Ubisoft Talks Watch Dogs: PC, Co-Op, Side-Quests, Notoriety and More - AusGamers

AusGamers has interviewed Ubisoft Montreal's Eric Baillargeon about Watch Dogs, who talks openly about the PC version of the game, which he confirms will also support companion app functionality. They also go into detail on the notoriety system, side-quests, the tech driving the game and much more.

From the interview:

"Yeah, we aim to release in November 2013, on all current-gen and PC," Eric told us. "For next-gen platforms, the dates are still to be communicated, but yes it’s being built at the same time by the same team in Montreal, so expect it to have the same kind of delivery for every platform."

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SuicideKing1800d ago

Can you play normal console to console co op? I am a little worried as I have not seen anything on that yet. Also how would that work, 4 aidens running around?

AedanClarke1800d ago

Four Aedans running around would be better.

Shadonic1800d ago

On everyones own console they will look like aiden but to others they will appear as a different person.

SuicideKing1799d ago

That's cool,I'm way pumped for this game!

wtopez1800d ago

Ubisoft has a pretty terrible track record with PC ports. I was just playing Assassins Creed 3 on a i5 3570k / GTX 770 build and it's a hot mess. Frame rates as stable as an epileptic break dancer. Meanwhile they hit it out of the park with Far Cry 3. Also Uplay. Ugh. I have hope for this one though- with the new consoles being so similar to PC's.

starchild1800d ago

I don't know if it's because you are using nvidia, but I run ac3 just fine on my HD 7950 and i5 2500k. Far Cry 3 generally runs at 60fps, but drops lower in a few places.

For how good both games look I think they run decently well. The main problem with AC3 is that it doesn't utilize more than one processor core.

RedDeadLB1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

It's not his GPU, it's simply the game. It's a poor excuse for a port. Not only performance wise but controller support also. The game freaking resets my controls every time I start the game, so I have to configure the controls all over again every time. Never even bothered to finish it.

Tundra1800d ago

The 770 is a brand new card. Drivers probably need to mature a bit.

wtopez1800d ago

I was running it before on a 660ti. I honestly don't think it's a hardware issue. Far Cry 3 ran perfectly on the 660ti and runs even better on the 770. Starchild mentioned that AC3 only uses one processor core, which kinda shows that Ubi didn't do a proper job porting the thing.

CaptainYesterday1800d ago

This game needs to hurry up and come out I wanna get my hackin on all over that city!

andrewer1800d ago

"because there are very few open-world games on PC"
can someone confirm that? I don't think it's true.

shadowmist131800d ago

The companion app is sounding awesome,imagine it,running up to a car and before you even got in the car you already hacked the bridge you are going to use while being 3 blocks away,epic! My ac 3 runs between 40 and 60 fps unstably on my 650gtx,it is badly optimized.