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My experience with Sony’s appalling customer services

How a random crack on the Vita screen turned into a nightmare for the customer. (PS Vita, Sony)

Kingthrash360  +   861d ago
I had to deal with them when I got the ylod on my ps3. long story short...the customer service representative was being a di*k. I ended up cussing him out abd talking to his boss. boss solved problem.....moral of story...if they treat you bad, cuss them out ask for management problem solved. pretty sure this tactic works with most customer service lines.
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iamnsuperman  +   861d ago
You don't need to "cuss" them. Talking in a controlled and normal manor is enough. All you have to do is say "can I speak/take this up with your manage"
Hellsvacancy  +   861d ago
No, some people when i'm on the phone upset me that much I HAVE to tell them that they're morons and i'm not going to be treated in that way, otherwise they will think they can speak to anyone like that
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Aceman18  +   861d ago
Yea everyone will have a different experience when it comes to customer service. When my original 60 gig broke down when the discontinued that model the rep was actually cool enough to send me a brand new 60 gig from their warehouse.

The second they sent me a new one back 4 days after I sent it out to them only negative was that whoever opened up the system didn't send me back my GT5 that was stuck in the system. That turned out to be OK because a week later a Sony rep gave me his copy for free at my brothers Gamestop when he came there to demo KZ3.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   861d ago
@kingtrash, totally agree with you some people need to be cussed out because they don't give respect. Some people no matter how nice and respectful you are to them will still treat you like dirt so applaud you for cussing them out.

I do it when I have problems with customer service and it makes them double think before being a smart azz
iamnsuperman  +   861d ago
"However; I was then told that the serial number had come off due to general usage. They then said they could identify the console from the remaining numbers, but due to the lack of the serial number it was now out of warranty"

I have this issue right now but I am not backing down. My sticker came off after 5-6 months use and now my screen has gone funny and unpredictable. I have sent a letter, after I called them about the issue, the other day and if that doesn't do anything I will find other means to annoy them. If it means standing outside their office naked with a billboard so be it. It is unacceptable that an important sticker comes off so easily.

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NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   861d ago
Lucky for you That it is actually an issue with the screen not a crack. I say this if you only have the manufacture warranty that comes in every electronic devices for a year. This is replaceable by them because you had absolutely nothing to do with it and is more than likely an internal issue or defective display, which the manufacture warranty has to cover. If this person had a bad time with sony's customer service but only had the manufacture warranty and no extended accidental damage protection than his fight and anyone else's fight is hopeless because they will not repair your screen. If that gentlemen did buy an accidental damage protection for it then they are totally ripping him off and are being dicks about it.
iamnsuperman  +   861d ago
I know but they still said my warranty is void because of the stickers falling off. I am going to fight it though. I can't afford a replacement nor would I pay for it if I could. I am just going to keep trying with them and if that fails I will just take it higher and contact the Office of Fair Trading....
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NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   861d ago
I've had a similar situation with an asus touchscreen laptop that was a bad batch right from unboxing. I thought they might have been glitches on the screen so I gave asus some feedback. They were pleasant enough to tell me " that is most certainly no bug, but a defective display". The screens responsiveness was pretty bad day after day until I finally called them like a month or two later and told them that I have a bad screen and that that the one year manufacture warranty should cover. And that was it NO hassle NO nothing. They knew I was right and they sent it back to me with a new screen incredibly fast. If I ever have problems like this I hope I experience the same level of no hassle as I did with these guys.
Patashnik  +   861d ago
Say what you like about Microsoft, when my XBL account was compromised (and I lost A LOT of money) they bent over backwards to make sure I was not only reimbursed, but back up and running as quickly as possible. They even gave me a whole heap of bonuses and then checked up on me a month down the lie to see if everything was okay.

I couldn't fault them at all - it was very impressive.
minimur12  +   861d ago
very impressive, I'm not on team Xbox but that sounds awesome :)

I may be a playstation fanboy, but I'm more level headed, for example I'll agree that the triggers are better on Xbox ( apart from the fact they're so thin)
I do agree that both sides has it's advantaes/disadvantages, but to be honest, Sony knocks it out of the park with exclusives, look at this photo:

anyway, that's awesome to have such awesome customer service :)
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   861d ago
When my brother tried to cancel his X-Live they charged him again and told him to pretty much deal with it.

Both have good and bad
FanboyCrusher  +   861d ago
That's a lie, they don't, and can't do that. They can't recharge you for something such as a Gold subscription attached to a credit card, and when you want to cancel it they charge you the same amount again. From a business point of view that doesn't even make sense. Somebody paid for a certain amount of time, stopped the auto charging, and screwed themselves out of the days left in their subscription, but they want more money from you? Why? They made their penny. It just doesn't work that way. Microsoft of all things they mess up on entirely, they have phenomenal customer service. Long story short Microsoft has it's shortcomings, but it's customer service is one of the best in the industry, hands down.
oof46  +   861d ago
@KingKellogTheWH:Yup. It's why I don't tie my credit card to my console. I've heard it takes a lot of hoop jumping to fix something like that.

However, when my first machine red ringed, whoever I got on the line was really friendly and professional.
Aceman18  +   861d ago

Actually king is telling the truth my friend at work had his live acct hacked and lost money when he called their customer service they told him they'd fix, but they actually charged him again for the same amount that was charged to him by whoever hacked the acct.

He said it took 6 months to actually get his money back, and after that he cancelled his live acct.
Benchm4rk  +   861d ago

I agree mate. I couldn't fault MS customer service at all. Very helpful and polite on the phone. Have never had to deal with a RROD despite owning a launch console so I guess I was lucky. I did however accidentally stand up and smack my head on the disc tray causing it to not stay closed. My console was out of warranty and it only cost me $118 postage included to fix the drive and they gave me unlimited warranty for 12 months. Sony however was a different story. After about 12 months my console died and would not power up. Could not work out why possibly a power surge. When I contacted them I got rooted around for a while before speaking to a nice person who then went onto explain that it will be a flat fee of $250 and I would have to pay my own postage on top and that I would receive a whopping 3 months warranty when I got the console back. I laughed and hung up the phone. EB games here in Australia at the time were selling pre owned consoles for $299 that came with 12 months warranty so in went down that road. Would never wanna deal with Sony customer service again
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   861d ago
Ive had bad experience with all of them Except Nintendo (never called them)

My friend though had pretty good with Sony and MS,Sony r helped get his old data onto his new ps3 and bricked the ps3 that was stolen from him.He's also owned like 10 ps3/360's....

Also,prepare for fabricated and exaggerated stories!...as you can find already.
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GameCents  +   861d ago
I find that most stories pertaining to "my friend" are bogus. . .
DragonKnight  +   861d ago
Yeah because everyone has nothing but great experiences with all customer services except for Sony's right?
Aceman18  +   861d ago
I actually tell a true story of what happened to my friend with his live acct and I get disagreed to hell and back because ppl refuse to believe bad customer service can happen to any company including their favorite ones smdh.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   861d ago
What purpose would lieing about that serve?
It happened,he also got a replacement for his Xbox when it died,since that is pro-Ms I bet you'll be happier.
oof46  +   859d ago
@KingKelloggTheWH: The only experience I've had with Nintendo was calling their gametips hotline as a kid.
hiredhelp  +   861d ago
Think can be hit and miss here in UK customer services can be pain often tryin to get threw to talk to management cant be done.
I have phoned in past Sony couple times one for my old PSP witch was out date cost of a refurb was ridicules the other was replacement YLOD witch i got replaced then sold on to buy Slim.

My dealings with MS at first was ok.. When i had te launch 360 but after needing a replacement on 2-3 even 4th time. The manner changed resulting inthe end they wouldn't give me back my purchases on XBL. This made me wild of course these were launch 360s and replaced with refurbs.
By that time PS3 was launched sold up bought PS3 and resistance fall of man i was good for solid 3years till got a slim.

Customer services Never something enjoyable im always concerned on who im gonna be taken my matter up with somebody nice? Ignorant? Arrogant? Or just wants to hang up on me.
theWB27  +   861d ago
Oddly I had the same issue with my PS3 and 360. I couldn't log into my accounts.

xbox360- locked me out of my account after an update. Couldn't reset the password because I had long since erased the email tied to it. In short, Micro has no way of bypassing their own security measures so that they could unlock my account. Had to start a new gamertag.

PS3- Same exact ordeal. Called Sony and 5 minutes later I was back in my account.

Even though I prefer Xbox, this instance was just stupid. Especially since they can't bypass their own security.
nukeitall  +   861d ago
It seems stupid to you, because you were a legitimate user.

However, these measures are there to prevent hijacking of accounts. Employees generally should NOT be able to do this.

That said, MS can fix it for you, but you have to prove you own the account and the process is lengthy.

Moral of the story, add a secondary security like email or phone number. Also change your email address when you change email accounts!
theWB27  +   861d ago
The only thing I couldn't do with Microsoft was tell them my security question. Everything else I proved. Yeah, employees shouldn't be able to, but Sony got me back into my account with a reset. Micro doesn't have that in place.

I realize my mistake...but things happen when you have an account for 5 or so years and nothing goes wrong. You kind of don't think about the extra measures. Even with the employees not having access, there are ways for them to have been able to reset your profile or something.
nukeitall  +   861d ago
You just don't tell them the information and they unlock it.

When it happened to me, I had to fax them an id. In my case the drivers license.

Getting easy access also means relaxed account security. Take your pick?

That said, sometimes customer service representative are incompetent. If it fail, try again.
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Bolts  +   861d ago
My credit card had to be locked out because I lost wallet, which locked out my Playstation Account because Sony wasn't able to complete a charge on a DLC I just bought. Problem is I'm not able to unlock my PS Account until I dealt with their idiotic customer service who refuses to let me use the same credit card number.
talocaca  +   861d ago
I didn't bother reading. I worked for a Sony store for some time and I can tell you the following:

The store CAN help you if you are nice and civilized.
The screens don't suddenly break...you broke it....it is a glass panel after all.
You SHOULD keep your product documents.

I know many won't like this post...but breaking a screen and demanding a free fix is like crashing your car and asking Toyota for a replacent.

Sony is VERY reliable but when it fails...it is not easy to get it fixed.

Other brands break super easily, they know it so they will just fix it or give you a refub.....Xbox?
Tultras  +   861d ago
Since you didn't bother reading the article, I'll point out something for you.

The Sony rep confirmed that the screen breaking was an internal fault and that it was completely their responsibility, and the owner was in no way responsible for the breakage.
elnacho  +   861d ago
That my friends is why you should always read an article before commenting on it :)

In addition to Tultras' comment above:

The necessary "product documents" in this case was the serial number on the Vita which had worn off with usage (If you've ever owned a Vita or a PSP you know the ink on these stickers wears off very easily. On my 3yo PSP, it's as if nothing was ever printed on the sticker), and because of that Sony said the product was not guaranteed anymore.
Nivalis  +   861d ago
I dont buy it, the article claims that he sent the vita off for repair with his charger.. when i had a psp fixed (died during a system update) and when i had a vita with pixel issues, BOTH times i provided my consoles info and they sent a guy out with a pink foam box, with seals either side, the guy at my front door would then break the seals in front of me, open it and take out a brand new device, exchange it for the one i had in my hands and be on his way with the broken device.

BOTH times thats how sony fixed my consoles, despite one being when i lived in the UK and the other being last month, living in Tokyo.
iamnsuperman  +   861d ago
I have had that with a PS3 replacement. My old PS3 started freezing after a few months use so I contacted Sony. By the next day I had a guy with a pink box replacing it. Sony's service is generally good despite my latest predicament.
Jdoki  +   861d ago
This doesn't really strike me as 'appalling'. Yes, mistakes were made and it could have been handled better, but that is not appalling service.
WeAreLegion  +   861d ago
It's customer service. When has it ever been good?!?
Mikefizzled  +   861d ago
Lets face it all of the manufacturers will have their horror stories. Shame Sony don't have something on par with the Xbox Support Twitter. Who will even scour keywords incase someone sounds like they have trouble but haven't asked for help.
Mr-SellJack  +   861d ago
had a bit of bumps myself but they're alright
someone post this go go go!!
DragonKnight  +   861d ago
There is no such thing as perfect customer service. I don't care what fanboy side of the fence you're on, ALL of the Big 3 have their own poor instances of customer service and that all comes down to training. If you've ever seen the show Undercover Boss you'll know what I'm talking about. There are plenty of management level people who do not properly train the initial customer service representatives to deal with a lot of issues and so you end up having a lot of horror stories about customer service.

Customer service isn't a black and white situation of either excellent or atrocious. It, like humanity itself, is a "living," unpredictable organism that no 2 people will ever have the same experience with.
mushroomwig  +   861d ago
You're always going to get bad customer service, no matter what company it is. I've worked in a few different call centres and you always get good agents and bad agents. Some of the staff just don't give a damn about you while others will go to the ends of the Earth for you.
Cmk0121  +   861d ago
I ran through 5 ps2's because of the disc read error, and on the last ps2 i owned i sent it in to get fixed at starland video. starland video fixed it and it was like 100 buck. SO a few months later the damn thing breaks again, pissed to no end that i now have owned 5 ps2's (dumb consumer me) i was 16ish at the time....so i called sony and told them i had been a loyal customer who had bought 5 of their consoles and spent 100 bucks fixing the last one. they said they were terribly sorry asked what was wrong i told them it kept getting the infamous disc read error https://en.wikipedia.org/wi... and that instructed me to pay the shipping send it in and if they couldnt fix it they would send me a new one. so i do, weeks pass and still no word, i call back and ask whats the deal in to which they say i had another company working on it which voids the warranty (which i knew, and i explained explicity starland had fixed it) so they are sending it back and not fixing and sorry i was out of luck on the shipping costs. IRATE to say the least when next gen came i bought an xbox 360 and by grace of god i didnt get the rrod of death the entire generation...which was a HUGE HUGE issues with 360s. thats my little sony nightmare story in which sony fans will call BS or say i was dumb for buying more consoles...i can agree i shouldnt have bought more ,after first two for that matter, with that said still doesnt make their crap customer service any more helpful to tolerate
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Cmk0121  +   861d ago
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DragonKnight  +   861d ago
Considering your comment history, should it be a surprise that people would call B.S. on your story?
Drekken  +   861d ago
You had a bad Sony experience? I had a great one... let me share:

I bought a Sony TV in 2005 (50" LCD) Around 2010 it started getting blue dots in the corner and random spots. I contacted Sony THROUGH FACEBOOK and the girl Amanda asked for some pictures and serial numbers and such. I provided them and she came back with a list. I could get a 46" brand new replacement for $225 or a 50" for $350. I took the 46" and it was at my house within a week.

Their customer service was top notch.
isarai  +   861d ago
That sucks, i only had to use their customer service once to fix my old 40gb fatty that stopped reading discs and it was honestly the easiest customer service i ever had to go through. all i did was call them up, tell them the issue and my UPC number and that was it, they sent me a box to put my PS3 in, i left a letter in there saying Uncharted was still in the tray(which had me worried) and it came back on schedule with uncharted in a little paper slip, they even resurfaced and polished the top of my PS3 as i noticed a small scratch and nick that had previously been on my console was now gone. i seem to be the minority though, or maybe it's because i always over prepare for returns and support
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ThyPizzaGod  +   861d ago
I sent in my 3 year old broke PS3 back is Feb and it went by smoothlyyyy.
Yes i was without a PS3 for 3 years because i was a HS student and broke like a joke. Got a job and now i have my PS3 again and the customer service guy was really cool and sent me the old 60 Gb fat model! Mmmmm piano black finish

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