!

MattS1703d ago

People who can't even spell 'cricket' when it's properly spelled a few hundred pixels above their comment don't have opinions worth reading.

MattS1703d ago

Also note that there are 120 or so countries around the world that are formally registered with the global cricket organisation.

That's a lot of people that care about cricket.

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Fireseed1703d ago

Ya see I usually tell my friends I don't enjoy sports games because "We can just go outside and play it." But in the case of Cricket, I could go outside and play it... but why would I want to?

showtimefolks1703d ago

just because you didn't grow up playing cricket doesn't mean a lot of people don't

in new York alone there are thousands of teams that play each Sunday where game takes 4-5 hours to complete and party afterwards

just like people like playing catch with their dads well to me that's the most boring thing in this world, but that's because i didn't grow up playing

americans are so close minded, just because this country isn't good in any major international sports doesn't mean sports world doesn't care about soccer and cricket along with rugby

Fireseed1703d ago

Well there's the difference between me and BlingBlaine, I was expressing my own personal dis interest in the sport while not commenting on it's popularity. I do know how crazy popular the sport is. I'm allowed to not like a sport, and to comment on how I don't like it. But I won't go lying and say no one cares about it. I am very aware of the world outside my countries borders.

P.S. Were not all so different, I found playing catch boring too. Still hate baseball to this day. Personally I grew up with Boxing and Hockey... Sometimes I'd get them mixed up haha

showtimefolks1703d ago

I am sorry I didn't mean to come as aggressive it's just that many think world outside of USA isn't important